Tompkins County Public Library

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Patron Comments - October and November 2006

Comment: Limits on the number of DVDs you can check out is too restrictive.
Response: We wish it weren’t necessary to be so restrictive, but the fact is that the DVDs are in high demand, but in short supply.

Comment: Complaint about the art in front of the library (see below for a detailed response).
Response: Self check out machines rarely work About 30% of our checks out occur at the self-check out computers. We are replacing two of them this week, and we hope that they will increase your chances of success.

Comment: My family loves your staff and the article in the paper was unfair.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Compliment about the organization of the music CDs.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: I don’t like the policy of no renewals for new books.
Response: We wish it weren’t necessary to be so restrictive, but the fact is that we have a high demand for new books, but they are in short supply. Perhaps in the future when our funding is more robust, we could consider changing this policy.

Comment: Buy more DVDs for the African American population.
Response: We currently have 54 DVDs which have the subject heading African-American. Please ask a Reference Librarian to show you how to obtain a list of these titles. We welcome suggestions of specific titles.

Comment: Please consider numbering the Pokeman in series order
Response: Will refer to our Technical Services Department

Comment: Loan period on instructional videos should be changed to a longer period.
Response: The library has established two loan periods: one week for high demand items and three weeks for other items. For consistency and ease of remembering, all of our videos are checked out for one week. If you need to keep it longer, don’t forget that there is a two day grace period.

Comment: Someone is removing poster from the community bulletin board before the actual event.
Response: Unfortunately, this is not something we can easily monitor or control. We will ask Security Services to keep an eye on it.

Comment: Publicize the fact that the library closes 10 minutes before the stated closing time—or change your schedule.
Response: Due to the fact that the library is often fully occupied, we have to start moving people toward the check-out line and out the front doors 15-20 minutes before closing time. Our security guard sweeps through the library as does our professional staff. At some point we cannot allow any more people into the library since it is counterproductive to our goal of closing the building on time. The circulation desk remains open until the actual closing.

Comment: Couldn’t the checked in carts be roughly sorted by Dewey categories.
Response: We would ultimately like to eliminate the backlog, which is caused by insufficient staff. In order to accomplish what you suggest, we would need more staff! The carts are organized by return date, and if you know the title of the item you are looking for, the reference librarians can suggest which cart it might be on.

Comment: Why doesn’t the library cooperate with Ithaca College on its New Student Reading Project?
Response: We hope that someday this could happen.

Comment: I would like to use the public lockers but they need keys.
Response: We are working on a plan that would solve the problem of users taking the keys and not returning them.

Comment: Could you provide a drop off location for donations to the Friends of the Library?
Response: Unfortunately, we don’t have the space to accept donations, but we do encourage everyone to drop items off at the Friends Booksale site where they are properly sorted and stored. The library is offered the first choice of all donations throughout the year.

Comment: Concern that security services is aware of my personal background and are persecuting and laughing at me.
Response: I am sorry that you feel this way, but you may be mistaken. I will talk with our Security Services to ensure that you receive the respect that you are entitled to.

Comment: I live in Schuyler County and was told that I could not get a library card
Response: Because Schuyler County residents pay no taxes to support our library, we ask that you support our library with a fee-based library card. The cost is $25 per year.

Comment: Thank you so much for teaching my class about websites and databases—they were really impressed with the better quality of information that they can now access
Response: You are welcome!

Comment: Thank you for opening on Columbus Day
Response: You are welcome!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Patron Comments - September 2006

Comment: Raise borrowing limits
Response: The current limit is 20 items per user, which we believe is realistic, given the high demand for popular items

Comment: Increase the loan period for DVDs with multiple discs and up to 10 hours of viewing—it’s too hard to watch all in one week
Response: You do have the option of keeping the item past its due date. We offer a two day grace period. If you kept if for another week, it would cost you $1.25

Comment: Why do you cover the name of the book with the bar code?
Response: The placement of the bar code is standardized so that the self check machines can easily locate it.

