Tompkins County Public Library

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Patron Comments September 2009

Comment: Patron complained that the NY Times is not readily available and cannot spot anyone reading it. Can we have a sign asking patrons to read in the area near the newspapers to make it easier to find?
Response: We do not restrict what or where newspapers can be read. However the pages pick up any newspapers left on tables or chairs every hour and return them to their proper racks.

Comment: Nice space for a library
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Large-type hard covers are too heavy. Is there an alternative like paperback versions?
Response: We do purchase some large print paperbacks. However, most of the purchases are in hardcover for durability. In addition audio books are available at the Library.

Comment: So happy to have stories in the park, “one of Ithaca’s top 10 best things”.
Response: We are delighted that you enjoy the program.

Comment: Could not find half the books that I was looking for even though they were listed as checked-in.
Response: Our workforce has been reduced and we will continue to have a backlog. Please ask the reference librarian for assistance.

Comment: We found everything we came for! Thank you so much!
Response: Great!

Comment: Large empty vertical ceiling space is a good place for a QUIET PLEASE sign. The library is too noisy.
Response: This is a very active library with a lot going on. There are quiet spaces located in the Ezra Cornell Reading Room and in the corners of the library. If there is an unusual situation, please report this to the staff at reference desks or to the security guard.

Comment: Computer classes do not accommodate people with jobs
Response: Individual training sessions are available upon request during business hours. We have been unable to add classes due to a lack of staff or experienced volunteers.

Comment: Fiction room makes no sense. I want to be able to find a book without asking for help every time.
Response: New shelving has been added in this area to relieve the crowded shelves. We are shifting onto the new shelves. Please bear with us. Upon completion new signage will be added to assist you.

Comment: Could the tables behind the internet area be moved? They are not a very good use of space. We need tables in other areas of the library.
Response: We have reviewed this request. The tables are placed in this area to be near the floor boxes allowing patrons to plug in their laptops.

Comment: Patron called to thank staff for helping find the DMV laws. She was very complementary on the persistent and helpful staff.
Response: You’re welcome.

Comment: I love the art exhibited here and the variety of art and artists. The sculpture in the Ezra Cornell Reading Room is a delight.
Response: Thank you. We, too, are enjoying the sculptures.

Comment: Isn’t it hard on the books to drop them in the bin? It is better to have a person check them in?
Response: Yes, it is hard on the books and we would prefer to have someone check them in. However, having the books returned in a timely manner is the priority and the bookdrops are often the most convenient way to accomplish this.

Comment: Card holders should be allowed to take out just-returned books immediately. The new shelving rule is foolish.
Response: Many of our patrons prefer to browse the shelves. Items that are checked in and out immediately to the same patron are never accessible to our patrons. Currently most items can be renewed once to extend the time a patron may have the item.