Tompkins County Public Library

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Patron Comments - April - July 2007

Comment: Would like another chance to vote on a library tax—we need more $$$
Response: The library is working with the county legislature to seek sufficient funding

Comment: Looking forward to Sunday hours again
Response: Thank you, we will re-open on Sunday, September 9

Comment: Date through which reserves are held for me is not obvious on patron account information
Response: Will review

Comment: Library needs a free parking lot—I am disgusted and disappointed that I have to pay for both gas and parking to use the library
Response: One hour free parking is available in the parking garage behind the library. After six p.m. and all day Saturday and Sunday, garage and street parking downtown is free. Since you live in Trumansburg, you may enjoy using the Ulysses Philomathic Library during times when there is a parking fee in downtown Ithaca

Comment: You should go back to having people sign up to use the computers—some people don’t understand the concept of waiting their turn
Response: Sign up sheets require personnel to monitor, so we are relying on users to read the sign which states “Line Forms Here”. If someone fails to see the sign, we hope that those who have been waiting longer will explain the system.

Comment: Patrons who don’t rewind their videos should be fined
Response: We agree that it is discourteous, but it is a costly proposition to check each video to see if it rewound, purchase a machine that would rewind tapes, look up the patron who did not rewind and add a fine to their account. We simply don’t have the space or the staff to do this.

Comment: I tried to borrow 4 books that were reviewed three months ago in the New York Times but none were available yet—I think this is long enough for the library to get recommended books
Response: We agree and we are working to shorten this time lag.

Comment: You should make laptop connection cords available for patron use
Response: Laptop users need to bring their own power cord, wireless card, mouse, etc.

Comment: Recommend that the Peach Girl series be moved to the adult section, not kept in the young adult section
Response: Will refer to the Head of Youth Services

Comment: I’m a lifelong supporter of unions and I think the library should negotiate in good faith and settle
Response: Will pass your comments on to the library negotiators

Comment: Pre-overdue notices are a great feature
Response: We agree

Comment: Great library, enjoyed using it
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Wonderful staff and library
Response: Thanks you!

Comment: Libraries and librarians are the apex of civilization
Response: Yes!

Comment: Library staff is friendly—think I’ll skip using the self check workstation next time
Response: Thanks!

Comment: Thanks for letting me use the phone when my car had a flat tire
Response: You are welcome!

Comment: CDs won’t check out on self-check
Response: Will follow up on this problem

Comment: New Finger Lakes bar codes re difficult to scan
Response: Will follow up on this problem

Comment: Never received e-mail for my hold
Response: We suggest that you reconfirm your e-mail address with the circulation staff. On your end, you may also want to designate TCPL as a “safe sender” so our mail is not accidentally sent to your junk mail or caught by a spam filter.

Comment: Thank you for your help this morning
Response: You are welcome

Comment: I like your sense of humor (addressed to a circulation clerk)
Response: Thanks!

Comment: This is a nice place!
Response: We agree!

Comment: I love this library!
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Thank you for the Shakespeare DVDs!
Response: You are welcome!

Comment: There is always something wrong with the Self Check workstations
Response: We are working to remove barriers to the successful use of the self check machines.

Comment: Library has been “very useful” over the years It sharpens my self interest in many subjects
Response: Thank you

Comment: I don’t mind paying fines—it’s for a good cause
Response: Fine revenue is used for general library operating expenses.

Comment: This five part DVD was in perfect shape
Response: That’s good news

Comment: Complimented clerk who handled a difficult patron
Response: Thanks for noticing

Comment: We love coming to the library—it’s a huge treat for our family
Response: We’re glad you are here!

Comment: Library is great—what a bargain!
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Patron appreciates receiving overdue notices
Response: These are generated automatically—library technology has provided users with better service

Comment: Twenty books is not enough for teachers—it’s so hard to use this facility
Response: We assume that teachers have access to the library materials in their school library and that our library offers supplemental material only

Comment: Sign regarding DVD limits is too small
Response: We’ll review this

Comment: I love the two day grace period
Response: Thank you

Comment: Thank you, we’ve had a great year at the library
Response: Thanks!

Comment: Somebody is doing a great job in relation to the availability of titles
Response: Thank you

Comment: Loan period should be four weeks, not three
Response: Our three week loan period seems reasonable and is comparable to loan periods at other Tompkins County public libraries

Comment: Patron concerned that there may be surveillance cameras in restrooms
Response: We do not have surveillance cameras in the library

Comment: Patron couldn’t find a list of newly released DVDs
Response: A reference librarian can show how to find this list on Polaris. (it’s at the lower left of the catalog screen)

Comment: Lower shelves too difficult to access
Response: Unfortunately, the footprint of the library and available shelving will require some of our books to be shelved on the lower shelves.

Comment: Holiday closings should be on the telephone recording by Monday prior to the holiday weekend
Response: We will try to do this

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Patron Comments - May and June 2007

Comment: There should be a water fountain in children’s section.
Response: We think so too. However, the cost is prohibitive to add one at this time.

Comment: You have a great library, but the entrance is quite unattractive and dirty
Response: Thank you. Front entrance has been power washed and is due to be repainted this year.

Comment: It seems awful to close the library on Sundays before the end of the school year. Please reconsider
Response: We would love to be open longer, but only have funding through May.

Comment: You should be allowed to check out 4 DVDs at once
Response: Policy currently under review

Comment: I love the “Absolute Boyfriend: the series” I hope you purchase more. However it might work best in the Young adult paperback section
Response: Thank you for the suggestion

Comment: Would you consider allowing patrons either one very long checkout or one renewal. Response: I don’t think that would disrupt circulation that much and it would allow patrons to check out over very long book and finish reading it. Most items may be renewed for an additional check out period. New books and those with holds may not be renewed.
Additionally, the system does not allow for this option.

Comment: Handicapped bathroom toilets are too low for anyone with leg, knee or spine problems. An easy fix is a toilet riser.
Response: Will investigate

Comment: Audio books on CD by Anna Quindlen skipping
Response: Will inform the audio visual department for cleaning

Comment: Love books read on CD and want to listen to story and follow along in the book. We want the CD to tell us when to turn the pages.
Response: Your request has been submitted to the Youth Services Department