Comment: I appreciate getting books on hold and think that the 50 cents charge should be increased for this service
Response: Thank you, we will consider

Comment: Please allow CDs to be renewed
Response: These can be renewed.

Comment: Too cold in the building
Response: The air conditioning unit has been serviced and adjusted several times during the past month; we apologize for the cold temperatures

Comment: Please add the Dvorak keyboard layout as an option on the existing language bar on the Internet computers
Response: Please contact me directly ( so we can obtain more information.

Comment: I am so appreciative of the dedication and support I experienced a the reference desk and several times at the check out are—the staff in each case went out of their way to assist me
Response: Thank you for your comment

Comment: More bike racks in front of the library
Response: TCAT is promising to work with us to add bike racks for their riders

Comment: What happened to Not New But Worth A View?
Response: We moved this section to a more prominent place along the Avenue of the Friends. It is on the shelving which previously held DVDs

Comment: A patron would like a thank you from the Friends because she has donated 500 “next to new” books to the booksale.
Response: We will contact the Friends and request that this be done.

Comment: Why are the books on the lower shelves in Youth Services shelved downwards? The logical alphabetical order is also gone
Response: We will soon be moving all books except the juvenile non-fiction to their correct upright position. If they are out of order, we apologize, but this is just one example of the impact of being short staffed. Volunteer help is always appreciated!

Comment: Even though I have just returned my DVDs, the self check machine blocks me from checking out new ones because there is a delay in checking these items in. Waiting in line so that the block can be waived today is too time consuming. Can you remove the blocks?
Response: We understand your frustration. Due to chronic short staffing, we are often days behind in checking items in—and we have far too few clerks working at the Circulation Desk. However, if we were to remove the automatic block on accounts which control how many items you can check out at one time, there would be no limit to how many items you could check out at once. Our staff can override the block but it does require you to stand in line. We are sorry that there does not seem to be a satisfactory solution to this problem.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Patron Comments - August 2006

Comment: Would like a little gate at Youth Services to prevent toddlers from wandering out of the department.
Response: Any kind of gate or door must be handicapped accessible and be able to function with a high volume of people who enter this area, often pushing baby carriages. This system would need to be installed at both entrances to Youth Services. This is a costly venture. Even if such a door system was installed, it is possible that the door/gate would be accidentally left open, so it would need to have a self-closing mechanism, which may be hazardous to toddlers. While your idea of a “little gate” would work in a home environment, it is impractical for this library. A far better solution is for parents to watch their children at all times.

Comment: Why are there so many self-published books; seems like the money could be better spent.
Response: Our Collection Plan does not expressly prohibit self-published books. All materials considered for the collections are evaluated under the criteria established within the collection plan.

Comment: What a joy! The reference librarian gave me immediate and appropriate help in answer to my question.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: File Music CDs so that the spine is title up.
Response: The music CDs are filed so that the “spine label” is face up, thus making it easier to re-shelve and locate CDs.

Comment: People should be asked to lower their voices; add signs to this effect.
Response: Our security guard is responsible for keeping the noise level down.

Comment: We were prevented from coming into the library at 8 p.m. even though the library closes at 8:15 p.m.
Response: Access to the main part of the library is unavailable 5 minutes before our closing time, in order to clear the library in an orderly fashion. You may still return items to the Circulation Desk or pick up holds. The closing procedures will be reviewed with our security guard.

Comment: Open another station when there are more than three people in line.
Response: Long lines are a result of not enough staff. Clerks must be deployed to check in materials as well as check out. The balance between these two functions may be uneven from moment to moment, but often, by the time a clerk is pulled away from other duties and opens up another station, the line has cleared itself.

Comment: Quicker system for checking e-mail for visitors.
Response: We have developed a quicker way for visitors to obtain the needed library ID number for access to the Internet.

Comment: Security guard was too harsh on me—my child was simply turning lamps on and off *(See entire complaint and answer below).

