Tompkins County Public Library

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Patron Comments October 2009

Comment: Can you set up a means for listening to CD’s even sampling DVDs?
Response: All of our internet terminals are set up with headphones to allow for listening to CDs and previewing DVDs.

Comment: I love this library! You have such great things here.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Why is it that sometimes when you log into your email, you are in someone else’s email? Can’t something be done when your session ends to clear that?
Response: Our technicians are investigating. All applications are closed at the end of each session. If a patron has checked the “remember my password” in their email account, their email may come up when the next person signs on.

Comment: I love the public library. This is great.
Response: Thank you

Comment: I’m from India. I look forward to visiting Ithaca just because of the library. I love this library. I wish I could live here.
Response: Thank you. We are pleased that you are here to enjoy our library.

Comment: I really like the mystery mansion.
Response: Mr. David Tabor is a retired school teacher. He created the mystery mansion and creates other small rooms as a hobby. We love it too and are grateful to Mr. Tabor for loaning it to us.

Comment: Need key tag library card
Response: They have been ordered and will be available next month.

Comment: Mystery adult paperbacks are in messy order. Please straighten them.
Response: Pages have been informed and will straighten the area.

Comment: Item limit of 20 items per library card and limit of 2 audio books on CD and Tape is extremely limited compared to other libraries and an inconvenience.
Response: The limits are due to high demand of the audiobooks.

Comment: Thanks a lot for the 10 cent copies. So nice!
Response: You are welcome.

Comment: The library is awesome, but the monitor in the lobby is distracting.
Response: The new monitor informs patrons waiting in line or entering the library of our services and programs.

Comment: I love the library. It is one of the great institutions on the USA.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: You have no copies of Tolkien’s Fellowship of the Ring in the stacks. I would argue that you should have enough copies of certain titles so that this does not happen. Many would call this title one of the greatest works of fiction ever.
Response: You are correct that this title continues to be very popular. We have one copy in adult fiction, one copy in large type fiction and 5 copies in juvenile fiction. Most are checked out. Please ask at the reference desk for assistance.

Comment: Patron thinks we have very good Chinese language books, both fiction and nonfiction.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Please install a spell checker in the menu bar for people who have email without spell check.
Response: Messages may be typed in a word document and copied into an email message. All of our internet computers have word on them and this application has a spell check.

Comment: I have not been to Cornell since I retired! I can find everything here. What a great library!
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Value line never available on time
Response: Value line continues to be a high priority item and is put out as soon as it arrives in the mail.

Comment: Please do computer updates when the library is closed. Patrons’ time is used up while computer updates.
Response: This problem should be corrected at this time.

Comment: You have an amazing online catalog. It is endless. I could spend hours looking through it.
Response: Thank you.