Tompkins County Public Library

Friday, January 1, 2010

Patron Comments January 2010

Comment: More Computers
Response: We are looking at creative options for providing more access to computers.

Comment: The books on CD for Youth Services should have a label indicating award winning books.
Response: Thank you for this suggestion. We will definitely follow-up.

Comment: Please keep the public bathrooms clean
Response: The restrooms are cleaned every evening and refreshed in the middle of the day.

Comment: Recommend putting global MOJO web browser by Mozilla. This generates money for various causes (you pick) just by your normal internet use.
Response: Patrons are offered a choice between two popular internet browsers. This has proven to be sufficient and supportable by IT staff.

Comment: The plastic shield on DVD’s makes the disc too thick to play in some laptops especially those that do not use the slide-out tray. This one got stuck in the computer.
Response: Unfortunately, it is necessary for us to place property labels on the disc. Library DVDs are easily mixed up with patron’s personal DVDs and this is the best way for us to make sure the proper material is returned.

Comment: Bring books to jail.
Response: Books are circulated to the jails and prisons in the area through the Finger Lakes Library System.

Comment: It would be great if we could pay our overdue charges online through the library website.
Response: Thank you for this suggestion. We will investigate with the vendors of our online catalog and circulation system, Polaris.

Comment: I love the Cornell Reading Room. I spent all day reading there.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: You are wonderful (from a woman who needed help getting her airline receipt printed).
Response: Thank you. We are always willing to help.

Comment: Why don’t you have quick internet access for 15 visitors who do not want to wait to get a visitor’s card?
Response: The software that regulates time on the public computers requires a library card. This is necessary to provide equitable access to everyone. Also Wi-Fi is free in the library for visitors with laptops and handheld devices.

Comment: Wish pre-overdue email reminders were sent more than one day before the due date. This does not give enough time to return the items on time.
Response: There is a two day grace period to allow for additional time to return an item.

Comment: Do not like not being able to renew items online once for items that are overdue even by one day. This is not a good policy for helping patrons avoid overdue charges
Response: It is possible to renew overdue items. However some items are not renewable. This includes new books, items on hold for someone else, and interlibrary loans. Most items allow for one renewal for additional time and there is a two day grace period for all returned items.

Comment: Lovely holiday decorations.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Thanks for all your (plural) friendliness and efficiency
Response: Thank you

Comment: DVD aisle in youth services is barely wide enough for a wheel Chair.
Response: The distance between all shelving in the library is ADA compliant.
We will confirm this with facilities.

Comment: The time has come for an east entrance to the library so that patrons can go to the coffee shop with 10 mile hikes all the way around the library.
Response: We are sorry that you find the front entrance inconvenient. We are very happy to have a coffee shop down the street. Please remember that drinks with covers are allowed in the library.

Comment: Staff should be more proactive in dealing with patrons and their noisy children at the internet stations.
Response: We are looking at alternatives for parents to use the internet with their children in youth services.