*“The security guard was too harsh regarding a 3 yr. old who was simply turning lamps on and off. If that’s really against the rules, he could have a chat with my son to distract him from ‘misbehaving,’ which he was doing out of boredom while I was quickly choosing books for my sick mother. Instead the guard slowed me down by berating me without pause.
There are a lot worse things a 3 yr.old can try to do in the library while mama tries to do some minimal business of her own!
Such as: press buttons on the printer, put pencils in the CD drive, turn off computers, pull books off the shelves, take CDs out of their cases, draw where he shouldn’t, wander off and get lost. . . .
You can see that a family visit to the library can be a challenge. Some empathetic teamwork by the guard would make it a lot easier.”
(This comment was not signed)

Library Director’s response: All of us at the Tompkins County Public Library want a safe and secure environment for children who use our library. When children misbehave, or are a danger to themselves or others, our policy is to speak directly to the parent. When a three year old amuses himself by turning lamps on and off, and the parent thinks that this is acceptable, it is our obligation to educate the parent. We expect parents to watch your children at all times, and to never leave young children unattended. Our security guard is not here to be part of an “empathetic teamwork” system. His job is to enforce the rules of behavior and ensure the safety and security of our patrons and staff.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Patron Comments - July 2006

Comment: Exhibit sign misspelled
Response: We will correct, thanks!

Comment: Send everyone an e-mail when the library’s hours change for holidays
Response: Will follow up and see if this can be easily done

Comment: Hang signs on parking meters when the library is closed for a holiday
Response: Street parking and parking meters are controlled by the City of Ithaca and it is unlikely that this type of sign will be allowed by the City. Thank you.

Comment: I am dressed for warm weather and it is too cold in here
Response: The library’s temperature is set to be within a range of 68-72. While there may be times when the system needs to be reset or recalibrated, this range is within the comfort level of most people.

Comment: Building was too warm and it was difficult to do my work
Response: See above.

Comment: Hand dryer in men’s room not working for two weeks
Response: This has been checked on by Facilities and the hand dryer is working.

Comment: How about a library card that can be used throughout the Finger Lakes Library System
Response: This is a good idea, but requires 31 libraries to develop uniform borrowing procedures, loan limits, etc. Many libraries prefer to retain their autonomy.

Comment: How about a female voice on the closing announcement?
Response: It would be pleasant to have a variety of voices. We will investigate. Thanks

Comment: The reference librarian is superb!
Response: Thank you, I will let her know.

Comment: No cell phones!
Response: Cell phones are annoying and we are trying, through signage and security, to enforce the cell phone rules.

Comment: The rule of being able to take out 2 audio books on CD and 2 on tape is unfair to those who only have one type of technology and not both
Response: The changes in our circulation policies will be reviewed in December. We will take your comment into consideration.

Comment: We liked the old system where we could take out lots more DVDS. Now we are required to come to the library more frequently, thus consuming more gas
Response: The changes in our circulation policies will be reviewed in December. We will take your comment into consideration.

Comment: Thank you for your new policy on limiting the number of DVDs which can be borrowed. Please keep this policy!
Response: The changes in our circulation policies will be reviewed in December. We will take your comment into consideration.

Comment: The noise from the kids in the lobby jars on my nerves
Response: We know that the acoustics are bad in the lobby and are requesting some sort of remediation from the county

Comment: It would be nice to have a help to carry my library selections up to the desk (for disabled or senior citizens)
Response: We have a page on-call who would be happy to do that for you. Just request that assistance from a reference librarian.

Comment: Loved the workshop on self-publishing; thanks to the library for offering such an opportunity
Response: We are glad that you enjoyed the program; however, it was privately offered, and was not a library sponsored program.

Comment: Loves coming in here as a family “we’ll be coming here for a long time”
Response: Thank you!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Patron Comments - June 2006

Comment: When it was hot outside, the library’s air conditioning was not effective.
Response: As far as we know, the Air Conditioning is functioning effectively, within the range of 68-74 degrees.

Comment: Would like to split my Internet time into multiple segments.
Response: With our new software upgrade, this is now possible.

