Tompkins County Public Library

Friday, October 14, 2016

Patron Comments September-October 2016

Comment:  Please move the new painting (now on the back corner of the building) to a more visible location.  It is too important a message and too beautiful to be in the back.
Response:  We’re so glad to hear that you love our “Ezra Cornell” mural as much as we do!  One of the driving factors behind this beautiful piece—created by artist Nestor Madalengoitia—was our desire to make the back of our building more recognizable, since there it doesn’t have any library signage.  We are hopeful that our entire community will take the time that you did to view and appreciate this special work of art.
Comment:  Thanks for bringing “The New Jim Crow” to the community, and they’re all off the shelf very fast.  The community is really alert and has had a strong response to the Community Read.  I hope to see more from you!
Response:  We are honored to be able to partner with the Multicultural Resource Center to bring “The New Jim Crow” Community Read to our patrons.  We had nearly two hundred copies of the book in circulation, and within just a few days, our patrons had embraced the Read and checked out every single one—what a tremendous testament to our community!