Tompkins County Public Library

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Patron Comments December 2009

Comment: Whoever is doing the DVD purchasing is doing a great job. There is a very nice selection.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: How about a new letter “E” for the Avenue of the Friends? If you haven’t the scratch for a whole letter- maybe an apostrophe would answer.
Response: The falling letters have been a big problem. We are working with the company and researching new ways to solve this issue.

Comment: I think the library should have DVD/VHS players for people who don’t have a TV at their house and want to watch the fine DVDs from the library.
Response: All of our public computers are equipped with DVD players and headphones. You may use your one hour per day to view a DVD.

Comment: Thank you for a gorgeous library.
Response: You are welcome.

Comment: The cards in the exhibit are disappointing. For example one says the stitching show some amazing mathematical properties. I had that figured out. How about explaining some of the amazing properties.
Response: Patrons are always welcome to attend the opening Reception for the exhibits and speak directly to the artists.

Comment: The placement of barcodes on books is always in the wrong place.
Response: The barcodes on the books are all placed in the same location to ensure that our checkout and check-in equipment will read the barcodes efficiently. This is particularly important for the self check-out units. The company that manufactures our equipment provided us with a template for the best placement of the barcodes.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Patron Comments November 2009

Comment: That was a wonderful concert with Johnny Russo!
Response: Thank you. Johnny Russo has performed for library patrons many times and we are grateful to him.

Comment: Thanks so much for helping me find a 1998 Time Magazine article.
Response: You are welcome.

Comment: Really love the chairs set out for patrons waiting to use the Internet.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Cell phone use in the Internet is not enforced.
Response: We continually monitor cell phone use.

Comment: You should have computers that don’t need a library card.
Response: To ensure equal opportunity for computer access it is necessary to set time limits. The system of using the library cards works efficiently and consistently to provide equal access to everyone. A library card to use the Internet is free to all adults with identification and children with parental consent.

Comment: Is there a reason the locks on the bathrooms need to be so hard to figure out.
Response: The keys for the youth services restrooms were taken, making rekeying necessary. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and are investigating alternative solutions.

Comment: On the covers of several audio books the TCPL barcodes have been pasted on to cover the word abridged or unabridged.
Response: The barcodes are specifically placed so that they can easily be read by the self check units and the wands at the circulation desk. The library only purchases unabridged books. So you can feel confident that the audio books are not abridged.

Comment: Please provide information on the artists and sculptures outside the library.
Response: These sculptures are a part of the “Art in the Heart of the City” project. They are titled: “Propositum II” and “Propositum III” both by Drew Goerlitz.

Comment: Please put in handicapped parking spots closer to the library entrance.
Response: The first two spots on Cayuga Street are handicapped spots. This is the closest parking to the library entrance.

Comment: Shelving of short story collections – single and multiple authors- separately from novels.
Response: Short story collections by one author are shelved in the fiction area by the author’s last name. Collections of short stories by multiple authors are filed in the 808.82 section.

Comment: You need to enforce quiet in this institution. Crying babies and children are not acceptable to this environment. Please we adults have rights too.
Response: This is a busy library serving multiple patrons and multiple needs. The Ezra Cornell Room has been designated as a quiet room for those patrons who need a quiet area.

Comment: Please put more “No smoking” signs near the front of the building. Every time we come for children’s storytime people are smoking right at the building. Very upsetting, but great storytime.
Response: We will consult with facilities regarding posting additional signage.

Comment: Request for a fax machine.
Response: This service is available downtown close to the library.

Comment: Patron surprised that we are open on a holiday. “Amazing!, You’re great!"
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Thank you to the adult services staff who helped with the microfilm scanner. She was wonderful and such a big help.
Response: Staff are always happy to help.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Patron Comments October 2009

Comment: Can you set up a means for listening to CD’s even sampling DVDs?
Response: All of our internet terminals are set up with headphones to allow for listening to CDs and previewing DVDs.

Comment: I love this library! You have such great things here.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Why is it that sometimes when you log into your email, you are in someone else’s email? Can’t something be done when your session ends to clear that?
Response: Our technicians are investigating. All applications are closed at the end of each session. If a patron has checked the “remember my password” in their email account, their email may come up when the next person signs on.

Comment: I love the public library. This is great.
Response: Thank you

Comment: I’m from India. I look forward to visiting Ithaca just because of the library. I love this library. I wish I could live here.
Response: Thank you. We are pleased that you are here to enjoy our library.

Comment: I really like the mystery mansion.
Response: Mr. David Tabor is a retired school teacher. He created the mystery mansion and creates other small rooms as a hobby. We love it too and are grateful to Mr. Tabor for loaning it to us.

Comment: Need key tag library card
Response: They have been ordered and will be available next month.

