Tompkins County Public Library

Monday, January 5, 2009

Patron Comments - December 2008

Comment: First time in the library…really beautiful!
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Downloadable audio books. Thank you … You make my day!
Response: We are very happy that you are enjoying them.

Comment: Solid job in selecting for your literature and poetry sections, especially for your size. Really liked that you have the new Aeneid translation and Robert Bly poetry.
Response: Thank you. Our professional librarians work hard to have a balanced collection.

Comment: Patron misses subject information on the ends of adult non-fiction stacks.
Response: The subject signs on the end were removed when the collection was shifted. New signage will replace the old signs.

Comment: Can the library open at 9:00 AM?
Response: We do not have funding to open additional hours at this time.

Comment: Woman was very grateful for books pulled for her by the librarian. This is a very fine service.
Response: Thank you. We are happy that this service was valuable.

Comment: Overdue fines are too high and add up to large amounts quickly.
Response: The library has a 2 day grace period before fines begin. Each item has a maximum fine of $5.00.

Comment: Is there a Senior Citizen overdue fine rate?
Response: There is no special senior citizen rate.

Comment: Mouse pads for the computers.
Response: Thank you for this suggestions. We will follow-up on it.

Comment: It is very disappointing that you are not buying new mystery books on cassette. The shelves are getting depleted. CDs are not practical to turn off and on the same place. Please reconsider cassettes.
Response: We agree that cassettes have desirable features not currently found on CDs. However, within the consumer marketplace books-on-cassette are no longer available. To keep our collection current and vital it is necessary to purchase books on CD or by downloading them in Overdrive.

Comment: Two to four of Anne Perry’s latest books are in fiction by mistake. Her books are in mystery including the beginning of a series that you have split between mystery and fiction.
Response: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The Technical Services department has made the corrections.

Comment: How about creating and offering for sale a cool TCPL bumper sticker? Another way to let people show support for our library.
Response: What a great idea!!! We will pass it on to the public information committee.

Comment: Shelves getting very out of order especially the mystery collection & current events essays.
Response: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. These areas are very popular and receive a lot of browsing. The pages will be informed.

Comment: Would like a program, such as a book discussion group that follows the Oprah book club series.
Response: Our book discussion groups have not been well attended. I will pass your suggestion on to our reader’s advisory librarian for consideration.

Comment: Are you ever going to give people more time on the Internet? It would be nice.
Response: The Internet computers are used heavily throughout the day. Wireless access is available throughout the library and has no time limit. It is not access to the Internet that is limited, but the number of computers available to us.

Comment: Love the story time house on display.
Response: We love it too. This house was created by local resident and retired librarian, Richard Tabor, and has clues to a hundred stories, tales and rhymes.

Patron Comments - November 2008

Comment: Keyboards are dirty on catalogs.
Response: A volunteer is cleaning all the public keyboards.

Comment: Reserves and holds are an incredible service. Thank You!!
Response: You're welcome.

Comment: New York Times has been missing 3 times in the last week. I can’t find anyone reading it.
Response: Thank you for your comment. We have checked the New York Times and found only one issue missing in the last three months. Perhaps someone is reading the paper in another location in the library. In addition the New York Times is available online and can be viewed on our Internet computers.

Comment: Library is wonderful.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Patron thinks multiple DVD sets should have a longer loan period. A week loan is not user friendly for DVD sets that have 3 or more DVDs in it.
Response: Sets of DVDs may be renewed for an additional week to give our patrons more time to view them.

Comment: You could give the videos call numbers. That way it would be easier to locate the videos you want without them having to be in alphabetical order. Ex A001 T036
Response: Instructional videos and DVDs do have call numbers. All others are filed by the first letter of the title. This is primarily a browsing collection and our goal is to get the DVDs out as soon as possible. We have tried to shelve them in alphabetical order in the past. However they were quickly out of order.

Comment: The library search can give an option to search just the books checked in. I rarely want to get books that are not here and it is cumbersome to have to scroll through all the books.
Response: The option to limit a search by items checked-in is currently not available on our catalog system. We will submit a request to add this option to future updates of the system. The Adult Services Librarians can show you an easy way to scroll through the list to see what is currently checked in. Please stop at the reference desk for more information.

Comment: Clean the bathrooms please! Do not harass patrons before closing time. Follow the times posted.
Response: Patrons may use the restrooms in Youth Services at closing. It is necessary to close the restrooms so that they may be cleaned.

Comment: Executive with Baden-Powell Council of Boy Scouts of America would like to thank the Library for helping find information on the boy scouts.
Response: We are very pleased to be able to assist with the search for this information.

Comment: Print from the wireless
Response: This is under investigation.

Comment: Delay in getting Value Line Large Cap out
Response: Value Line is given the highest priority. It is put out immediately upon receipt at the library.

Comment: Have a bookmark where patrons who read a book (especially a new book) can leave comments
Response: Will pass on the suggestion to our reader’s advisory Librarian.

Comment: I think Taking Sides by Gary Soto should be reclassified as children’s. I know boys who love basketball and hate to read, who would want to read this book.
Response: The library owns more than 20 books by this author in the Youth Services Department including one title in Spanish. He is a popular author for children and adults. This title has been moved to the youth services collection. Children are free to take out materials from the entire library.

Comment: Please make another “drive-thru” book return or have remote returns at the mall, Wegmans, Tops-Lansing, but a drive through is best.
Response: There is no good place to put a drive-through book return. Retrieving the materials from a remote location is a problem. The library does not have a vehicle or driver to pick up these materials. Items for TCPL may be returned to other member libraries in the County.