Tompkins County Public Library

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Comment:  Please also acquire recent books/media on long-distance/endurance running, nutrition, especially those which discuss NEW products such as GU, CLIF, etc.
Please acquire some books or media on; trail running, minimalist & running movement.  Thanks! 

Response:  Thank you for your suggestion, which has been shared with the Acquisitions Librarian.  Suggestions for purchase may also be made from our website or at any of the public service desks in the library.

Comment:  You should make a youth authors section where kids can have books they wrote. 
Response:  Thank you for the suggestion, which has been shared with Youth Services Librarians. 

Comment: Harry Potter in Japanese 

Response:  We do try to purchase popular materials in other languages and have a copy of several Harry Potter titles in Japanese.  Please stop at our one of reference desk for assistance

Comment: One of our regulars, brought her complaint to me at the circ desk – bunches of young people hanging out near the low wall on S. Cayuga St. making it difficult to pass by on sidewalk.  Think she has “handicapped parking” sticker. 
Response:  Thank you for reporting this concern. We, too, are concerned with access and safety at the library.  We have hired a second security guard to increase patrols and to prevent individuals from blocking the sidewalk and have been in communication with the Ithaca City Police Dept.

Comment:  Hello!  Please consider adding TCPL collection sites around Ithaca, i.e.:  Wegmans, Agway, Mall etc.  I believe this would greatly increase return rates and quicker turn-around times.  Parking can be difficult so books tend to stay in our car longer than they should.  The two spots outside for drop off are usually taken and the bus lane is/can be dangerous with kids. 
Response: Thank you for your suggestions.  Unfortunately we have no way to retrieve these items returned to stores.  However, all the rural libraries will accept returns for TCPL, The rural libraries in Tompkins County are located  in Dryden, Groton, Lansing, Newfield, and Trumansburg.

Comment:  Newer and more books about the history of the Earth (550) for kids, more history DVDs for the kids. 
Response:  Thank you for the suggestion, which have been shared with youth services department.

Comment:  The new sculpture outside is an eyesore as usual. 
Response:  Sorry you do not like this art.  We are happy to offer our library patrons and the community multiple opportunities to experience art.  We hope that in the future there will be other art that you do enjoy.  Thank you for your feedback.

Comment:  Hello, you are out of the $4.00 headphones.  Thank you. 
Response:  Thank you for this information.  We will reorder.

Comment:  Positive comment – In the airport in Philadelphia, flight delayed 5 hrs.  Took out two e-books from TCPL and read them on my smartphone using overdrive.  What a great service!   
Response:  Thank you!

Comment:  Hire a staff person to clean the restrooms, stack the soap etc.  Log in to use free WiFi internet should be abolished.  LIBRARIES should strive to expand inclusivity NOT exclusivity.  Moreover, the internet barely works.  This place is no longer suitable for people to get work DONE.  I will not authorize new taxes to finance a library managed this poorly. 
Response:  Thank you for your feedback about the public restrooms. You can image with over 400,000 visits each year that they are very busy and well used.  We will pass on your concerns to facilities.   Also thank you for your wireless access comments.  As with most free WiFi throughout the county and the nation, a log-in is required to ensure that people in the building have access.  We now require a log-in due to the increased demand.  People outside the building whose devices were connecting without their knowledge were sucking up the wireless connections.
So sorry you did not have a productive experience at the library.  If you would like to come to the library to talk with us, please call 272-4557 ext. 221 to make an appointment.