Tompkins County Public Library

Monday, April 3, 2006

Patron Comments - February/March 2006

Comment: Install an exhaust fan in men’s public restroom
Response: The exhaust fan was not working; it has been repaired.

Comment: Women’s public restroom is dirty and stinks!
Response: This has been addressed by County Facilities

Comment: Restrict use of cell phones, it is annoying and rude
Response: Cell phones are allowed only if the conversations are brief and quiet. We will ask our Security Guard to be more diligent about enforcing these rules

Comment: More knitting books, please!
Response: Thank you, will forward your request to our selectors

Comment: Why not charge an annual fee for those wishing to use the library instead of a tax on all county residents
Response: Under New York State Education Law, the library may not charge anyone within the Finger Lakes Library System area (Tompkins, Seneca, Cayuga, Cortland and Tioga counties) for library cards.

Comment: Lower the DVD limit from 5
Response: This will happen shortly

Comment: If an e-mail bounces, use another method to inform patron of over-due items, so that max fines won’t accrue
Response: If an e-mail bounces, we change your account so that future notices arrive by US Mail. The due date of an item is provided to you on the receipt which you receive at check out and on-line. It is your responsibility to keep your e-mail address current and to return your items on time.

Comment: Huge downspout of water on building fa├žade facing Cayuga Street
Response: County Facilities is aware of this problem.

Comment: Open on Sundays and “shave” off hours elsewhere in the week; or close another day of the week
Response: Under review

Comment: Due dates on receipts should be bigger and bolder
Response: Will investigate

Comment: No reason why my family and I should have to walk through a cloud of cigarette smoke to get into the library
Response: The library has created a smoke-free zone outside of the library. No smoking signs are posted and our security guard enforces this. If you see someone violating this area, please notify security.

Comment: I’d like to be able to change my e-mail address online and be able to see when an item being held was actually put on the hold shelf and when the hold will expire
Response: This suggestion will be forwarded to our Polaris liaison at the Finger Lakes Library System

Comment: Please review the dates for postings on the bulletin board. Someone cleared my posting.
Response: Dated announcements are removed after the date of the event. Undated items are removed once a month, on the first of the month. However, since the bulletin board is not monitored, it is possible that listings can be removed without the knowledge of the library.

Comment: It is silly that the library director makes $80,000 a year but the library shuts down on Sundays
Response: Thank you for that opinion. The salary of the library director is competitive with other libraries of similar size, and is comparable to other county employees with similar jobs.

Comment: Please let people know that holds cost them 50 cents
Response: This information is prominently displayed on the first page of the library catalog page.

Comment: Men’s hand dryer does not work well at all, and it is too close to the wall.
Response: Will refer to County Facilities

Comment: Lighting needed at the tables in the magazine area
Response: The light levels in this area have been measured and meet the standard for lighting.
Comment: We borrowed a 6-DVD set which has 24 episodes of 45 minutes each—but the loan period is only a week. Can they be divided into subsets?
Response: This is a good suggestion, but is labor intensive for the library. We will review.

Comment: No or very limited weekend and evening hours for working people is a huge negative! How about a library for all residents.
Response: Thank you for your comments.

Comment: All services should be available right up to closing time.
Response: The library closes down gradually and systematically. This allows us to clear the building and promptly lock the door at closing time.

Comment: When another library will not loan an item, the message should indicate why
Response: This suggestion will be forwarded to our Polaris liaison at the Finger Lakes Library System

Response: Expand your collection of gay fiction and non-fiction
Response: The library contains many items relating to gay issues. Often these are not immediately apparent by browsing only since they are integrated into our entire collection. We can help you find what you want if you ask. If you have specific titles that you think we should own, we welcome your suggestions

Comment: I love this library
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Beautiful library—I always find the things I need
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Compliment on our clean keyboards!
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Patron does not like the policy of only one e-mail session per day
Response: This may change shortly

Comment: Need a more efficient system for guest cards for the Internet
Response: Will review our procedures

Comment: Easier on the eyes when the lights are out over the circulation desk
Response: Will review with staff

Comment: Likes pre-overdue notices
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Likes on-line renewals
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Wonderful attitude and helpfulness, thank you!
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Kids sign up for the computers is too convoluted
Response: Once a child has a library card, and once the parent has signed a parental permission form allowing the child access to the Internet, logging on and using the computer is simple and quick.

Comment: Likes Rough Guide to Music of different countries CD collection
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Does not like opening DVDs with 2 – 3 -4 layers
Response: DVD packaging is an issue that we will be reviewing

Comment: Happy with selling old magazines, used for collages
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Love the hold system, it stops me from buying books—only 50 cents!
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Self check machine is not checking out videos today
Response: 3M Service technician was called

Comment: Get a library card which can be used as a debit card for printing
Response: We are investigating this possibility for 2006-2007

Comment: Beautiful library, we are thinking of moving here; hope the referendum passes
Response: Thank you!

Comment: I am distressed that the referendum failed
Response: Thank you for your support.

Comment: Sad that the library can’t be open on Sundays
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Library and staff are wonderful, we just pay too much in taxes
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Concerned that the library is weeding too heavily
Response: The items that were in question were, in fact, on the shelf.

Comment: Need signs on catalog pc telling where the print station is and the cost of printing
Response: Will review this.

Comment: Loves the PC Reservation system
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Microfilm reader not printing correctly
Response: AV Aide repair requested

Comment: Thanks for having tax forms
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Need a video on playing bridge
Response: Will submit to the professional selectors

Comment: What a place! Videos for free!
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Graphic novels are great! Helps with my art work
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Problems with Polaris
Response: Always ask a librarian for help