Comment: Mystery adult paperbacks are in messy order. Please straighten them.
Response: Pages have been informed and will straighten the area.

Comment: Item limit of 20 items per library card and limit of 2 audio books on CD and Tape is extremely limited compared to other libraries and an inconvenience.
Response: The limits are due to high demand of the audiobooks.

Comment: Thanks a lot for the 10 cent copies. So nice!
Response: You are welcome.

Comment: The library is awesome, but the monitor in the lobby is distracting.
Response: The new monitor informs patrons waiting in line or entering the library of our services and programs.

Comment: I love the library. It is one of the great institutions on the USA.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: You have no copies of Tolkien’s Fellowship of the Ring in the stacks. I would argue that you should have enough copies of certain titles so that this does not happen. Many would call this title one of the greatest works of fiction ever.
Response: You are correct that this title continues to be very popular. We have one copy in adult fiction, one copy in large type fiction and 5 copies in juvenile fiction. Most are checked out. Please ask at the reference desk for assistance.

Comment: Patron thinks we have very good Chinese language books, both fiction and nonfiction.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Please install a spell checker in the menu bar for people who have email without spell check.
Response: Messages may be typed in a word document and copied into an email message. All of our internet computers have word on them and this application has a spell check.

Comment: I have not been to Cornell since I retired! I can find everything here. What a great library!
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Value line never available on time
Response: Value line continues to be a high priority item and is put out as soon as it arrives in the mail.

Comment: Please do computer updates when the library is closed. Patrons’ time is used up while computer updates.
Response: This problem should be corrected at this time.

Comment: You have an amazing online catalog. It is endless. I could spend hours looking through it.
Response: Thank you.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Patron Comments September 2009

Comment: Patron complained that the NY Times is not readily available and cannot spot anyone reading it. Can we have a sign asking patrons to read in the area near the newspapers to make it easier to find?
Response: We do not restrict what or where newspapers can be read. However the pages pick up any newspapers left on tables or chairs every hour and return them to their proper racks.

Comment: Nice space for a library
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Large-type hard covers are too heavy. Is there an alternative like paperback versions?
Response: We do purchase some large print paperbacks. However, most of the purchases are in hardcover for durability. In addition audio books are available at the Library.

Comment: So happy to have stories in the park, “one of Ithaca’s top 10 best things”.
Response: We are delighted that you enjoy the program.

Comment: Could not find half the books that I was looking for even though they were listed as checked-in.
Response: Our workforce has been reduced and we will continue to have a backlog. Please ask the reference librarian for assistance.

Comment: We found everything we came for! Thank you so much!
Response: Great!

Comment: Large empty vertical ceiling space is a good place for a QUIET PLEASE sign. The library is too noisy.
Response: This is a very active library with a lot going on. There are quiet spaces located in the Ezra Cornell Reading Room and in the corners of the library. If there is an unusual situation, please report this to the staff at reference desks or to the security guard.

Comment: Computer classes do not accommodate people with jobs
Response: Individual training sessions are available upon request during business hours. We have been unable to add classes due to a lack of staff or experienced volunteers.

Comment: Fiction room makes no sense. I want to be able to find a book without asking for help every time.
Response: New shelving has been added in this area to relieve the crowded shelves. We are shifting onto the new shelves. Please bear with us. Upon completion new signage will be added to assist you.

Comment: Could the tables behind the internet area be moved? They are not a very good use of space. We need tables in other areas of the library.
Response: We have reviewed this request. The tables are placed in this area to be near the floor boxes allowing patrons to plug in their laptops.

Comment: Patron called to thank staff for helping find the DMV laws. She was very complementary on the persistent and helpful staff.
Response: You’re welcome.

Comment: I love the art exhibited here and the variety of art and artists. The sculpture in the Ezra Cornell Reading Room is a delight.
Response: Thank you. We, too, are enjoying the sculptures.

Comment: Isn’t it hard on the books to drop them in the bin? It is better to have a person check them in?
Response: Yes, it is hard on the books and we would prefer to have someone check them in. However, having the books returned in a timely manner is the priority and the bookdrops are often the most convenient way to accomplish this.

Comment: Card holders should be allowed to take out just-returned books immediately. The new shelving rule is foolish.
Response: Many of our patrons prefer to browse the shelves. Items that are checked in and out immediately to the same patron are never accessible to our patrons. Currently most items can be renewed once to extend the time a patron may have the item.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Patron Comments August 2009

Comment: Do you know how wonderful you are? Thank you for putting aside the book I needed.
Response: You are welcome. We are happy to help.

Comment: Polaris not letting patron look at account information for reserves.
Response: The online catalog, Polaris, should allow you to see what you have on hold. If this is not the case, please notify the reference librarians so that this can be reported and corrected.

