Tompkins County Public Library

Friday, April 30, 2010

Patron Comments - April 2010

Comment: Can you get a copy of the Edible Forest Gardens by Dave Jacke for this wonderful library? It’s an incredible permaculture resource!
Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We have given your request to the acquisition librarian.

Comment: I find it woefully inadequate for this library to have only 3 DVDs on childbirth for expectant mothers to watch to educate themselves about what they will soon be facing.
Response: We are very sorry that you were disappointed with our collection on childbirth materials. The library carries more than 90 titles dealing with this topic.

Comment: The front of the library looks grimy. Please clean more often.
Response: Thank you for your concern. We agree that the front of the library looks dirty. We have been waiting for the snow to disappear before we power wash the front of the library. The plan is to wash the sidewalk and front of the building this week. The papers and debris are picked up daily from around the library.