Tompkins County Public Library

Monday, June 19, 2006

Patron Comments - June 2006

Comment: When it was hot outside, the library’s air conditioning was not effective.
Response: As far as we know, the Air Conditioning is functioning effectively, within the range of 68-74 degrees.

Comment: Would like to split my Internet time into multiple segments.
Response: With our new software upgrade, this is now possible.

Comment: Please subscribe to the Binghamton Press and Sun Bulletin.
Response: Will refer to our professional librarians.

Comment: Ezra Cornell Reading Room should not be used by people on laptops; also the room is poorly ventilated.
Response: The library does not consider using a keyboard for a laptop excessive noise. We will check on the room ventilation question.

Comment: Why not have a Friends of the Library drop box in the library?
Response: Will refer this to the Friends. They will need to empty it daily and transport all donated items to the Esty Street site for review by the library selectors. This may be impractical.

Comment: Mystery shelves are packed!
Response: We are looking at a major shifting in this area.

Comment: How about stack signs on both ends of the stacks?
Response: Good idea, will add to our list of “Things to do.”

Comment: Most stack signs are inaccurate.
Response: We heard there were gremlins moving them around. We will watch for this. The signs are not going to be perfect, due to continuous shifting, but they should be helpful in getting you to an approximate location.

Comment: How about a set of text books for middle and high school students?
Response: Our Collection Development Policy does not include purchasing of textbooks, due to the large number of textbooks used by all county school districts, and which probably change from year to year.

Comment: Clean chairs; most are stained and smelly.
Response: We are replacing chairs at the public computers; will check on the others.

Comment: CDs have more problems than Books on Tape. I’ve not listened to one full book on CD where all the CDs work.
Response: Please let us know when CDs are scratched or unplayable. We do have machines which will clean and repair them.

Comment: Let people choose if they want a receipt or not—could save paper.
Response: Receipts are printed automatically, just like in a grocery store. You can, however, recycle these if you don’t want it.

Comment: Post a sign DEMANDING that if people cough or sneeze, they must use a handkerchief.
Response: If people do not have the common sense to cover their mouths and noses when coughing or sneezing, I doubt that a sign posted in the library will have much effect.

Comment: Better signs at the Internet regarding how to line up.
Response: Will review, thank you.

Comment: Compliment on e-bay workshop.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Complaint about not being able to get information by phone.
Response: Not sure about the details of this complaint, please provide more information.

Comment: Complaint that the Memorial Day weekend hours closing was not on the automatic recordings.
Response: This was our error, we are sorry for the inconvenience.