Tompkins County Public Library

Saturday, November 2, 2013

PATRON COMMENTS - September & October

Comment: We would suggest lengthening the borrowing time for books to four weeks to help parents remember to return before fees are assessed.
Response:  Thank you for your suggestion.  We will be reviewing this policy in the near future.

Comment: The Willard Exhibit if beautifully done. So moving, touching, human and sad.  Thank you!
Response: We are happy you enjoyed the Willard Exhibit. Thanks to our Art Exhibit Coordinator Sally Grubb for a beautiful display.  Thank you for your feedback.

Comment: Thank you for the no receipt button!
Response: You’re welcome.  We had this suggestion earlier this year and are delighted that we are able to accommodate this request and save on resources too.  Thanks to our wonderful patrons for bringing this to our attention.

Comment: Please do a separate display or shelf of the newest picture books in Youth Services.
Response: Thank you for your suggestion which has been shared with the Youth Services Librarian.

Comment: Catalog DVD by genre, comedy or horror, etc.  Thank you
Response: The DVD collection is a browsing collection and they are roughly in alphabetical order.  e are in the process of looking at our services and this suggestion can be addressed at that time. 
Bravo!  You do such a wonderful thing thank you. Thank you!

Comment: Danke schon!  Thanks so much for consistently expanding the German Children book selection! It’s a great tool while raising our boys bilingually.
Response: You’re welcome we are pleased to offer the learning tools for the community’s educational needs.  Thanks for your feedback.

Comment: Usually the library is a peaceful place of learning, research, stimulating information etc.  For the past couple of weeks we have been traumatized by the relentless, constant beeping piercing one’s brain in the main big library room.  It is beyond comprehension that this continues and you do nothing? 
Response: We are sorry you had this experience.  We are aware that the beeping is distracting to many patrons and staff and are working with facilities to resolve the problem.  Facilities needed additional parts to correct the problem.  The library is scheduled for repair the second week in October.   We hope you will continue to find TCPL the peaceful place of learning that we strive to make available for our amazing community.

Comment: Take the benches out so the drug dealers and low lifes will have nowhere to camp out. 
Response: Thank you for your suggestion.  We are looking at all of our options and working with local agencies and the Ithaca City Police Department on this issue.