Tompkins County Public Library

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Patron Comments - April 2011

Comment: There seems to be a number of smokers gathering at the entrance by the sidewalk lately and patrons are forced to walk through a cloud of smoke to enter the library.  Could the smokers be deterred please?
Response: Thank you for providing this feedback. We will review the signs indicating the “no smoking” areas. 

Comment: I love this library.  But not the new flashy screen at the checkout.  Do we need it?
Response: Thank you so much for using the library and for your positive comments. The large screen allows us to provide announcements about new library services, policies and programs. We have had many positive comments about having an additional space where announcements are made.   

Comment: PBS NOVA Elegant Universe DVD
Response: Thank you for the purchase suggestion.

Comment: Upstairs/Downstairs full series BBC requested, many of the collection was VHS tapes now 9 are very popular right now as PBS has started a new series again.
Response: Thank you for the purchase suggestion and noting that this series may once again become very popular.

Comment: I’d love to see more children’s art* in the kids’ section at their eye level.
*As in:  produced by children or kids could bring in their collections.
Response: Thank you for this suggestion. We do have a student art show each June with art from the High School but we agree having a children’s art show is a lovely idea. We will share this feedback with the art exhibit coordinator.

Comment: This library is a vital part of the community.  You all provide a service to us all.
Response: Thank you so much for your positive feedback. The staff are very dedicated to providing outstanding service to a wonderful community.

Comment: Please make the NEW books renewable even for one week.  Some of them are very lengthy (eg. Freedom by Jonathan Franzen)  Thanks.
Response: Thank you for this suggestion. One reason for the short loan time is that there is so much demand for the new items.

Comment: I am shocked, stunned, appalled, disgusted – to find that the new combined cards seriously limit the number of items I can take out.  Please reverse this nauseating plan.
Response: Thank you for your feedback. We will share your feedback at a meeting of the County libraries