Tompkins County Public Library

Monday, March 1, 2010

Patron Comments - March 2010

Comment: You have a beautiful library.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: My 9 year old daughter lost her library card. When we checked at the reference desk, they told me that they had thrown it away and charged me a $1 for a new card.
Response: We are very sorry you had this experience. Library procedure for found library cards is to take them to the circulation desk where the patron is called. Procedures are in place so that staff are aware of lost cards and can ensure the card is not used improperly by someone else.

Comment: I suggest that the library put a warning on a non-rated movie for children that it contained scary material. I was informed that the library would not put a warning on the movie. The blurb did not indicate that there were scary scenes and my young kids were taken by surprise and frightened.
Response: So sorry your children where unpleasantly surprised. We offer a variety of materials for various age groups. Determining what is scary can be very subjective. We invite you to consult with our staff on the selection of appropriate materials for your child.

Comment: Please allow 2 renewals on books if not “on hold.” It’s torture to not finish the last 100 pages of a good book.
Response: Our current procedure ensures that everyone has fair access to library materials. Many people do not or cannot afford to place holds and it is important that they have access to the materials as well. In addition all materials with exception of interlibrary loans have a two day grace period.

Comment: I was looking around this morning and saw all the wonderful reading material here. Just wonderful!
Response: Thank you so much. The library also has e-books, downloadable books and music, online resources, and a new website at .

Comment: When recent acquisitions come in, please place them on a marked “for sorting” cart.
Response: New materials are placed on a priority cart as they are removed from the bookdrops. Once they are checked in they are placed in the new book area for shelving.