Tompkins County Public Library

Friday, March 18, 2005

Patron Comments - March 2005

Comment: Amount of noise disturbing.
Response: I am glad that the security guard was able to help you with this.

Comment: Security guard is overzealous and obnoxious.
Response: The security guard’s job is to enforce the rules of the library (see above). We expect that this will be done courteously and fairly.

Comment: Like renewals on-line.
Response: It is a convenience that we all appreciate.

Comment: Renewals on-line—directions are too small to follow.
Response: We hope that our new computer catalog system will make this easier for you.

Comment: Staff is courteous and friendly.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Grateful for Internet access.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: New book shelves are empty.
Response: We are disappointed also that our acquisitions budget is so meager.

Comment: Door alarm set off, unwarranted.
Response: This can be annoying.

Comment: Self check machine not desensitizing items; confusion about how to check out videos.
Response: We are working with 3M our vendor to check these on a routine basis. Signage will be added regarding video check out.

Comment: Paper notices are unreadable due to carbon smudges.
Response: You can receive these notices via e-mail, or you can go on line and check your account. A new printing system for paper overdue notices may be obtained later in the year.

Comment: Patron feels harassed by phone calls from collection agency.
Response: If you are currently making payments on your overdue accounts, you should not be receiving phone calls. Please see our Circulation Coordinator for help.

Comment: Thanks for finding my book!
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Pre-overdue notices are great.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Glad you are open on Sundays.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Get rid of or move Gates computers (for kids).
Response: The Gates computers are one of the most popular services in our Youth Services Department. Parents and librarians together must teach children appropriate use of computers.
Comment: Concern that video tapes are damaging his VCR player.
Response: Many of our videos have a high circulation rate and we are currently pulling many of the older titles off the shelves to reduce the likelihood of this happening.

Comment: Doors did not unlock promptly at 10:00 forcing people to stand in the cold.
Response: Our doors are programmed to open at precisely 10:00 a.m., but as you note, not all clocks are synchronized.

Comment: Need signage near the CDs explaining the organization system.
Response: Good idea, will follow up on this.

Comment: Thanks for all of your help, you’ve been great.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Patron wanted to complain about flag outside, but phone system didn’t help direct his call.
Response: That can be frustrating!

Comment: Nice job with CD collection.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Fines go to a good cause.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Great collection in youth services.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Would like picture books displayed on top of shelves.
Response: We are now doing that.

Comment: Handicapped parking impossible due to snow.
Response: We sympathize. Removal of snow along the sidewalks, curbs and bus stops is a City of Ithaca responsibility.

Comment: Doesn’t like phone answering system, wants a human.
Response: We do have volunteers who answer our incoming calls, but can always use more.

Comment: New to the area, loves the beautiful library.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Would like work space at the microfilm machines.
Response: This is a good suggestion, and we’ll see what we can do.

Comment: Videos shelved on bottom shelf are too hard to see.
Response: We sympathize but due to the space available for videos, we must place them on the bottom shelves.

Comment: Why are rest rooms cleaned when there are users in the Borg Warner Room who need access?
Response: Will refer to County Facilities who are responsible for cleaning.

Comment: Add signage in restrooms that patrons should wash hands.
Response: Will posting a common sense sign like this really change the behavior of people?