Tompkins County Public Library

Friday, June 19, 2009

Patron Comments - May 2009

Comment: Great DVD collection
Response: Thank you. I will inform the selector.

Comment: Thanks for the 2 day grace period. It really helps.
Response: You’re welcome.

Comment: Patron frustrated that self check machine would not read every barcode. Had to go through checkout line for some items.
Response: We apologize for the frustration you experienced at the self check-out stations. We have had them serviced and they successfully check-out materials 90% of the time. Please report problems to the circulation desk.

Comment: This is a great library!
Response: Thank you.

Comment: As a preschool teacher I use the library often. It makes me sad though that I can only check out 20 books. You should allow teachers to take out at least 30-40 books. In my job I am suppose to have 2 books per child … at least 30 books.
Response: We expect that schools will supply teachers with the materials mandated. Many teachers have classroom collections, which are then supplemented with the books from the library. The Friends of the Library offer an opportunity at the end of each booksale for teachers to select books for their classrooms. The next booksale begins May 9, 2009. You may call the booksale site at 272-2223 or email them for more information.

Comment: Patron loved to use the library website. He flourished a book and CD saying “I ordered this from the website”
Response: Thank you for your comment. We are currently reviewing our website to see how we can improve it. We welcome suggestions.

Comment: Wonderful exhibit of books with illustrations by notable artists. Thanks!
Response: Thank you.

Comment: The German collection has books that even Cornell does not own in current fiction.
Response: Thank you. We are working on expanding our world language collection.

Comment: Please put new CDs in a separate section so patrons will know that the chances are that they are okay.
Response: All of our CDs should be “okay”. Problem CDs should be reported to the circulation staff for repair or discard.

Comment: Thank you to Youth Services evening Staff member for help in finding books at the library.
Response: You are welcome.

Comment: Please Please Please get NADA books for every topic. Libraries should have these for public use. They are good reference for people to know and with more knowledge our economy might improve.
Response: This request has been forwarded to the librarians who are purchasing library materials for consideration.

Comment: Amazing Beautiful library. Nice that there is guest Internet for free. I have paid a fee in the library at Hilton Head, NC.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Copy machine poor quality. You need a new machine.
Response: We are currently in negotiations to get new copy machines.

Comment: Very impressive Korean book collection.
Response: Thank you. We are interested in expanding our world language collection.

Comment: Complained about cell phone use in the Internet area and people talking and gathering in groups at Internet computers.
Response: We have many new users of the Library and our services, and we are working with them to educate them on the library rules.

Comment: Patron wishes that any DVD which is part of a series be renewable even if less than 3 DVD sets. Specifically the Great Courses DVD series.
Response: The DVD collection is primarily a browsing collection. The Great Courses DVDs are packaged individually to allow patrons to check out what they can view in a week’s time.

Comment: Adelle in Youth Services was incredibly helpful in finding books on hedgehogs. Thank you!
Response: Yeah Adelle! Thank you.

Comment: I like machines, but I like people more. So I came to the desk to check out!
Response: Thank you. We appreciate your support.

Comment: Patron really appreciated the email heads-up on the due dates of the books he had out.
Response: Thank you. We are very pleased to be able to offer this service.

Comment: Thank you for looking into getting Bill Nye Great Discoveries Physics DVD.
Response: You’re welcome.

Comment: Saying “have a good day” is programmed and insincere.
Response: It is the goal of the library to provide excellent customer service. However, the Staff is not required to say preprogrammed phrases. A staff member, who wishes you well, does so because they mean it.

Comment: Yeah! Free Wifi!!!
Response: You’re welcome.

Comment: You have a great collection of young adult audio books
Response: Thank you.

Comment: “I liked your bedside manner with your last patron” referring to telling another patron that they had reached their limit on the number of items checked out on their account and would not be able to check out additional items.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: TCPL Rocks! Thanks for re-opening on Sundays.
Response: You’re welcome. Sundays end on May 17th and begin again after Labor Day in September.

Comment: I love the library. During the winter in Florida, the check-out puts a tiny easily removed sticker on the front of each book with the date due. It is super easy to remember.
Response: Thank you for your suggestion. The library checks out more than 3500 each day. Adding stickers would increase the time and expense of checking out items.