Comment: Please subscribe to the Binghamton Press and Sun Bulletin.
Response: Will refer to our professional librarians.

Comment: Ezra Cornell Reading Room should not be used by people on laptops; also the room is poorly ventilated.
Response: The library does not consider using a keyboard for a laptop excessive noise. We will check on the room ventilation question.

Comment: Why not have a Friends of the Library drop box in the library?
Response: Will refer this to the Friends. They will need to empty it daily and transport all donated items to the Esty Street site for review by the library selectors. This may be impractical.

Comment: Mystery shelves are packed!
Response: We are looking at a major shifting in this area.

Comment: How about stack signs on both ends of the stacks?
Response: Good idea, will add to our list of “Things to do.”

Comment: Most stack signs are inaccurate.
Response: We heard there were gremlins moving them around. We will watch for this. The signs are not going to be perfect, due to continuous shifting, but they should be helpful in getting you to an approximate location.

Comment: How about a set of text books for middle and high school students?
Response: Our Collection Development Policy does not include purchasing of textbooks, due to the large number of textbooks used by all county school districts, and which probably change from year to year.

Comment: Clean chairs; most are stained and smelly.
Response: We are replacing chairs at the public computers; will check on the others.

Comment: CDs have more problems than Books on Tape. I’ve not listened to one full book on CD where all the CDs work.
Response: Please let us know when CDs are scratched or unplayable. We do have machines which will clean and repair them.

Comment: Let people choose if they want a receipt or not—could save paper.
Response: Receipts are printed automatically, just like in a grocery store. You can, however, recycle these if you don’t want it.

Comment: Post a sign DEMANDING that if people cough or sneeze, they must use a handkerchief.
Response: If people do not have the common sense to cover their mouths and noses when coughing or sneezing, I doubt that a sign posted in the library will have much effect.

Comment: Better signs at the Internet regarding how to line up.
Response: Will review, thank you.

Comment: Compliment on e-bay workshop.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Complaint about not being able to get information by phone.
Response: Not sure about the details of this complaint, please provide more information.

Comment: Complaint that the Memorial Day weekend hours closing was not on the automatic recordings.
Response: This was our error, we are sorry for the inconvenience.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Patron Comments - April/May 2006

Comment: More bike racks
Response: We agree and are working with TCAT to obtain more

Comment: I am disappointed that the referendum did not pass, but I think you are doing a great job with the budget you have—it’s the best library I’ve ever had access to.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: One of the library’s CDs got stuck in my car stereo due to a library sticker on it. I had to pay $78 to remove the disc. Can you find another way to mark the audio materials
Response: We are sorry that this happened. We’ll check with our processing department.

Comment: Five DVDs on one card is too many!
Response: We agree and we did reduce this quantity to 2 per card on May 15.

Comment: Five books on tape is too many for one customer! Please reduce this amount
Response: We did reduce this quantity to two per library card holder on May 15.

Comment: Let the workers keep some of the donated cash, like a tip
Response: Thanks for the suggestion

Comment: Please correct aisle labels; some of them have been off for several months
Response: This is probably a low priority for our pages who are attempting to reduce the backlog of unshelved library materials.

Comment: I was yelled for being too loud, but I was just talking to the person next to me.
Response: I am sorry that you felt yelled at. Sometimes people are not aware of how loud they actually are and need to be reminded to be a little quieter.

Comment: I had to pay for an overdue DVD because I didn’t have time to watch it. DVDs should go out for two weeks.
Response: The loan period on DVDs is seven days, plus a two day grace period. Compare this free rental to what you would have to pay at a video store. We think we are quite a bargain!

Comment: Why did the city remove its trash can from the bus shelter?
Response: I don’t know the answer to that.

Comment: Thank you for all that you are doing!
Response: You are welcome!

Comment: You need a simpler system for guest Internet users

Comment: You just saved my life—book report due tomorrow!
Response: We are glad that we could help.

Comment: You are a lifesaver—I’ve been struggling to find this information
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Librarians are the ultimate search engine!
Response: Thank you!

