Tompkins County Public Library

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Patron Comments - January 2006

Comment: Would like Henry James and Edith Wharton in a audio format—no more blood or gore pulp fiction.
Response: Will pass your comment onto our professional librarian who selects AV materials.

Comment: Why do Internet stations close 15 minutes before the library closes?
Response: The Internet stations close at 10 minutes before closing in order to facilitate clearing the building. The timers on the machines were off by five minutes and have been corrected.

Comment: Unfriendly clerk at the circulation desk.
Response: Will request that the supervisor reinforce customer service skills.

Comment: I requested a hardcover book and got a paperback instead.
Response: Since holds are filled with the next available copy from any library within the Finger Lakes Library System, it is possible that another library does not accurately distinguish between a hardcover and paperback edition.

Comment: New VHS titles
Response: We are no longer purchasing items in VHS format, since most new releases are available only in DVD format.

Comment: Library too noisy today, especially in the entry—add carpeting or acoustic tile?
Response: We will remind our security services officers to enforce our rules about quiet. Fixing the acoustics in the entry is not a high priority for Tompkins County (which owns the building) at this time.

Comment: Hit my head on the doorway of the little room in Youth Services—how about a warning sign.
Response: I am sorry that you bumped your head, but the doorway is really designed for little people under 3 feet.

Comment: I am trying to watch a multi-series video and was notified that number 4 was ready for pick-up; yet when I arrived, I learned that it had actually been renewed by the prior patron and was not ready after all.
Response: Items which are on hold for another patron cannot be renewed. Placing holds on a multi-disc set can be tricky. Make sure that you are using the “copy-specific” holds feature (or ask our librarians for help).

Comment: Why don’t you have a black librarian?
Response: We do have a diverse workforce and we encourage all minority candidates to apply for positions at the library (go to

Comment: Instead of a library tax, why not a charge for hardcover books? Or charge for computer use?
Response: User fees are not in keeping with the library’s mission of serving all without regard to economic income.

Comment: I missed the Amnesty Day by 3 days—it’s not fair!
Response: We are sorry that you missed it.

Comment: Your posted hours say you are open until 8:15, but you close the stacks at 8:05.
Response: This enables us to clear the library and literally close the front doors at 8:15.

Comment: Add a café like Barnes and Noble
Response: While this would be fun to do, it would not generate sufficient income to offset the expense.

Comment: Every patron should pay for the library, not just ICSD homeowners.
Response: ICSD pays the least for county wide library services, compared to all other Tompkins County communities.

Comment: Give parking rebates.
Response: There is one hour of free parking in the parking garage behind the library.

Comment: Let patrons buy more books and donate them to the library.
Response: We are always grateful for donations.

Comment: Rent lockers.
Response: Lockers have been problematic, due to stolen keys. Renting lockers may not be a cost effective solution to this problem.

Comment: Fix the system so that executed or cancelled holds are removed from the patron’s record
Response: We are working on thisToo many gay and lesbian new books We have received comments in the past year that we do not have enough gay and lesbian literature!

Comment: How about a drop outside for plastic bags.
Response: Not sure why we would do that.

Comment: You should not have closed for a snow day.
Response: The decision to close was made at 6:30 in the morning based on the information available. All schools in our area were closed that day.

Comment: Printing costs should be chargeable to your library account.
Response: We are investigating that type of system.

Comment: Put a bucket of sand outside for cigarette butts.
Response: We do have cigarette butt receptacle and will move it closer to the building.

Comment: Great anniversary party, great library!
Response: Thank you!

Comment: You have earned your pay today after finding an elusive phone number.
Response: Thanks! You are welcome!

Comment: Thanks for being open Martin Luther King Day
Response: You are welcome!

Comment: An ESL instructor really likes the Rosetta Stone.
Response: Thanks! We now offer 29 languages on-line using Rosetta Stone software.

Comment: There is a lack of information about how to search for audio books in PowerPac.
Response: We’ll try to make this clearer.

Comment: I liked the old computer system better, this is frustrating.
Response: We are working on improving it every day.

Comment: Enclose the children’s department with a gate to keep toddlers in.
Response: We expect that parents will keep watch over their children while they are in the library.

Comment: Need temporary or guest cards for Internet usage.
Response: Will consider.

Comment: Thanks for renewing my items.
Response: You are welcome!

Comment: Good music CD collection, very diverse, better world music than before.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: You guys are great!
Response: We are happy to serve you!

Comment: Great library, find more here than the one on Philly.
Response: Wow! Thanks!

Comment: Thanks for the book display in Youth Services, easy to find interesting books.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Doesn’t like the book donation policy; donations should be kept by the library, not go to the booksale.
Response: All donations go to the booksale because the library does not have the space to sort or store donations. However, the library is offered first choice of all donated materials at the site and it quite likely that if your book is of high quality and in high demand, we will add it to the library’s collection.

Comment: Parents with children should be allowed to use the Internet in Youth Services so the children don’t annoy others in the Adult Services areas.
Response: We will consider.

Comment: I liked getting hold notices at 6 a.m.! (via e-mail)
Response: Thank you! The computer makes it easy!

Comment: Love pre-overdue notices.
Response: Thanks!

Comment: Excellent video selection.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Great Jazz CD collection.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: No videos on the shelf.
Response: We are aware of this and may be changing the borrowing limits.

Comment: Patron upset with lack of choices in AV.
Response: Our acquisitions budget is half of what is used to be—thus fewer choices for everyone.

Comment: Allowing five feature movies per person is too much.
Response: We are aware of this and may be changing the borrowing limits.

Comment: Internet printing is a very nice service.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Like the way we have the Internet set up.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: We love using the study room; it’s a great space.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Sprinkler system valve is loose.
Response: Will check on this, thank you.