Tompkins County Public Library

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Comment: The noise and displays of ignorance outside the library near the windows by the magazines is becoming greater every day it seems.  Can’t the bike racks be relocated to another section (near parking garage) and the benches removed.
Response: Thank you We are aware of the groups gathering outside the library.  We have spoken with facilities and have asked them to remove the benches.  Our security guards are monitoring the activities and telling those with behavior issues to leave. We are also working with community organizations to provide services for some of these individuals.

Comment: Thanks for selling the head phones again that I asked for I just bought a pair 
Response: You’re welcome.  Thank you for bringing to our attention that we had sold out.  We were happy to reorder.

Comment: Please be sure the phone message accurately states when the library is open.  I drove 17 miles for nothing on Sunday the machine stated “We are busy helping a patron and can’t come to the phone.  This made me think you were open.  I was not only disappointed but gas cost more than I can afford now.  Thank you! 
Response: Thank you for your comments.  We have checked all the messages on our phones and have corrected this message to more accurately reflect our Sunday hours.  Please also know that our hours open and days closed are posted on our website at
Comment:  I rate TCPL a 10 because it has really good books.  And you are able to check out e readers. 
Response: Thank you!! Yes, eReaders may be checked out at the circulation desk at the front of the library for three weeks.

Comment: To T.C.P.L. the building is very pleasing to the eye. 
Response: Thank you.

Comment: More DVDs!  I live far away and can’t come often.  Thanks! 
Response: Currently 5 DVDs may be checked out for one week.  We will review this policy.

Comment: I am looking for a daytime book club.  Are there any here?  Thanks
Response:  The library hosts book discussions for the community read and we have an on-going Mother/Daughter book group.  Most book groups in this community are organized by friends or neighborhoods groups. At times the bookstores also have reading groups.  Thank you for the suggestion.

Comment: It would be great if books could be on loan for 4 weeks!  Thanks! 
Response: Thank you for suggestion.  We will review this policy.

Comment: I think you should brightly label the movies on the bottom with a color that indicates they are new ones.  Help us who have watched everything. 
Response: Thank you for your suggestion.  We do post new titles in the DVD section.  The list of new titles is also available in our online catalog in the left hand frame, from our website under “We Suggest”  and you may sign up for the list of new titles to be sent to your email from

Comment: Hi, I’d like to request you carry the book “Towards Collective Liberation Anti-Racist Organizing Feminist Praxis, and Movement Building Strategy” by Chris Crass.  It is essential reading for progressive interested in principled anti-racist Work, and I think many in the Ithaca Community would take interest in I benefited from reading this book.  Please consider stocking in on our shelves!  Thank you so much. 
Response: Purchase suggestions for books or AV may be submitted at any public service desk in the library.  These suggestions are passed directly to the librarians selecting the materials.  In addition suggestions may be submitted from our or from our online catalog using the link in the left hand frame.

Comment: I am sad our librarian, Stephen Salino, is leaving.  He is such a nice young man. 
Response: We, too, are sad that Stephen is leaving.  He has been  an enormous help this summer and we have enjoyed working with him.