Comment: I would like an American Girl club to start at the library
Response: This sounds like fun, but we are not expanding our public programs at this time.

Comment: I like the e-mails for holds
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Self check didn’t print out receipt
Response: Once a problem like this is reported to our staff, we do troubleshoot and/or call for maintenance.

Comment: Price of copying is too high
Response: Our copy prices are competitive with other places.

Comment: Can you have foreign language programs on the computers for kids?
Response: Will investigate

Comment: The children’s computers should not be so centrally located
Response: Children need guidance and supervision when using computers and thus we located them centrally so we can more easily help and monitor their activity.

Monday, April 3, 2006

Patron Comments - February/March 2006

Comment: Install an exhaust fan in men’s public restroom
Response: The exhaust fan was not working; it has been repaired.

Comment: Women’s public restroom is dirty and stinks!
Response: This has been addressed by County Facilities

Comment: Restrict use of cell phones, it is annoying and rude
Response: Cell phones are allowed only if the conversations are brief and quiet. We will ask our Security Guard to be more diligent about enforcing these rules

Comment: More knitting books, please!
Response: Thank you, will forward your request to our selectors

Comment: Why not charge an annual fee for those wishing to use the library instead of a tax on all county residents
Response: Under New York State Education Law, the library may not charge anyone within the Finger Lakes Library System area (Tompkins, Seneca, Cayuga, Cortland and Tioga counties) for library cards.

Comment: Lower the DVD limit from 5
Response: This will happen shortly

Comment: If an e-mail bounces, use another method to inform patron of over-due items, so that max fines won’t accrue
Response: If an e-mail bounces, we change your account so that future notices arrive by US Mail. The due date of an item is provided to you on the receipt which you receive at check out and on-line. It is your responsibility to keep your e-mail address current and to return your items on time.

Comment: Huge downspout of water on building façade facing Cayuga Street
Response: County Facilities is aware of this problem.

Comment: Open on Sundays and “shave” off hours elsewhere in the week; or close another day of the week
Response: Under review

Comment: Due dates on receipts should be bigger and bolder
Response: Will investigate

Comment: No reason why my family and I should have to walk through a cloud of cigarette smoke to get into the library
Response: The library has created a smoke-free zone outside of the library. No smoking signs are posted and our security guard enforces this. If you see someone violating this area, please notify security.

Comment: I’d like to be able to change my e-mail address online and be able to see when an item being held was actually put on the hold shelf and when the hold will expire
Response: This suggestion will be forwarded to our Polaris liaison at the Finger Lakes Library System

Comment: Please review the dates for postings on the bulletin board. Someone cleared my posting.
Response: Dated announcements are removed after the date of the event. Undated items are removed once a month, on the first of the month. However, since the bulletin board is not monitored, it is possible that listings can be removed without the knowledge of the library.

Comment: It is silly that the library director makes $80,000 a year but the library shuts down on Sundays
Response: Thank you for that opinion. The salary of the library director is competitive with other libraries of similar size, and is comparable to other county employees with similar jobs.

Comment: Please let people know that holds cost them 50 cents
Response: This information is prominently displayed on the first page of the library catalog page.

Comment: Men’s hand dryer does not work well at all, and it is too close to the wall.
Response: Will refer to County Facilities

Comment: Lighting needed at the tables in the magazine area
Response: The light levels in this area have been measured and meet the standard for lighting.
Comment: We borrowed a 6-DVD set which has 24 episodes of 45 minutes each—but the loan period is only a week. Can they be divided into subsets?
Response: This is a good suggestion, but is labor intensive for the library. We will review.

Comment: No or very limited weekend and evening hours for working people is a huge negative! How about a library for all residents.
Response: Thank you for your comments.

Comment: All services should be available right up to closing time.
Response: The library closes down gradually and systematically. This allows us to clear the building and promptly lock the door at closing time.

