Tompkins County Public Library

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Patron Comments - October 2008

Comment: Always having trouble with computers and library card.
Response: Please ask the Librarian at the reference desk. They can help you with your questions and help to resolve any problems.

Comment: Could not get through to circulation by phone to change address. Played phone tag and finally came in person.
Response: We have revised our phone tree and hope that it will resolve this issue. Also you may leave a message on the circulation extension and library staff will return your call.

Comment: I noticed there is always a line to use computers. In other states there is a sign-in sheet and customer is assigned to open computers as they become available.
Response: We tried that method and found it to be very labor intensive. Librarians became internet monitors instead of providing reference services. It is rare for someone to wait more than 10 or 15 minutes for the next computer and everyone has equal access to this resource.

Comment: Like the email notifications
Response: I, too, like the email notifications. It lets me know that I have a few days to finish the book.

Comment: Paper jams every time I use the self checkout machine
Response: We are following-up.

Comment: Patron suggests that the library post a list of book reviews on One can click on the schedule and see what books will be featured.
Response: You may view titles and publishers comments on by going to our webpage and selecting “For Readers”, “RSS feed” from the sidebar, and then selecting book TV.

Comment: A man commented that his middle child never liked to read until he met Gary, who inspired in him a love of books.
Response: Thank you, Gary. This is what we all aspire to do.

Comment: I really like “the little room” sign.
Response: Thank you. The “Little Room” and the sign were designed by Jane Dennis, who consulted with many children regarding the room design.

Comment: Please purchase a globe for youth services.
Response: Will pass your request on to the Youth Services Department for consideration.

Comment: Overheard in Youth Services stacks: A little girl said “Mama this is a nice library.” It was very touching and heartfelt.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: New photocopier would be appreciated. Every time I use these they malfunction completely or poorly copied images – usually unreadable
Response: Please inform the staff at the reference desk or circulation desk of your problems. The photocopiers are not owned by the library and will be serviced when problems occur. We will be reviewing a replacement contract with our vendor.

Comment: It has been truly frustrating to return books to the library given parking etc. What about putting those deposit boxes on the circle at Boynton Middle School for a car drop off?
Response: We are working on getting our short term parking restored. In addition, we do not have the staff or the means to retrieve the materials from a drop-off box at school.

Comment: Internet stations – group at the computer or friends, use cell phones, loud, foul language, and don’t put chairs in upright position.
Response: Please inform the staff at the reference desk when this occurs, so that we may enforce library rules of behavior.

Comment: No progress on my previous suggestion to keep people from chaining their bikes to trees. It is still going on.
Response: The City Forester has noted that this is a city wide problem and has plans for an educational campaign. This is a violation of the city code. The trees are on city property, not library property, and we do not have the ability to enforce city regulations.

Comment: DVDs … I would estimate that 40% of the feature DVDs that I borrow are unwatchable due to skips. Why spend money on items that borrowers don’t take care of. Feature movies are available at commercial stores and Netflix. Continue with blue tag information DVDs but discontinue movie DVDs
Response: The feature DVDs are extremely popular and receive heavy use. They can be cleaned to remove the skips. Frequently just putting them under running water, or gently washing with dishwashing soap, and patting dry will greatly improve the problem. We would also encourage you to put a note on the DVD when you encounter a problem.

Comment: Complaint that we have too many copies of new bestsellers.
Response: One of our most frequent requests is for more best sellers. Our patrons want to come to the library and leave with their choice. They do not want to wait or place holds for new books.

Comment: You don’t have a fax machine?
Response: There is no public fax machine in the library.

Comment: You’re my helping hands. Thank you so much.
Response: We are always happy to help.

Comment: Why do we have such a strange entrance to the library? As a city planner for another city, I thought it should have a more grand entrance. (Pillars)
Response: The entrance to the library is located on a very busy street corner. There was a great deal of concern of children running out of the library into traffic. The curved entrance was designed to deter this from happening.