Tompkins County Public Library

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Patron Comments - April 2009

Comment: New monitors are nice
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Copies are too expensive
Response: The cost of the copies covers our expense to offer this service.

Comment: Patron appreciates pencil sharpener
Response: You are welcome.

Comment: Too many rowdy young people on computers, making noise, bumping into others, looking at what people are doing
Response: Staff and the security guards are reminding patrons to be respectful of others.

Comment: Copy machines should have instructions on how to make copies of books “how to lay book to get full copy”
Response: Basic instructions are on the machines. Please ask the Reference Librarians for assistance as this may require reducing the size of the pages.

Comment: Patron stated that the pencil sharpener has a pretty strong magnetic field that will wreak havoc on the computer screen after awhile and suggests moving it
Response: Thank you for your concern. The pencil sharpener has been moved to the table next to the photocopier.

Comment: Why don’t we have a color printer?
Response: The demand was small.

Comment: Why can’t I right click anymore?
Response: The right click option has been limited for security reasons. You should be able to use this function while using the Internet or a Microsoft Office program such as Word.

Comment: Need signs at the Internet to tell patrons not to sing along with the music they are listening to.
Response: Patrons who are singing at the computers are asked to stop. Many times they do not realize they are singing out loud.

Comment: Visitor from Canada thinks this a very interesting library. They especially liked the use of natural light in the reading room and periodical room and the plants. Natural light helps older people see and read more easily
Response: Thank you.

Comment: What a great library! I always find what I want!
Response: Thank you.

Comment: This library is incredible!
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Patron does not like stiff cable on bathroom key
Response: It is necessary to have a strong connection between the keys and the holders to prevent the keys from leaving the library. Several times keys have been missing and needed replacement. A longer cable would be a chocking hazard.

Comment: Patron upset about not being able to renew 2 DVD sets and wishes we could be more flexible with that policy
Response: All of our DVD’s check out for a full week. Only those few large sets of 3 or more DVDs may be renewed once.

Comment: Would like to see Terry Goodkind’s whole collection.
Response: We are trying to fill in the gaps.

Comment: If you are going to close the main library at 4:50, don’t list the closing time as 5:00. List it at 4:50. I drove half an hour to get here. I had 8 minutes, knew exactly what I wanted and was not allowed.
Response: We are very sorry for this unfortunate experience. It is necessary to begin the closing process ten minutes before closing in order to close the library on time.

Comment: Patron renewed an item once and wanted to check the book on tape out on another family member’s card. The item was not on hold.
Response: Our patrons want to have materials on the shelf for browsing. The Library’s policy is that all items not on hold be returned to the shelf.