Tompkins County Public Library

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Patron Comments November 2009

Comment: That was a wonderful concert with Johnny Russo!
Response: Thank you. Johnny Russo has performed for library patrons many times and we are grateful to him.

Comment: Thanks so much for helping me find a 1998 Time Magazine article.
Response: You are welcome.

Comment: Really love the chairs set out for patrons waiting to use the Internet.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Cell phone use in the Internet is not enforced.
Response: We continually monitor cell phone use.

Comment: You should have computers that don’t need a library card.
Response: To ensure equal opportunity for computer access it is necessary to set time limits. The system of using the library cards works efficiently and consistently to provide equal access to everyone. A library card to use the Internet is free to all adults with identification and children with parental consent.

Comment: Is there a reason the locks on the bathrooms need to be so hard to figure out.
Response: The keys for the youth services restrooms were taken, making rekeying necessary. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and are investigating alternative solutions.

Comment: On the covers of several audio books the TCPL barcodes have been pasted on to cover the word abridged or unabridged.
Response: The barcodes are specifically placed so that they can easily be read by the self check units and the wands at the circulation desk. The library only purchases unabridged books. So you can feel confident that the audio books are not abridged.

Comment: Please provide information on the artists and sculptures outside the library.
Response: These sculptures are a part of the “Art in the Heart of the City” project. They are titled: “Propositum II” and “Propositum III” both by Drew Goerlitz.

Comment: Please put in handicapped parking spots closer to the library entrance.
Response: The first two spots on Cayuga Street are handicapped spots. This is the closest parking to the library entrance.

Comment: Shelving of short story collections – single and multiple authors- separately from novels.
Response: Short story collections by one author are shelved in the fiction area by the author’s last name. Collections of short stories by multiple authors are filed in the 808.82 section.

Comment: You need to enforce quiet in this institution. Crying babies and children are not acceptable to this environment. Please we adults have rights too.
Response: This is a busy library serving multiple patrons and multiple needs. The Ezra Cornell Room has been designated as a quiet room for those patrons who need a quiet area.

Comment: Please put more “No smoking” signs near the front of the building. Every time we come for children’s storytime people are smoking right at the building. Very upsetting, but great storytime.
Response: We will consult with facilities regarding posting additional signage.

Comment: Request for a fax machine.
Response: This service is available downtown close to the library.

Comment: Patron surprised that we are open on a holiday. “Amazing!, You’re great!"
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Thank you to the adult services staff who helped with the microfilm scanner. She was wonderful and such a big help.
Response: Staff are always happy to help.