Tompkins County Public Library

Friday, May 3, 2013


Comment: I would like to read skateboarding Magazines.  If you could get some I’s like that. 
Response: Thank you for this suggestion.  Periodicals are selected and purchased annually for the next year. Please let us know if you have specific titles for consideration. We will research and consider this subject for purchase.
Comment: Please do something about the opera CD’s VERY CLUMSY!  IMPOSSIBLE!
Response: We are sorry that you are frustrated.  What is the nature of the problem?  More detail would assist us in analyzing the problem so that we can see what can be done.

Comment: I think I have a great idea for an Art Exhibit; the history of tattoos, and tattooing.
Response: Thank you for your suggestion.  The art exhibits are booked at least a year and often two years in advance.  Your idea has been shared with the Art and Exhibit Coordinator at the library.

Comment: How do I get my computer time back when computer crashes happens?
Response: We are very sorry this happened.  Please speak with the reference librarian.  They can help you.

Comment: Please order a DVD of Douglas Sirk’s classic Written on the Wind.
Response: This suggestion has been forwarded to the librarian who selects the DVDs.

Comment: It would be helpful to have an EXPRESS line for simple pick up of reserved books/limited stuff.
Response: Thank you for this idea.  We will share this idea with circulation department.


Comment: Start a collection of Blu-ray movies. 
Response: Thank you for your suggestion.  At this time we are not ready to add another format for several reasons.  DVDs may be viewed on Blu-ray players, but not vice versa.  Disks are easily scratched and Blu-ray cost considerably more than most DVDs.  In addition another format is an investment in time and processing.

Comment: It would save the library money and natural resources if a paper receipt for check-outs, renewals, and paid fines were optional.  Does your system allow this?  I use the TCPL website to keep track of my borrowing, so I always discard my paper receipt.  At the very least please put recycling bins near each checkout station. 
Response: Thank you for the suggestion.  The system automatically prints a receipt.  We are happy to recycle the paper immediately if you do not want the receipt.  There is also a green recycling bin between the self-check-out machines and there are green recycling bins located throughout the library.

Comment: Please enforce smoking areas, especially in front of the entrance as there are children continuously flowing in and out.  Thanks. 
Response: We too are very concerned about the smoking and disruptive behavior outside the library.  We have hired a second security guard to assist us with moving the smokers away from the library.  It is a violation to smoke on County property or 25 feet from an entrance.

Comments: Groups of kids hanging out in front of the entrance smoking, loud and just annoying. 
Response: We are also convening a group of local agencies and organizations to address these concerns and to see what actions can be taken to improve these loud and disruptive behaviors

PATRON COMMENTS - January & February 2013

Comment: Fix computer time because people lose time from loading on slow network.  I lose 30 minutes from my time.
Response: Thank you for your time looking into this. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  We are aware of the slow internet access and are looking into the problem and investigating solutions.

Comment: I want to let you know that I enjoyed looking things up on the internet on your computer.  I want to thank you for helping me out.  But now that I have my library card, I am wondering if I could have the car key ring with the TCPL library card. 
Response: We are delighted that you received the help you needed.  Please check with the front circulation desk for information on a key ring library card.

Comment: There is only one magazine about sailing on the rack, SAILING Magazine.  I was hoping that maybe you could acquire another one of excellent quality; WOODEN BOAT.  Thanks for considering it. 
Response: Thank you for this suggestion.  We purchase our periodical subscriptions annually and will certainly include Wooden Boat for consideration.

Comment: Two separate patrons commented on how much fun the “Blind Date with a Book” idea is. 
Response: They were very enthusiastic! Thank you!!!  We loved it too.

PATRON COMMENTS - November & December 2012

Comment: I really like the “It came from the Library display!  It looks so good!
Response: Thank you very much.

Comment: Unable to place purchase request via library catalogue terminals!  (Please remedy!)
Response: Thank you for notifying us of this problem.  We will investigate and correct the problem.

Comment: Great Exhibit – the cast collection.  Who knew Cornell had such stuff?  Thanks!
Response: We agree.  Who knew that such amazing works were right here in our community?

Comment: Men’s room baby seat on wall has no straps.  Kid could fall on his/her head.
Response: Thank you for this information.  We will inform facilities of this very important problem.
Comment: Really would like to see second season of “What’s Happening” 
Response: Thank you for the suggestion.  We will pass it on to the librarian who selects DVDS.  There is also an opportunity to make purchase suggestions on forms located at all public service desks in the library, on our website under “how do I…” and there is a selection in our online catalog.