Tompkins County Public Library

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Patron Comments November and December 2013

Comment:  I found the DVD “The Sentiment of the Flesh” to be disturbing subject matter.
Response:  We're sorry to learn that "The Sentiment of the Flesh" did not meet your expectations.  TCPL prides itself on offering a diverse collection.  This allows us to meet a variety of needs and tastes, but also means that not all materials will be suitable for all patrons.  We hope you will continue to use our DVD collection and are confident that you will find an assortment of films that better meet your viewing preferences.

Comment:  Stay Beautiful!
Response:  Thank you!  We are constantly working to ensure that our facilities and collections are aesthetically and intellectually appealing!

Comment:  My young daughter and their friends don’t want to come to the library so much  because they’re "scared of the people who smoke and hang out!"  We love it here!  Thanks!
Response:  We share in your daughter's concerns and have been working cooperatively with local police, legislators, business owners and partner organizations to mediate this problem.  We hope your daughter and her friends will continue to visit and will take comfort in knowing that we our staff and security team are aware of and working toward a resolution to this problem.

Comment:  Who needs books anymore why not just fill the library up with DVD’s!
Response:  We are delighted that you enjoy our DVDs! Our goal is to provide a diverse collection in multiple formats to meet the needs of all of our patrons!

Comment:   It is annoying to be working and hearing other phones going off!
Response:  We agree that the buzz of cell phones can be a distraction, that is why we have placed "Voices Quiet, Ringers Silent" signs throughout the building.  We know that banning cell phone use is an impractical solution and would make using the Library inconvenient for many of our patrons, but we do advocate for respectful/courteous use of all electronic devices.

Comment: Oh, how I miss “Not new, but worth a view.”  Any chance of bringing it back??
Response:  We're glad you enjoyed the "Not New, But Worth a View," section!  While we no longer have a designated spot for these titles, we are still putting thematic "Not New, But Worth a View" titles on our new display units.

Comment:  Patron tried to pay fine on-line, but it tried and failed to redirect so she came in to pay.
Response:  We are sorry for the inconvenience.  As long as a fine is more than $5 it can typically be paid online.  Should you experience problems paying fines online in the future, please contact Jennifer Schlossberg, Circulation Department Head, at (607) 272-4557 extension 254.

Comment:  One of these “Service Animals” trips me up or bites me up in the library = BAD DAY!
Response:  The Library is proud to provide free and equal access to all, and like all public institutions, we have a legal responsibility to allow service dogs.  If you have concerns regarding a specific animal during a Library visit, please reach out to a member of our security team or a staff member.

Comment:  It would be nice if the art displays could stay up a little longer.  I don’t always have time to take a good look at them and, by the time I come back, they’re gone.
Response:  We couldn't agree more!  While our fantastic exhibits are often up for only a short time, the good news is that we have a constant rotation.  So when one exhibit comes down, another goes up!  Be sure to visit our Exhibit Blog at for exhibit updates and information!

Comment:  Amityville Horror would like to have ordered to read.
Response:  Thank you for your request.  "The Amityville Horror" is available to TCPL patrons through the Finger Lakes Library System.  Visit the Reference or Circulation Desk for information about requesting a copy!

Comment:  Where are all the books?
Response:  TCPL has more than 200,000 books in our physical collection and thousands of titles are available electronically through the OverDrive Digital Download Service.  If you are looking for a specific title, please browse our online catalog at or contact our Reference Desk at (607) 272-4556.

Comment:  The public library is my only internet access and I’m trying to find a job.  65 minutes a day??  I might as well stay home.
Reponse:  TCPL serves as a wonderful resource for job seekers!  From reference books to databases offering resume-writing skills, we have a number of services to help make your search easier.  While Internet  use is timed due to high demand and limited broadband access, we do offer untimed access to computers with Microsoft Office programs for resume and cover letter writing.  Best of luck with your job search!

Comment:  SKY TRAIN by Canyon Sam
Response:  Thank you for your suggestion! 

Comment:  Would love extra movies for the holidays!  Thanks!
Response:  You are in luck!  TCPL will again be offering enhanced borrowing privileges during the holidays, which will allow our patrons to borrow twice the normal limits on books, CDs and DVDs.

Comment:  You need to have more dance instruction DVDs like 2 step, swing, clogging and Ball room.
Response:  Thank you for your suggestion.  It has been forwarded to the Library staff member who orders DVDs.