Tompkins County Public Library

Monday, August 29, 2011

Patron Comments - August 2011

Comment: I love this library, they have great movies and the computers are great. I will come all the time.
Response: Thank you for your positive comments. We have a talented, dedicated staff who love providing resources and services to a wonderful community!

Comment: Play a little music but quietly. This library is awesome, good books and movies. Enough time on computers.
Thank you for your suggestion. Music is such a personal preference it would be impossible to accommodate the variety of tastes. In addition a number of patrons expect the library to be a quiet place. In this day and age this is very difficult to accomplish, but we try to reduce the sound level.

Please keep getting the videos as good as you are. Love It!

Response:Thank you for comments. We are very happy that you are enjoying the collection.

Comment: Please do something to encourage the “loiterers” who congregate on the side of the building to move along and not block the sidewalks for pedestrians. They seem to be there quite frequently in increasing numbers. Thank you! “A concerned mother”
Response: The library is also concerned about the situation. We have increased monitoring of the area outside the library and spoken with the groups of young people gathering on the sidewalk. They have been told that they may not block the sidewalk and that they may not congregate in that area. The Ithaca City Police Officers have also spoken with the groups regarding blocking the sidewalks and moving to another area.

We LOVED the doll making (Bendi Dolls) workshop. PLEASE have workshops this fall and winter for elementary-aged children. I.e. Knitting, painting, drawing, clay and arts! In our climate inside options in cooler weather are great!

Response: Thank you for your comments. We too love the dolls and the exhibit and will direct your suggests to our public programming and community relations coordinator.