Comment: Poor copy quality on coping machines and copies and printing are cheaper at Kinko’s.
Response: New copy machines are planned for this year and the cost for copies will be reduced at that time.

Comment: Just travelled to Iceland with Cornell. Thanks so much for helping me find a National Geographic Magazine about Iceland.
Response: You are welcome.

Comment: Please get a scanner
Response: We will investigate.

Comment: Please subscribe to Nickelodeon.
Response: This request has been forwarded to Youth Services. Periodicals are ordered annually and this will be considered at that time.

Comment: I watched a clerk deal with a difficult overdue situation with patience and using excellent customer service skills.
Response: Thank you for the observation. Customer service is a priority for all the staff in the Library.

Comment: Please hire someone to keep the front of the library clean and sweep the sidewalks.
Response: The sidewalks are cleaned daily.

Comment:A second stall in the men’s room would be nice.
Response: We agree.

Comment: Front entryway (main entrance) looks stained and dingy. Needs a good scrub down. Not very inviting.
Response: It is very difficult to clean the sidewalks. They are cleaned daily and power washed several times a year.

Comment: Can we have a separate section for classic movies?
Response: The DVD area is primarily a browsing collection. Separating out classic films would be too time consuming.

Comment: Fiction area is impossible to navigate.
Response: Please ask the librarians at the reference desk for help. They are happy to assist you.

Comment: Thank you for the Manga in Japanese. It’s great for learning the language. Can you please buy more?
Response: You’re welcome.

Comment: Thank you to the Reference Librarian helping me on the computer.
Response: You’re welcome

Comment: “Art’ is something that is made, and claimed to be art by the maker. So, those 2 things in front of the library are art. However they are very BAD art i.e. they do not produce an aesthetic experience of any duration or intensity.
Response: These pieces are placed temporarily in front of the library by “Art in the Heart of the City” program by the Downtown Alliance. I have heard varied comments from staff and patrons running from praise to criticism.

Comment: It would be easier to use the catalog if it were possible to sort items by availability. So it was not necessary to look through many items not in the library. Also if call numbers were available for checked out books, so similar books could be looked for even if that particular title is checked out.
Response: I heartily agree that more sorting options would be beneficial. The next upgrade of Polaris will be in September. Hopefully additional sorting options will be included in the upgrade. However, it is possible at this time to find the call number by clicking on “Call number and availability”. It the item is not owned by us, selecting “click here to select items from other libraries” will give call numbers in other Finger Lakes Library System libraries and locations.

Comment: Visitor from Houston, TX – impressed with the size of department and the breadth of the collection.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: I received excellent help from the children’s librarian working at the youth services reference desk picking out early readers.
Response: Thank you.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Patron Comments July 2009

Comment: You are a gem! There is nothing like this library’s prime service.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Complaint that a person, who forgets their password, cannot access their account and therefore cannot place a hold online. The online help feature is not helpful.
Response: The next upgrade of our online catalog, Polaris, will allow patrons to retrieve forgotten passwords. This upgrade is due to be loaded in July.

Comment: Sculptures outside are beautiful
Response: Thank you. We are pleased to be a part of this city wide exhibit.

Comment: Patron complained that we do not have the June 12th Value Line large cap available.
Response: The highest priority is placed on checking-in and shelving the most current Value Line. On occasion this publication is delayed in the mail.

Comment: Library is the best thing about Ithaca and that’s saying a lot.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Can you please fill in some of the holes in the Manga series? I am sure lots of people would appreciate it.
Response: Your request has been submitted to the selector.

Comment: Thanks so much for helping my daughter find Spanish books, CDs and teaching her how to use Internet sites linked through your website. I never would have found all of these things without the librarian’s help.
Response: You are welcome. We are very pleased to be able to help.

Comment: Patron confused by arrangement of language books, kits and CDs.
Response: This can be confusing with the various formats. The world language collection houses materials written in a language while items for learning a language are located in the regular collection. Please ask the Reference Librarians for help. They are happy to work with you.

Comment: Patron would like internet terminals changed to allow more privacy. She suggested using larger dividers. She has noticed other patrons watching patrons at the computers making them feel uncomfortable.
Response: We try to provide privacy for our patrons through the use of carrels for the computers and by making available privacy screens upon request. Your concerns will, also, be passed on the Adult Services Department.

Comment: $5 donation for our “wizardry” – after finding an essay for the patron.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: I would never have found the local history material without the help of a librarian.
Response: Thank you for your note. We are happy to help.

Comment: It would be beneficial to separate the series on DVD from other movies to make it easier to locate the beginning, middle and end of a series.
Response: We consider the DVDs to be a browsing collection and all materials are rough sorted by first letter of the title. Often series have a similar appearance and are easily recognizable.

