Tompkins County Public Library

Monday, April 13, 2015

Patron Comments April 2015

Comment:  Thank you so much for your wonderful video suggestions.  You have opened my mind to so many beautiful films! I am deeply grateful.  PS--try "Me and You and Everyone We Know."
Response: We're so glad that you are enjoying our DVD displays. Credit for the displays and our tremendous video collection goes to Tom Burns.  Tom works diligently to ensure that our patrons can enjoy a diverse collection and his displays are constantly updated due to their popularity.  PS--thanks for the film suggestion!

Comment:  Could we please have our children's library back?  Instead of computers, toys, crying, yelling and fighting. Whatever happened to enjoying a book with one's children?
Response:  Our Youth Services Department has certainly evolved into one of the most vibrant and active areas of the Library.  While we will always have space in the Library for quiet reading and reflection, new research and trends have shown that access to early learning computer stations and educational toys help young readers establish a lifelong love of learning and literacy.  As always, if you aren't happy with your Library experience, please visit one of our service desks, and we will do all that we can to meet your needs.

Comment: {You need a} drive-through book drop off, maybe through where the parking garage is off of Cayuga Street.
Response:  We agree!  A drive-through book drop would be wonderful.  Unfortunately, the cost of adding this service is prohibitive at this time, but this is an ongoing item on our wishlist.

Comment:  Is there a way to reuse guest card?
Response:  Libraries are one of our community's best examples of sustainability, and our guest cards are no exception.  Once you are done using the card, simply hand it back in at our Circulation Desk.

Comment:  It seems that if I place an item on hold, once the items is returned to the library, I cannot cancel that hold.  This leaves me with two options:  inconvenience myself by physically coming to the library so that I can check out the item and immediately return it, or prevent others who might be interested from picking up the items while I wait for the hold to expire and incur a fine.  I am a huge fan of TCPL, but this policy is overly-bureaucratic.  Please enable remote hold cancellations.
Response:  We are so sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused. Should you decide that you don't want an item for which you have placed a hold prior to it being shipped to TCPL, you can cancel the hold online or over the phone free of charge.  Once the item is shipped, you can still call us to cancel the hold and release the item for the next person on the hold list, however, a $1 fee may be assessed to your account.  The fee for not picking up an item replaces our previous policy of charging 50 cents for each hold and was developed in order to make holds more accessible for all patrons.  Should you have any additional questions about this policy, please contact our Access and Circulation Department.

Comment:  I am a big Ella Fitzgerald fan and have at least dozen of her CDs.  I found one in TCPL's collection called "The Intimate Ella" that I had never heard before--a beautiful collection of ballads.  I felt like I was discovering her music all over again.  One of the many reasons I love the Tompkins County Public Library!  I walk in the door and feel like a kid in a candy store.
Response:  We're so glad that you were able to find such a gem in our CD collection!  Libraries truly are the calorie-free candy stores for kids of all ages--so many sweet treats, zero guilt!