Tompkins County Public Library

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Patron Comments - February 2009

Comment: Everything checked out on the self-check machine except one (again!).
Response: Most of the problems with the self checkout have been fixed. Unfortunately the barcodes on library materials suffer a lot of use and sometimes do not read properly. Please inform circulation of problems.

Comment: Receipt prints out too much information when paying fines---WASTES PAPER AND RIBBONS
Response: The receipt printer is an automatic feature and we find most people appreciate having documentation of payment for fines.

Comment: Thank you for showing the inauguration on the big screen in the Borg Warner Room. It was a wonderful service.
Response: You are welcome.

Comment: Thank you for helping my daughter find books. She really likes having the librarian’s help.
Response: We are very pleased to be able to help.

Comment: Patron was unhappy with delayed response to message left on Adult Services voice mail
Response: Adult Services returns calls as soon as possible depending on in-house requests for service.

Comment: Librarian commented on dislike for Polaris. She was booking up “Beaton, M.C.” in the catalog and was asked “did you mean “baton”? Wants catalog changed so you can type in Beaton, M.C. and locate the books. REALLY dislikes Polaris.
Response: We understand that Polaris has its limitations. We encourage you to talk to the Reference Librarians, who can do a search for you or guide you through a search.

Comment: Love the Origami. Really beautiful origami display!
Response: Thank you. It was a beautiful and fun exhibit.

Comment: It’s the middle of a very cold winter and your trees and ivy in the large pots look so healthy. Nice Job!
Response: Thank you. They do brighten the Library.

Comment: Two crease patterns are mentioned in the captions (titles) but are not on the display in the Robert Lang exhibit.
Response: We enjoyed the display, but it has moved on. We have a number of Robert Lang books in the library that may demonstrate additional crease patterns.

Comment: Thank you very much for the extra bike storage area! It’s much appreciated.
Response: We have been trying to get more bike racks for years and are very happy to be able to provide more bike storage.

Comment: Patron complained about ice on the sidewalk near back corner of the building
Response: This has been reported to facilities.

Comment: I have never appreciated the library more since having my daughter. We come in every week and get wonderful books.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Delighted to find again “Not New but Worth a View”
Response: This is one of my favorite places to look for suggestions.

Comment: Thank you for the table on John Updike
Response: You are welcome.

Comment: If the library were to have a donation can at the front desk, I would donate something every time I checked out books. What a great time to get small gifts. I know the library is hurting.
Response: Great suggestion. Thank you. This is in the works.

Comment: This is a great library
Response: Thank you!

Comment: When you give Kindergartners a library card on a field trip, they should be told Mom and Dad need to sign first before they can check out books.
Response: Each child is sent home with a library card application and detailed instructions to parents on how to activate the child’s card. Children are also told at the program that a parent must fill in the application

Patron Comments - January 2009

Comment: You have a fabulous movie collection.
Response: Thank you. I will pass the complement to the selectors.

Comment: Patron suggests that some of the internet stations about 1/3 of them be on a 20 minute cycle so that people who just want to check email don’t have to wait so long.
Response: Thank you for the suggestion. We have tried this in the past and have found that it has a negative effect on the flow of access to the machines.

Comment: Patron was unhappy that the carrel was moved to the back. They liked working on their laptop up front.
Response: The carrel was moved to increase a quiet area to work. The previous location was near the DVDs and audio visual collection, which made it a high traffic area.

Comment: Disappointed that the doll display not still here. Will it be back? In the Ithaca Journal on Saturday.
Response: Unfortunately the Ithaca Journal did not print our press release until the end of the exhibit. The doll exhibit will be back in 2010.

Comment: Many patrons waiting outside on Sunday for the library to open, but we were closed. We should have been informed about this.
Response: We apologize for the inconvenience. There was a glitch in our signage and publicity. We will establish new procedures to prevent this from happening in the future.

Comment: Patron would like a map of the library.
Response: Maps are available on the display racks in the library.

Comment: I really value the library. I have been working in France and there you have to pay a Euro per book.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Would it be possible to put drop boxes where a car can get to them?
Response: The parking in front of the library will be reinstated to allow for quick access to the bookdrops.

Comment: Numerous patrons exclaiming about the wonderful Mystery Mansion.
Response: We love the Mystery Mansion. Everyday we would see people of all ages sharing their discoveries as they identified more books and storybook characters.

Comment: Avenue of the Friends floor shines so beautifully, please compliment your staff Facilities cleaned the library over the holidays.
Response: They did a great job.

Comment: Request for “Word” tutor
Response: Tutorials for Microsoft Word can be found on the Internet as well as classes within the community. The Library also has a number of books on this topic. The Reference Desk can guide you to the books, help you locate websites for tutorials, or direct you to agencies that provide classes.

Comment: Patron was annoyed that the self checkout station was successful on 2 books, but not the third.
Response: We apologize for the inconvenience. It is possible that the book cover was wrinkled or torn making it difficult for the sensor to read the barcode.