Comment: The Bookdrop was almost full on Sunday.
Response: Thank you for your concern. Staff came in on Friday and Sunday over the long Independence Day weekend to empty the bookdrop. They should have been alright by mid morning.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Patron Comments June 2009

Comment: Patron loves the library and wishes that there was a drive through book drop. She has an infant and cannot easily return books. So she comes to the library less frequently.
Response: Unfortunately there is no place where we can locate a drive through book drop. We have reinstated the short term parking directly in front of the library to allow for quick access to the bookdrops. Also, you may also drop off TCPL items at the public libraries in Groton, Newfield, Dryden, Trumansburg, Lansing and any other library which is in the Finger Lakes Library System.

Comment: Cornell student will not be able to graduate unless he can find a place to print from a 3 year old drive. Reference staff suggested Kinko’s. He was very appreciative, but it turns out they cannot open it either. He will have to contact the professor who gave it to him.
Response: Thank you for the good effort.

Comment: Patron wondered about the occasion that featured Jewish culture on a book display table. Would there be a Palestinian book display also?Response: Will refer your suggestion to Adult Services Librarians.

Comment: I am sure books get left on tables all the time, but maybe the pages could let them stay longer and focus on reshelving the carts. I left books and audio on a table while checking the shelving carts and they were picked up while I was searching. I lost all the items I spent an hour finding. Very sad reader
Response: The pages circulate hourly to pick up items left on the tables. You could leave a note on your books if you need to leave the table so that they are not removed. If it happens again, please inform the reference librarians and they can retrieve the items for you.

Comment: I think Internet access for parents would be helpful in the Youth area. I (and others) don’t want to leave our children to get on the Internet. Our children grow restless while waiting for us to use the Internet in the adult section.
Response: We agree that this would be a benefit and an idea that warrants further investigation.

Comment: A few weeks ago I had borrowed some children’s books and from two of them the barcode was removed, what do I need to do about that?
Response: Please inform the circulation clerks when you return the books so that they can identify which copies of the books are checked out to you. This will greatly assist the clerks in checking them in for you.

Comment: Outside flower boxes are lovely.
Response: Thank you. They were provided by a project run by Cooperative Extension called the Community Beautification Program.

Comment: One less rent-a-cop means one more janitor which, in turn, means clean public rest rooms and preservation of the public’s assets.
Response: Both our security guards and our cleaners are just as frustrated and unhappy about this ongoing vandalism as you are. We are well aware of the problem and hope to have resolved shortly. The security guards are invaluable to us and we cannot operate the library without their assistance. With 35,000 people using the library every month, it is extremely important that we have a safe and secure environment for both the users and the staff. Your low opinion of them is not matched by anyone on the library staff , nor by the Ithaca Police Department, who works closely with them.

Comment: Patron thinks all movies should be renewable. Doesn’t make sense to have VHS renewable, but not DVDs. Confusing and inconvenient when you live out of town.
Response: Due to supply and demand, we adjust our borrowing policies accordingly. The demand for videos is small in comparison to the DVDs, which tend to be the newer movies, thus, the difference in the loan periods.

Comment: Like the logo and motto
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Tuesday storyhour should be at 10:30 instead of 11:00. Better time for youngsters. The later time is too close to lunch and kids get fussy.
Response: Toddler story time will resume in September. Your suggestion has been referred to Youth Services for implementation for the Fall program.

Comment: Patron signing up for the Internet tutoring said Jennifer is “amazing” and helped her overcome her fear of computers.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Patron says wireless signal is weak. 3:20 PM
Response: The wireless service is due to be updated this month. Also, where you are sitting may affect the signal. Sitting in an area closer to the hub will give a stronger result.

Comment: There should be a rule that persons reading the newspapers and magazines do not take them out of the area where they are shelved.
Response: People are free to use these resources wherever they are comfortable, and while we would prefer that they return them to the proper place, if they don’t, our pages (on their once an hour sweep of the library) will return them to their proper place.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Patron Comments - May 2009

Comment: Great DVD collection
Response: Thank you. I will inform the selector.

Comment: Thanks for the 2 day grace period. It really helps.
Response: You’re welcome.

Comment: Patron frustrated that self check machine would not read every barcode. Had to go through checkout line for some items.
Response: We apologize for the frustration you experienced at the self check-out stations. We have had them serviced and they successfully check-out materials 90% of the time. Please report problems to the circulation desk.

Comment: This is a great library!
Response: Thank you.

