Tompkins County Public Library

Monday, November 15, 2010

Patron Comments - September & October 2010

Comment: A poster of the top 100 books fiction and non-fiction
Response: We do appreciate your suggestion. There are many lists of the top 100 works of fiction and nonfiction. Our adult services librarians would be very happy to provide you with some of these lists.

Comment: Please stop charging for book holds.
Response: Thank you for your concern. Currently holds provide significant revenue and in a tough budget year this is difficult to remove the fee. That being said, we are reviewing the hold fee and looking at our options to see how we can eliminate this charge in the future.

Comment: Very nice exhibit of mobiles, but no sign telling us who the artist is.
Response: Thank you. Physics Professor Werner Sun is responsible for the wonderful mobiles.

Comment: Twice I have experience a wifi signal turned off 15-20 minutes before the library closes.
Response: The wifi signal is scheduled to turn off 10:00 pm. We have forwarded your comments to our computer technicians to check on the time table.

Comment: There are not enough internet computers in the teen section. My daughter waited nearly an hour by which time our one hour parting in the garage was nearly up. Perhaps you could combine the teen and adult sections.
Response: We are sorry that your daughter had to wait to use the internet computers. Reference librarians in youth services and adult reference are very willing to work with students to find the information they need and may have been able to direct your daughter to the database computers as well as the internet. Youth services have 4 internet terminals in addition to the 2 teen computers. Your daughter may use the adult internet computers if she is over 14.

Patron Comments - August 2010

Comment: Thank you for calling me about my headset. Very nice to know that people like that are still around.
Response: You’re welcome.

Comment: Thank you for the directions. We appreciate it.
Response: You’re welcome. We enjoy helping.

Comment: I have gone to 2 libraries trying to get help downloading books. I was told that help is available Tuesday or Thursday evening. Please make this process less painful.
Response: Thank you for your comments. Librarians at our reference desk can help you in person with your questions all the hours we are open. At times downloading books can be problematic and we have informed the vendor of these problems. Nevertheless we are always willing to work with you to assist you with your questions. The reference desk has a direct line at 272-4556, come in person, email us from our website , or use our 24/7 chat reference.

Comment: I saw your security guard handle a very noisy woman with remarkable tact. She was screaming at him that she would get him fired. I and others around me felt he handled it very well.
Response: Thank you for those words of support. Our security guards work very hard to treat each situation with sensitivity while enforcing the library rules.

Comment: Fantastic ceramic display in the cases. By high schoolers? Very talented!
Response: Thank you. We live in a very creative and talented community.

Comment: I love the public library.
Response: Music to our ears!

Patron Comments - July 2010

Comment: I love going to the library!
Response: Thank you! We are so glad that you are enjoying the library!