Tompkins County Public Library

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Patron Comments - February through April 2007

Comment: Copiers provide poor quality.
Response: Copier Service company was called to fix the problem.

Comment: Please consider adding Adobe PDF into system.
Response: Adobe Acrobat Reader is available on all public computers.

Comment: Comic book section on a turn table (display rack?)
Response: We do not currently offer comic books due to our tight budget but thanks for your suggestion.

Comment: Objects to sign in public washrooms regarding surveillance.
Response: Continued vandalism in our public restrooms is costly and unsanitary. We are hoping that signage would reduce this problem

Comment: Thanks for listening to my concerns.
Response: You are welcome!

Comment: Woman’s washroom need soap and also has ants on the floor.
Response: Thank you. Facilities has been notified and is taking care of it.

Comment: Please keep the self check units open later
Response: The self-check units are closed down 5 – 10 minutes before closing; however the circulation counter is fully staffed at closing so you should have no problem checking out in a timely manner.

Comment: Three books on the NYTimes Bestseller list are available at other libraries but not at TCPL!
Response: The chronic backlog of unprocessed new books is due to a lack of sufficient staff.

Comment: Could you get a prayerwheel for the entry and exit?
Response: Probably not at this time.

Comment: Front Doors do not open on time.
Response: We have reviewed the software which sets the time for the automatic door opening and we believe we now have it set correctly.

Comment: How about drop off points for library material around the community, like, for example, at Wegmans
Response: Great idea, but a costly service which we cannot currently afford.

Comment: Better signage for magazine racks.
Response: Will investigate.

Comment: Teen programming and the teen area are really exciting and are one of the library’s strengths!
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Would like clear concise and easy to follow directions for using the library’s catalog system.
Response: Our reference librarians are able to help you with your specific questions, either in person, by phone, or by e-mail.

Comment: How about being able to volunteer to work off fines?
Response: Will be referred to the Circulation Coordinator and the Volunteer Services Coordinator.

Comment: Security guard accused me of harassment.
Response: This incident was investigated by the library director.