Comment: As a preschool teacher I use the library often. It makes me sad though that I can only check out 20 books. You should allow teachers to take out at least 30-40 books. In my job I am suppose to have 2 books per child … at least 30 books.
Response: We expect that schools will supply teachers with the materials mandated. Many teachers have classroom collections, which are then supplemented with the books from the library. The Friends of the Library offer an opportunity at the end of each booksale for teachers to select books for their classrooms. The next booksale begins May 9, 2009. You may call the booksale site at 272-2223 or email them for more information.

Comment: Patron loved to use the library website. He flourished a book and CD saying “I ordered this from the website”
Response: Thank you for your comment. We are currently reviewing our website to see how we can improve it. We welcome suggestions.

Comment: Wonderful exhibit of books with illustrations by notable artists. Thanks!
Response: Thank you.

Comment: The German collection has books that even Cornell does not own in current fiction.
Response: Thank you. We are working on expanding our world language collection.

Comment: Please put new CDs in a separate section so patrons will know that the chances are that they are okay.
Response: All of our CDs should be “okay”. Problem CDs should be reported to the circulation staff for repair or discard.

Comment: Thank you to Youth Services evening Staff member for help in finding books at the library.
Response: You are welcome.

Comment: Please Please Please get NADA books for every topic. Libraries should have these for public use. They are good reference for people to know and with more knowledge our economy might improve.
Response: This request has been forwarded to the librarians who are purchasing library materials for consideration.

Comment: Amazing Beautiful library. Nice that there is guest Internet for free. I have paid a fee in the library at Hilton Head, NC.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Copy machine poor quality. You need a new machine.
Response: We are currently in negotiations to get new copy machines.

Comment: Very impressive Korean book collection.
Response: Thank you. We are interested in expanding our world language collection.

Comment: Complained about cell phone use in the Internet area and people talking and gathering in groups at Internet computers.
Response: We have many new users of the Library and our services, and we are working with them to educate them on the library rules.

Comment: Patron wishes that any DVD which is part of a series be renewable even if less than 3 DVD sets. Specifically the Great Courses DVD series.
Response: The DVD collection is primarily a browsing collection. The Great Courses DVDs are packaged individually to allow patrons to check out what they can view in a week’s time.

Comment: Adelle in Youth Services was incredibly helpful in finding books on hedgehogs. Thank you!
Response: Yeah Adelle! Thank you.

Comment: I like machines, but I like people more. So I came to the desk to check out!
Response: Thank you. We appreciate your support.

Comment: Patron really appreciated the email heads-up on the due dates of the books he had out.
Response: Thank you. We are very pleased to be able to offer this service.

Comment: Thank you for looking into getting Bill Nye Great Discoveries Physics DVD.
Response: You’re welcome.

Comment: Saying “have a good day” is programmed and insincere.
Response: It is the goal of the library to provide excellent customer service. However, the Staff is not required to say preprogrammed phrases. A staff member, who wishes you well, does so because they mean it.

Comment: Yeah! Free Wifi!!!
Response: You’re welcome.

Comment: You have a great collection of young adult audio books
Response: Thank you.

Comment: “I liked your bedside manner with your last patron” referring to telling another patron that they had reached their limit on the number of items checked out on their account and would not be able to check out additional items.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: TCPL Rocks! Thanks for re-opening on Sundays.
Response: You’re welcome. Sundays end on May 17th and begin again after Labor Day in September.

Comment: I love the library. During the winter in Florida, the check-out puts a tiny easily removed sticker on the front of each book with the date due. It is super easy to remember.
Response: Thank you for your suggestion. The library checks out more than 3500 each day. Adding stickers would increase the time and expense of checking out items.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Patron Comments - April 2009

Comment: New monitors are nice
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Copies are too expensive
Response: The cost of the copies covers our expense to offer this service.

Comment: Patron appreciates pencil sharpener
Response: You are welcome.

Comment: Too many rowdy young people on computers, making noise, bumping into others, looking at what people are doing
Response: Staff and the security guards are reminding patrons to be respectful of others.

Comment: Copy machines should have instructions on how to make copies of books “how to lay book to get full copy”
Response: Basic instructions are on the machines. Please ask the Reference Librarians for assistance as this may require reducing the size of the pages.

Comment: Patron stated that the pencil sharpener has a pretty strong magnetic field that will wreak havoc on the computer screen after awhile and suggests moving it
Response: Thank you for your concern. The pencil sharpener has been moved to the table next to the photocopier.

Comment: Why don’t we have a color printer?
Response: The demand was small.

Comment: Why can’t I right click anymore?
Response: The right click option has been limited for security reasons. You should be able to use this function while using the Internet or a Microsoft Office program such as Word.

Comment: Need signs at the Internet to tell patrons not to sing along with the music they are listening to.
Response: Patrons who are singing at the computers are asked to stop. Many times they do not realize they are singing out loud.

