Tompkins County Public Library

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Comment:  More and more there seems to be patrons that want to use the Cornell reading room as their own private area to carry on a conversation or to use the cell phone.  They can be loud and rude to others in that area who are trying to study or read in quiet.
I hate to be the one that has to go to the staff for redress on this issue but at times it can be very annoying.  I am sure other users of this room feel the same way.  This reading room area is a great library asset and I and many others use it often.
Response: Thank you for your feedback about the Cornell Reading Room. This is intended to be a quiet reading room and we hope that you and others will let us know of any hindrance to your using the room. We will also review signage as well as the process for monitoring the use of the room. Thank you.

Comment: We have four people at home and each of us have a library card.  I would like to combine our log in ID into one account so, I can supervise the balance and overdue.  Thanks
Response: Thank you for your suggestion. The automated system and our policies require that each person have a card and be responsible for her/his own account. We aren’t able to accommodate your request. If you would like to talk more in person about how accounts are set up and maintained, please feel free to contact us at 607-272-4557, ext 233 or ext 234.

Comment: Have family movie night.
Response:  This summer, we are offering Family Movie Night—learn more at Thank you for your feedback.

Comment: Terms on 4 & 6 CD, DVD’s should be longer.  If someone puts on hold before I renew I am unable to utilize second renewal.  Thank you!
Response: Thank you for your suggestions. We will review the circulation policies for these materials.

Comment: I love you all! We appreciate every single person in our amazing community! 
Response:  Thank you

Comment:  I wish the library had PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii systems available for checkout
Response:  You are in luck!  We do have these materials available. Check with our Youth Services staff for more information. Thank you.

Comment:  You should have an area with books & stories written by local kids.
Response:  What a great suggestion! Thank you. We will forward this suggestion to our Youth Services staff. You may want to stop by Youth Services to see the creative Lego structures made by local youth at our “Legos in the Library” each week. Learn more at
And we are also hosting “Visual Culture,” our annual art exhibit curated by IHS faculty member Carol Spence and students of the Ithaca High School Art Department,