Tompkins County Public Library

Friday, December 31, 2010

Patron Comments - November 2010

Comment: We noticed some negative reaction/vibe toward small children who may make unexpected loud noises and not quite understand a “library voice” yet. Could you please consider rethinking why the children’s section needs to be silent?
Response: We agree children should be able to enjoy youth services and not be completely silent. However continued loud noises are disruptive to other patrons. We are reviewing all our policies with all staff. Thank you for your comment.

Comment: Where’s the banned book display?
Response: Thank you for asking. We had a “Freedom to Read” display at the end of September during banned book week. We will continue to have displays on this very important topic.

Comment: Please have a periodic public orientation on how to use the website, download and other special services.
Response: The librarians at the reference desks are always willing to give you an orientation of our website and the services available. Thank you for the suggestion of a workshop and we would be interested in providing this program. Can you suggest a time when we would get the best response from the most people?

Comment: Many Thanks to the TCPL for co-sponsoring the 17th Annual Conference on Depression - "Stories of Our Transitions: Recovery Can be Learning to Tell a New Story." And thanks to TCPL's Sarah Glogowski for her terrific presentation, "A Book Talk: Stories of Recovery." It was a great day all around!
Response: Thank you! We were honored and proud to participate.

Comment: Can I return my books to Southworth or Lansing as well as TCPL?
Response: Thank you for writing to ask about book returns. We have good news--you can return your TCPL books to Southworth, Lansing or any library in Tompkins County or the Finger Lakes Library System. If you'd like more information, please If you'd like more information, please feel free to contact our Reference Department. You can also contact me directly at
Thank you,
Susan Currie, Library Director

Comment: I would like to be able to check out a book for a month - not every book, just an occasional very long one
Response: Thank you for asking about different loan periods. We do allow a book loan to be renewed as long as it has not been requested by another reader. That gives another 3 weeks and you can even renew online. While we are a little limited by our automated system in loan limits, we do review loan periods and try to set them as liberally as possible to meet demand. Please feel free to contact me directly to talk more. We love hearing from our patrons and thank you,
Susan Currie, Library Director

Comment: The video display next to the circulation desk does too fast. I always miss something and end up standing there waiting for it to come around again.
Response: We appreciate your observation and will inform the staff who monitor the slide show. This slide show also appears on the monitors at the reference desks. Librarians at the reference desk can provide additional information for you.

Comment: It is hard to express in one note how much I appreciate the library. It has always been a source of comfort to know you are here in this location and how it serves my needs as an aging adult. I find the service desk in the rear or the building is very helpful in many ways.
Response: Thank you for those kind words. We are very pleased to provide these services for you and hope that you will continue to enjoy using the library.