Comment: Visitor from Canada thinks this a very interesting library. They especially liked the use of natural light in the reading room and periodical room and the plants. Natural light helps older people see and read more easily
Response: Thank you.

Comment: What a great library! I always find what I want!
Response: Thank you.

Comment: This library is incredible!
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Patron does not like stiff cable on bathroom key
Response: It is necessary to have a strong connection between the keys and the holders to prevent the keys from leaving the library. Several times keys have been missing and needed replacement. A longer cable would be a chocking hazard.

Comment: Patron upset about not being able to renew 2 DVD sets and wishes we could be more flexible with that policy
Response: All of our DVD’s check out for a full week. Only those few large sets of 3 or more DVDs may be renewed once.

Comment: Would like to see Terry Goodkind’s whole collection.
Response: We are trying to fill in the gaps.

Comment: If you are going to close the main library at 4:50, don’t list the closing time as 5:00. List it at 4:50. I drove half an hour to get here. I had 8 minutes, knew exactly what I wanted and was not allowed.
Response: We are very sorry for this unfortunate experience. It is necessary to begin the closing process ten minutes before closing in order to close the library on time.

Comment: Patron renewed an item once and wanted to check the book on tape out on another family member’s card. The item was not on hold.
Response: Our patrons want to have materials on the shelf for browsing. The Library’s policy is that all items not on hold be returned to the shelf.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Patron Comments - March 2009

Comment: Please have more than 1 table near the reference books. You use a whole table for this kind of work and it would be nice to have another table or two.
Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We are considering rearranging some of the tables in the library.

Comment: I notice that children LOVE to walk on that brick wall outside. Perhaps the dirt could be filled in with bricks to make a library path. Maybe donations could be collected or sell bricks for the project.
Response: Thank you for your suggestion.

Comment: I feel people should have 2 hours on your internet computers because one hour is not enough.
Response: Unfortunately the library has limited resources and no space to accommodate more computers. If you have a special need you should consult with the librarians at the Adult reference desk.

Comment: There have two instances where my daughter and I have encountered a problem while waiting for an available PC. Others jump ahead of those that are waiting patiently. My home library utilizes a pc specifically for internet reservations by printing out what pc station and time of reservation start in order to dispel frustration and chaos.
Response: In general it is our experience that people are respectful of the order and others may not have realized that you were waiting. A reservation station was investigated and tried. We found that people were patiently waiting for a particular station while others were being vacated by people leaving early. This caused even more frustration for our patrons and resulted in more staff time to manage. Please inform library staff of any problems.

Comment: I love your exhibits of Treacy Ziegler’s pictures and the Adoption Agency portraits both for their beauty and in the latter case the important outreach message. Thank you.
Response: We love this exhibit of pictures of these beautiful and touching children.

Comment: This is a GREAT LIBRARY.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: I am a foster care worker and am familiar with the Heart Gallery. However, the sign for it was lying down on the magazine shelves and not visible until I looked for it. Without the sign the display is totally incomplete. Please display them together.
Response: This was a powerful exhibit and it was certainly the intention to display the sign with the exhibit. However we are in a very public area and sometimes the sign gets moved. Thank you for replacing the sign with the pictures.

Comment: I like your comment box and books on adventures.
Response: Thank you very much.

Comment: I was thinking that many people in Ithaca walk or ride bikes for environmental reasons. People should have a storage locker for their computers.
Response: We tried to have lockers available for patrons. Unfortunately, we found that they caused more problems than they solved. Items were left in the lockers and not retrieved, and the keys not returned were a big problem. After 9/11 and the anthrax scare lockers lost favor with many public facilities.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Patron Comments - February 2009

Comment: Everything checked out on the self-check machine except one (again!).
Response: Most of the problems with the self checkout have been fixed. Unfortunately the barcodes on library materials suffer a lot of use and sometimes do not read properly. Please inform circulation of problems.

Comment: Receipt prints out too much information when paying fines---WASTES PAPER AND RIBBONS
Response: The receipt printer is an automatic feature and we find most people appreciate having documentation of payment for fines.

Comment: Thank you for showing the inauguration on the big screen in the Borg Warner Room. It was a wonderful service.
Response: You are welcome.

Comment: Thank you for helping my daughter find books. She really likes having the librarian’s help.
Response: We are very pleased to be able to help.

Comment: Patron was unhappy with delayed response to message left on Adult Services voice mail
Response: Adult Services returns calls as soon as possible depending on in-house requests for service.

Comment: Librarian commented on dislike for Polaris. She was booking up “Beaton, M.C.” in the catalog and was asked “did you mean “baton”? Wants catalog changed so you can type in Beaton, M.C. and locate the books. REALLY dislikes Polaris.
Response: We understand that Polaris has its limitations. We encourage you to talk to the Reference Librarians, who can do a search for you or guide you through a search.

