Tompkins County Public Library

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Patron Comments - March 2009

Comment: Please have more than 1 table near the reference books. You use a whole table for this kind of work and it would be nice to have another table or two.
Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We are considering rearranging some of the tables in the library.

Comment: I notice that children LOVE to walk on that brick wall outside. Perhaps the dirt could be filled in with bricks to make a library path. Maybe donations could be collected or sell bricks for the project.
Response: Thank you for your suggestion.

Comment: I feel people should have 2 hours on your internet computers because one hour is not enough.
Response: Unfortunately the library has limited resources and no space to accommodate more computers. If you have a special need you should consult with the librarians at the Adult reference desk.

Comment: There have two instances where my daughter and I have encountered a problem while waiting for an available PC. Others jump ahead of those that are waiting patiently. My home library utilizes a pc specifically for internet reservations by printing out what pc station and time of reservation start in order to dispel frustration and chaos.
Response: In general it is our experience that people are respectful of the order and others may not have realized that you were waiting. A reservation station was investigated and tried. We found that people were patiently waiting for a particular station while others were being vacated by people leaving early. This caused even more frustration for our patrons and resulted in more staff time to manage. Please inform library staff of any problems.

Comment: I love your exhibits of Treacy Ziegler’s pictures and the Adoption Agency portraits both for their beauty and in the latter case the important outreach message. Thank you.
Response: We love this exhibit of pictures of these beautiful and touching children.

Comment: This is a GREAT LIBRARY.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: I am a foster care worker and am familiar with the Heart Gallery. However, the sign for it was lying down on the magazine shelves and not visible until I looked for it. Without the sign the display is totally incomplete. Please display them together.
Response: This was a powerful exhibit and it was certainly the intention to display the sign with the exhibit. However we are in a very public area and sometimes the sign gets moved. Thank you for replacing the sign with the pictures.

Comment: I like your comment box and books on adventures.
Response: Thank you very much.

Comment: I was thinking that many people in Ithaca walk or ride bikes for environmental reasons. People should have a storage locker for their computers.
Response: We tried to have lockers available for patrons. Unfortunately, we found that they caused more problems than they solved. Items were left in the lockers and not retrieved, and the keys not returned were a big problem. After 9/11 and the anthrax scare lockers lost favor with many public facilities.