Comment: When another library will not loan an item, the message should indicate why
Response: This suggestion will be forwarded to our Polaris liaison at the Finger Lakes Library System

Response: Expand your collection of gay fiction and non-fiction
Response: The library contains many items relating to gay issues. Often these are not immediately apparent by browsing only since they are integrated into our entire collection. We can help you find what you want if you ask. If you have specific titles that you think we should own, we welcome your suggestions

Comment: I love this library
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Beautiful library—I always find the things I need
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Compliment on our clean keyboards!
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Patron does not like the policy of only one e-mail session per day
Response: This may change shortly

Comment: Need a more efficient system for guest cards for the Internet
Response: Will review our procedures

Comment: Easier on the eyes when the lights are out over the circulation desk
Response: Will review with staff

Comment: Likes pre-overdue notices
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Likes on-line renewals
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Wonderful attitude and helpfulness, thank you!
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Kids sign up for the computers is too convoluted
Response: Once a child has a library card, and once the parent has signed a parental permission form allowing the child access to the Internet, logging on and using the computer is simple and quick.

Comment: Likes Rough Guide to Music of different countries CD collection
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Does not like opening DVDs with 2 – 3 -4 layers
Response: DVD packaging is an issue that we will be reviewing

Comment: Happy with selling old magazines, used for collages
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Love the hold system, it stops me from buying books—only 50 cents!
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Self check machine is not checking out videos today
Response: 3M Service technician was called

Comment: Get a library card which can be used as a debit card for printing
Response: We are investigating this possibility for 2006-2007

Comment: Beautiful library, we are thinking of moving here; hope the referendum passes
Response: Thank you!

Comment: I am distressed that the referendum failed
Response: Thank you for your support.

Comment: Sad that the library can’t be open on Sundays
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Library and staff are wonderful, we just pay too much in taxes
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Concerned that the library is weeding too heavily
Response: The items that were in question were, in fact, on the shelf.

Comment: Need signs on catalog pc telling where the print station is and the cost of printing
Response: Will review this.

Comment: Loves the PC Reservation system
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Microfilm reader not printing correctly
Response: AV Aide repair requested

Comment: Thanks for having tax forms
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Need a video on playing bridge
Response: Will submit to the professional selectors

Comment: What a place! Videos for free!
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Graphic novels are great! Helps with my art work
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Problems with Polaris
Response: Always ask a librarian for help

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Patron Comments - January 2006

Comment: Would like Henry James and Edith Wharton in a audio format—no more blood or gore pulp fiction.
Response: Will pass your comment onto our professional librarian who selects AV materials.

Comment: Why do Internet stations close 15 minutes before the library closes?
Response: The Internet stations close at 10 minutes before closing in order to facilitate clearing the building. The timers on the machines were off by five minutes and have been corrected.

Comment: Unfriendly clerk at the circulation desk.
Response: Will request that the supervisor reinforce customer service skills.

Comment: I requested a hardcover book and got a paperback instead.
Response: Since holds are filled with the next available copy from any library within the Finger Lakes Library System, it is possible that another library does not accurately distinguish between a hardcover and paperback edition.

Comment: New VHS titles
Response: We are no longer purchasing items in VHS format, since most new releases are available only in DVD format.

Comment: Library too noisy today, especially in the entry—add carpeting or acoustic tile?
Response: We will remind our security services officers to enforce our rules about quiet. Fixing the acoustics in the entry is not a high priority for Tompkins County (which owns the building) at this time.

Comment: Hit my head on the doorway of the little room in Youth Services—how about a warning sign.
Response: I am sorry that you bumped your head, but the doorway is really designed for little people under 3 feet.

Comment: I am trying to watch a multi-series video and was notified that number 4 was ready for pick-up; yet when I arrived, I learned that it had actually been renewed by the prior patron and was not ready after all.
Response: Items which are on hold for another patron cannot be renewed. Placing holds on a multi-disc set can be tricky. Make sure that you are using the “copy-specific” holds feature (or ask our librarians for help).