Comment: Love the Origami. Really beautiful origami display!
Response: Thank you. It was a beautiful and fun exhibit.

Comment: It’s the middle of a very cold winter and your trees and ivy in the large pots look so healthy. Nice Job!
Response: Thank you. They do brighten the Library.

Comment: Two crease patterns are mentioned in the captions (titles) but are not on the display in the Robert Lang exhibit.
Response: We enjoyed the display, but it has moved on. We have a number of Robert Lang books in the library that may demonstrate additional crease patterns.

Comment: Thank you very much for the extra bike storage area! It’s much appreciated.
Response: We have been trying to get more bike racks for years and are very happy to be able to provide more bike storage.

Comment: Patron complained about ice on the sidewalk near back corner of the building
Response: This has been reported to facilities.

Comment: I have never appreciated the library more since having my daughter. We come in every week and get wonderful books.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Delighted to find again “Not New but Worth a View”
Response: This is one of my favorite places to look for suggestions.

Comment: Thank you for the table on John Updike
Response: You are welcome.

Comment: If the library were to have a donation can at the front desk, I would donate something every time I checked out books. What a great time to get small gifts. I know the library is hurting.
Response: Great suggestion. Thank you. This is in the works.

Comment: This is a great library
Response: Thank you!

Comment: When you give Kindergartners a library card on a field trip, they should be told Mom and Dad need to sign first before they can check out books.
Response: Each child is sent home with a library card application and detailed instructions to parents on how to activate the child’s card. Children are also told at the program that a parent must fill in the application

Patron Comments - January 2009

Comment: You have a fabulous movie collection.
Response: Thank you. I will pass the complement to the selectors.

Comment: Patron suggests that some of the internet stations about 1/3 of them be on a 20 minute cycle so that people who just want to check email don’t have to wait so long.
Response: Thank you for the suggestion. We have tried this in the past and have found that it has a negative effect on the flow of access to the machines.

Comment: Patron was unhappy that the carrel was moved to the back. They liked working on their laptop up front.
Response: The carrel was moved to increase a quiet area to work. The previous location was near the DVDs and audio visual collection, which made it a high traffic area.

Comment: Disappointed that the doll display not still here. Will it be back? In the Ithaca Journal on Saturday.
Response: Unfortunately the Ithaca Journal did not print our press release until the end of the exhibit. The doll exhibit will be back in 2010.

Comment: Many patrons waiting outside on Sunday for the library to open, but we were closed. We should have been informed about this.
Response: We apologize for the inconvenience. There was a glitch in our signage and publicity. We will establish new procedures to prevent this from happening in the future.

Comment: Patron would like a map of the library.
Response: Maps are available on the display racks in the library.

Comment: I really value the library. I have been working in France and there you have to pay a Euro per book.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Would it be possible to put drop boxes where a car can get to them?
Response: The parking in front of the library will be reinstated to allow for quick access to the bookdrops.

Comment: Numerous patrons exclaiming about the wonderful Mystery Mansion.
Response: We love the Mystery Mansion. Everyday we would see people of all ages sharing their discoveries as they identified more books and storybook characters.

Comment: Avenue of the Friends floor shines so beautifully, please compliment your staff Facilities cleaned the library over the holidays.
Response: They did a great job.

Comment: Request for “Word” tutor
Response: Tutorials for Microsoft Word can be found on the Internet as well as classes within the community. The Library also has a number of books on this topic. The Reference Desk can guide you to the books, help you locate websites for tutorials, or direct you to agencies that provide classes.

Comment: Patron was annoyed that the self checkout station was successful on 2 books, but not the third.
Response: We apologize for the inconvenience. It is possible that the book cover was wrinkled or torn making it difficult for the sensor to read the barcode.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Patron Comments - December 2008

Comment: First time in the library…really beautiful!
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Downloadable audio books. Thank you … You make my day!
Response: We are very happy that you are enjoying them.

Comment: Solid job in selecting for your literature and poetry sections, especially for your size. Really liked that you have the new Aeneid translation and Robert Bly poetry.
Response: Thank you. Our professional librarians work hard to have a balanced collection.

Comment: Patron misses subject information on the ends of adult non-fiction stacks.
Response: The subject signs on the end were removed when the collection was shifted. New signage will replace the old signs.

Comment: Can the library open at 9:00 AM?
Response: We do not have funding to open additional hours at this time.

Comment: Woman was very grateful for books pulled for her by the librarian. This is a very fine service.
Response: Thank you. We are happy that this service was valuable.

