Tompkins County Public Library

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Patron Comments March 2016

Comment:  On library email notices, please reverse your message.  State items out and their due dates first, followed by items being automatically renewed.  This would draw attention to items not renewed and due sooner.
Response:  Thank you for your thoughtful suggestion.  We are delighted to be able to offer automatic renewals to our patrons and pleased that you use email notifications to keep your account current.  We will reach out to our colleagues at the Finger Lakes Library System, as they manage our electronic account notifications, and ask that they explore the possibility of a change of this type.  We appreciate your suggestion, and are constantly looking at ways to enhance and enrich library services.

Comment:  I’m really not comfortable with the depictions of guns scattered throughout the library.  There are too many youth in this community who would take that as glorifying the use of guns.  It’s disturbing, but then, I guess it is supposed to be.
Response:  Thank you for sharing your concerns about our current art exhibit, “Project for a Re-Volution in New York.”  The wooden guns scattered throughout our stacks depict the models of weapons used in mass shootings in the United States during recent years.  We feel strongly that the public library is a neutral space for important, and often difficult, community conversations; however, we did take extreme care to keep this particular installation limited to areas of the library less frequented by young patrons.  We are fortunate to be able to bring thought-provoking, museum-quality art exhibits to our community and appreciate that you have taken the time to explore the exhibit and share your concerns.  We will use this feedback as we select future exhibits.

Comment:  People know urine from the men’s room floor is frequently tracked onto the carpet.  I don’t know if it is ever shampooed.  Please put in tile (cheaper) floor and people will feel much better. 
Response: Please be assured that cleanliness is extremely important to all of us at TCPL. Our dedicated Facilities team works diligently to keep the library looking beautiful for nearly 400,000 visitors each year.  Even after 15 years, regular shampooing has helped to keep our carpets relatively stain-free. As part of our upcoming renovations, however, our wall-to-wall carpeting will be replaced with removable carpet squares—making the replacement of worn or damaged sections easier and more affordable. 

Comment:  Change your hours.  I work during the day.  Stay open until 11 p.m.!
Response:  We appreciate your request and share your desire for extended library hours.  While current funding limitations prevent us from offering additional hours at this time, we have recently expanded our daily hours and are currently open on Sundays.  Please visit our website for more information about our hours and services.
Comment:  Hi!  Please change the self-checkout program in the kids’ area, so that it is like the one in the adult area—no bees, ants or ladybugs on the screen.  Such distractions are pointless and contribute to ADD and just plain old distraction.  I want my daughter to learn to be focused, not scatter-brained and unable to concentrate.  Thanks for being an awesome library!  PS—Fewer screens throughout the library would be most appreciated.
Response:  Thank you for your feedback and for helping your daughter to establish a lifelong love of literacy and learning through regular visits to the library.  The goal of our Youth Services staff is to make the library accessible and enjoyable to children and families at every age and every stage.  While some parents and young patrons prefer to browse and borrow from our expansive print collection, others find learning opportunities through our digital offerings. We want our youngest users to feel that our Youth Services Department is truly a place where they are encouraged to learn, play and explore at their own pace and with tools designed specifically for them. However, our entire collection, and the self-checkouts in the adult section are available for those who require or prefer less visual stimulation.  Please visit us often and continue to encourage your daughter to celebrate the magic of reading!