Tompkins County Public Library

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Patron Comments - July 2008

Comment: I like the new monitor at the reference desk.
Response: Good!

Comment: Telephone system frustrates me.
Response: Please give more details so we can help.

Comment: I profoundly object to the changes that you have made to the parking on Green Street. It is extremely disrespectful and inconvenient.
Response: The parking situation is out of our control; it is a temporary situation due to the completion of the Cayuga Green project. Please be patient.

Comment: How about a large plastic model of a human skeleton for educational purposes?
Response: Sounds intriguing but probably more appropriate in a museum than in a library. We have many sources, print and digital, that would be excellent for learning about the human body.

Comment: I am happy that the you have finally added a globe!
Response: Thank you!

Comment: You guys are the best—I love that you embrace new technology, especially the downloadable books.
Response: Thanks!

Comment: You deserve a raise—you gave me location information for three series.
Response: O.K. we’ll take the raise!

Comment: How about a donation box in the library to collect books for the Friend of the Library booksale?
Response: The Friends have considered this and are not able to commit to picking up materials on a regular basis.

Comment: Youth website is fabulous! I’m a librarian in Alabama and I’m finding your site to be a great example—love the way its organized.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Patron very happy to see more poetry books.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Patron very complimentary toward Tamara for her selection of DVDs.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Please enforce your rules about noise in the library, especially cell phone usage.
Response: We will remind Security Services to be more vigilant. Thank you.

Comment: Unhappy about security guard enforcing rules
Response: We expect our patrons to follow our rules; the security guard is there to ensure that the rules are being followed.