Tompkins County Public Library

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Patron Comments May and June 2015

Comment:  I would love to buy your new TCPL tee shirt.
Response:  We're glad to hear that you like our new tee shirts.  We're pretty proud of them, too!  It is our sincere hope that sometime in the near future we will be able to offer an assortment of TCPL-logo items for sale within the Library, so that our fantastic patrons can showcase their love for the library.

Comment:  Please purchase more PS3 games, create a blu-ray section and order new CDs that work and aren't scratched.
Response:  One of the best things about libraries is that we offer something for everyone. We aren't just about books.  We're about promoting access to literature, entertainment and informational resources through a multitude of platforms.  Since these platforms are constantly evolving, it sometimes takes us a bit of time to build large collections, but, please know that we are always working to grow our collections and make finding our patrons' next favorite film, game or book easier.  In the meantime, please bring any scratched games, DVDs or CDs to our attention, so that we can have them repaired or replaced.