Tompkins County Public Library

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Patron Comments - May 2011

Comment: I think the library should have a wider variety of movies and books on tape.
Librarians select DVDs and audiobooks from a wide variety of resources and strive for a diverse and well rounded collection.  We welcome your suggestions for titles not in our collection.  Patron request forms may be found at any of our public services desks and on our website  under the “contact us” dropdown menu.
Comment: About 28 years ago, in the old library location, I dropped my 8 year old son off for a movie.  When I picked him up and asked how he liked the movie, he said,”Oh, I forgot to go.”  He had discovered TinTin and was so engrossed he forgot all about the movie.
Response: Thank you for this wonderful story.

Comment: The number of audio books on CD that can be checked out at a time should be increased.
Response: Thank you for your suggestion.  We have already made the change and you may now have 5 audio books checked out at any one time.

Comment:  We LOVE our library!  Equal access to information is essential to a healthy democracy.  Thanks for being an important part of our vibrant community.
Response: Thank you!  We are in total agreement.

Comment: Find funding for replacing the NYS law books.
Response: Thank you for your comment.  The law books are expensive to maintain and to keep up to date.  Much of the information is available online and our reference librarians can help you with your search.

Comment: I LOVE your “young person’s” art exhibit. It has moved me so much I have cried.
Response: We are very happy that you are enjoying this wonderful exhibit created by students from the Ithaca City School District.

Comment:  Great art show by the local high schoolers!!!  Impressive.
Response: Thank you.  We are very fortunate to have a community with such amazing talent.

Comment: I was returning a friend’s book.  I wanted to check it out and was told I could not.  It needed to go back on the shelf first.  That is silly!  A reader is a reader.  Please change this policy.
Response: Thank you for your suggestion.  This is a policy which we will be reviewing.

Comment:  I am being a bit sarcastic, but not all “large print” readers like mysteries with cat protagonists. 
Response: Thank you for your comment. The library now has kindles and nooks available for checking out for one week.  These reading devices allow you to control the size of the text.  They are preloaded with titles.  They also allow you to download eBooks from our Overdrive service.  Reference desk librarians are happy to help you learn more about this service.

Comment: I should be allowed more time on the internet if there are available computers.
Response: The demand for access to our internet computers is consistently high.  It is our goal to provide equal access to everyone.  Occasionally there are empty stations that allow patrons to get onto the internet quickly.

Comment: I am only allowed 5 DVDs on my county card.  It’s hard for me because I live far away.  In the past I could check out 3 DVDs at Dryden too. 
Response: The county card is a new service to increase the ease for all patrons in using all the Tompkins County Libraries.  We are still reviewing and modifying our policies and procedures.

Comment: As of now TCPL audiobooks are only loanable to Tompkins County libraries. Would you reconsider this policy? From a Cato patron.
Response: This policy will be reviewed.