Comment: Why don’t you have a black librarian?
Response: We do have a diverse workforce and we encourage all minority candidates to apply for positions at the library (go to

Comment: Instead of a library tax, why not a charge for hardcover books? Or charge for computer use?
Response: User fees are not in keeping with the library’s mission of serving all without regard to economic income.

Comment: I missed the Amnesty Day by 3 days—it’s not fair!
Response: We are sorry that you missed it.

Comment: Your posted hours say you are open until 8:15, but you close the stacks at 8:05.
Response: This enables us to clear the library and literally close the front doors at 8:15.

Comment: Add a café like Barnes and Noble
Response: While this would be fun to do, it would not generate sufficient income to offset the expense.

Comment: Every patron should pay for the library, not just ICSD homeowners.
Response: ICSD pays the least for county wide library services, compared to all other Tompkins County communities.

Comment: Give parking rebates.
Response: There is one hour of free parking in the parking garage behind the library.

Comment: Let patrons buy more books and donate them to the library.
Response: We are always grateful for donations.

Comment: Rent lockers.
Response: Lockers have been problematic, due to stolen keys. Renting lockers may not be a cost effective solution to this problem.

Comment: Fix the system so that executed or cancelled holds are removed from the patron’s record
Response: We are working on thisToo many gay and lesbian new books We have received comments in the past year that we do not have enough gay and lesbian literature!

Comment: How about a drop outside for plastic bags.
Response: Not sure why we would do that.

Comment: You should not have closed for a snow day.
Response: The decision to close was made at 6:30 in the morning based on the information available. All schools in our area were closed that day.

Comment: Printing costs should be chargeable to your library account.
Response: We are investigating that type of system.

Comment: Put a bucket of sand outside for cigarette butts.
Response: We do have cigarette butt receptacle and will move it closer to the building.

Comment: Great anniversary party, great library!
Response: Thank you!

Comment: You have earned your pay today after finding an elusive phone number.
Response: Thanks! You are welcome!

Comment: Thanks for being open Martin Luther King Day
Response: You are welcome!

Comment: An ESL instructor really likes the Rosetta Stone.
Response: Thanks! We now offer 29 languages on-line using Rosetta Stone software.

Comment: There is a lack of information about how to search for audio books in PowerPac.
Response: We’ll try to make this clearer.

Comment: I liked the old computer system better, this is frustrating.
Response: We are working on improving it every day.

Comment: Enclose the children’s department with a gate to keep toddlers in.
Response: We expect that parents will keep watch over their children while they are in the library.

Comment: Need temporary or guest cards for Internet usage.
Response: Will consider.

Comment: Thanks for renewing my items.
Response: You are welcome!

Comment: Good music CD collection, very diverse, better world music than before.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: You guys are great!
Response: We are happy to serve you!

Comment: Great library, find more here than the one on Philly.
Response: Wow! Thanks!

Comment: Thanks for the book display in Youth Services, easy to find interesting books.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Doesn’t like the book donation policy; donations should be kept by the library, not go to the booksale.
Response: All donations go to the booksale because the library does not have the space to sort or store donations. However, the library is offered first choice of all donated materials at the site and it quite likely that if your book is of high quality and in high demand, we will add it to the library’s collection.

Comment: Parents with children should be allowed to use the Internet in Youth Services so the children don’t annoy others in the Adult Services areas.
Response: We will consider.

Comment: I liked getting hold notices at 6 a.m.! (via e-mail)
Response: Thank you! The computer makes it easy!

Comment: Love pre-overdue notices.
Response: Thanks!

Comment: Excellent video selection.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Great Jazz CD collection.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: No videos on the shelf.
Response: We are aware of this and may be changing the borrowing limits.

Comment: Patron upset with lack of choices in AV.
Response: Our acquisitions budget is half of what is used to be—thus fewer choices for everyone.

Comment: Allowing five feature movies per person is too much.
Response: We are aware of this and may be changing the borrowing limits.

Comment: Internet printing is a very nice service.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Like the way we have the Internet set up.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: We love using the study room; it’s a great space.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Sprinkler system valve is loose.
Response: Will check on this, thank you.