Comment: Overdue fines are too high and add up to large amounts quickly.
Response: The library has a 2 day grace period before fines begin. Each item has a maximum fine of $5.00.

Comment: Is there a Senior Citizen overdue fine rate?
Response: There is no special senior citizen rate.

Comment: Mouse pads for the computers.
Response: Thank you for this suggestions. We will follow-up on it.

Comment: It is very disappointing that you are not buying new mystery books on cassette. The shelves are getting depleted. CDs are not practical to turn off and on the same place. Please reconsider cassettes.
Response: We agree that cassettes have desirable features not currently found on CDs. However, within the consumer marketplace books-on-cassette are no longer available. To keep our collection current and vital it is necessary to purchase books on CD or by downloading them in Overdrive.

Comment: Two to four of Anne Perry’s latest books are in fiction by mistake. Her books are in mystery including the beginning of a series that you have split between mystery and fiction.
Response: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The Technical Services department has made the corrections.

Comment: How about creating and offering for sale a cool TCPL bumper sticker? Another way to let people show support for our library.
Response: What a great idea!!! We will pass it on to the public information committee.

Comment: Shelves getting very out of order especially the mystery collection & current events essays.
Response: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. These areas are very popular and receive a lot of browsing. The pages will be informed.

Comment: Would like a program, such as a book discussion group that follows the Oprah book club series.
Response: Our book discussion groups have not been well attended. I will pass your suggestion on to our reader’s advisory librarian for consideration.

Comment: Are you ever going to give people more time on the Internet? It would be nice.
Response: The Internet computers are used heavily throughout the day. Wireless access is available throughout the library and has no time limit. It is not access to the Internet that is limited, but the number of computers available to us.

Comment: Love the story time house on display.
Response: We love it too. This house was created by local resident and retired librarian, Richard Tabor, and has clues to a hundred stories, tales and rhymes.

Patron Comments - November 2008

Comment: Keyboards are dirty on catalogs.
Response: A volunteer is cleaning all the public keyboards.

Comment: Reserves and holds are an incredible service. Thank You!!
Response: You're welcome.

Comment: New York Times has been missing 3 times in the last week. I can’t find anyone reading it.
Response: Thank you for your comment. We have checked the New York Times and found only one issue missing in the last three months. Perhaps someone is reading the paper in another location in the library. In addition the New York Times is available online and can be viewed on our Internet computers.

Comment: Library is wonderful.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Patron thinks multiple DVD sets should have a longer loan period. A week loan is not user friendly for DVD sets that have 3 or more DVDs in it.
Response: Sets of DVDs may be renewed for an additional week to give our patrons more time to view them.

Comment: You could give the videos call numbers. That way it would be easier to locate the videos you want without them having to be in alphabetical order. Ex A001 T036
Response: Instructional videos and DVDs do have call numbers. All others are filed by the first letter of the title. This is primarily a browsing collection and our goal is to get the DVDs out as soon as possible. We have tried to shelve them in alphabetical order in the past. However they were quickly out of order.

Comment: The library search can give an option to search just the books checked in. I rarely want to get books that are not here and it is cumbersome to have to scroll through all the books.
Response: The option to limit a search by items checked-in is currently not available on our catalog system. We will submit a request to add this option to future updates of the system. The Adult Services Librarians can show you an easy way to scroll through the list to see what is currently checked in. Please stop at the reference desk for more information.

Comment: Clean the bathrooms please! Do not harass patrons before closing time. Follow the times posted.
Response: Patrons may use the restrooms in Youth Services at closing. It is necessary to close the restrooms so that they may be cleaned.

Comment: Executive with Baden-Powell Council of Boy Scouts of America would like to thank the Library for helping find information on the boy scouts.
Response: We are very pleased to be able to assist with the search for this information.

Comment: Print from the wireless
Response: This is under investigation.

Comment: Delay in getting Value Line Large Cap out
Response: Value Line is given the highest priority. It is put out immediately upon receipt at the library.

Comment: Have a bookmark where patrons who read a book (especially a new book) can leave comments
Response: Will pass on the suggestion to our reader’s advisory Librarian.

Comment: I think Taking Sides by Gary Soto should be reclassified as children’s. I know boys who love basketball and hate to read, who would want to read this book.
Response: The library owns more than 20 books by this author in the Youth Services Department including one title in Spanish. He is a popular author for children and adults. This title has been moved to the youth services collection. Children are free to take out materials from the entire library.

Comment: Please make another “drive-thru” book return or have remote returns at the mall, Wegmans, Tops-Lansing, but a drive through is best.
Response: There is no good place to put a drive-through book return. Retrieving the materials from a remote location is a problem. The library does not have a vehicle or driver to pick up these materials. Items for TCPL may be returned to other member libraries in the County.