Tompkins County Public Library

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Patron Comments September 2015

Comment:  I was walking along the gallery to the TCPL entrance today and found and picked up some trash to throw away, but there was no trash receptacle.  Can one be put there or outside of the entrance to the library?
Response:  Thank you so much for helping to keep our library and community beautiful and litter-free!  We have submitted your request to our Facilities team and hope to have a receptacle added in the near future.  In the meantime, please visit the east side of our building to check out our new collaboration with Tompkins County Solid Waste—a public space recycling receptacle.
Comment:  Someone steals the art section of The New York Times.  Every time I want to do the crossword puzzle, it is missing.
Response:  We are eight-letter word for shocked to learn that someone has been seven-letter word for raising to a higher level or position and are deeply five-letter word for apologetic.  The Times’ Art section has long been a patron favorite, and we will do our best to more closely monitor our periodical section to ensure that it is available for continued enjoyment.
Comment:  All of you, and the Library Rocks!  Keep Going!
Response:  Thank you so much!  We are the product of an amazingly supportive community who has championed their public library for 150 years, and with your continued support, we hope to be here for 150 more!
Comment:  Your air conditioning is too cold!
Response:  Thanks for sharing your feedback.  TCPL is a designated community “cool down” location, so we try to maintain a comfortably-cool temperature for patrons who need some respite from the summer sun.  Since our weather is notoriously unpredictable, the room temperature in the library can vary slightly from day to day.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and hope you will visit us again soon.
Comment:  The new automatic renewal is very much appreciated.  Thank you!
Response:  We’re glad to hear that you are enjoying our automatic renewal service.  It is just one of the ways TCPL works to making the library easily-accessible and is a wonderful tool for reducing fines and late fees for our valued patrons.
Comment:  The art exhibit is not appropriate for a public place with many children.  I understand it is a dark message, but for a child-centered location it is too disturbing,
Response:  Thanks for sharing your feedback about our “Rhino Toys” exhibit.  Much conversation and planning went into our decision to feature “Rhino Toys” at TCPL.  While we believe that the library has an obligation to support and feature works that might otherwise be censored or challenged and to serve as a safe space for community conversations on sensitive and controversial topics, we did take steps to make the exhibit less accessible to our young patrons, including moving our exhibit cases from their usual home near the entrance of our Youth Services Department.   We are proud to be able to offer our patrons free access to museum-quality art exhibits, and we hope you will continue to explore the outstanding shows we have planned for the remainder of 2015.
Comment:  The “Rhino Toys” exhibit is superb and should be on display in all of our schools!  Thank you for your courage.
Response:  We’re glad to hear that you enjoyed “Rhino Toys” and proud to be able to offer free access to thought-provoking exhibits for our entire community.  “Rhino Toys” artist, Rich Tomasello is a public school art teacher in the Buffalo area, and his work has been displayed throughout Western NY and in the New York City region.  It is continuing to gain attention, and we are confident that it will be exhibited widely in the months to come.
Comment:  I have been meaning to tell someone that the huge planters along the side of the library have been beautiful all spring and summer.  Thank you for doing such lovely plantings and maintaining them so well all through this hot summer.
Response:  Thanks for our gorgeous “Library Gardens” goes to an outstanding group of volunteers under the direction of Volunteer Coordinator Yvette Rubio.  They are truly a beautiful addition to our outstanding library, and we are delighted that you have enjoyed them!
Comment:  Please inform customers in the first email that books are on-hold and cannot be renewed.  Currently, it just says “potential renewal.”
Response:  Thank you for your feedback about our new automatic renewal service.  This service is truly “automatic,” as are its related email responses.  As we become more familiar with the product, we hope to use feedback from patrons like you to help the providing vendor make it even more user-friendly. 
Comment:  I have an idea—purchase art from local artists for patrons to rent for one to two weeks.
Response:  We love the creative ideas of our patrons!  Did you know that several years ago, TCPL actually loaned prints of famous art pieces?  We love the idea of celebrating our local artists with a service like this and are always looking at ways to enhance our collection for our patrons.  Most recently, we have added tools to measure electricity usage, household tool kits, umbrellas and tote bags to our offerings.  Thanks for your inspired idea and for recognizing that libraries offer more than just books.
Comment:  You should have a teen lock-in with movies and food.
Response:  Thanks for sharing your idea.  TCPL has an ever-evolving selection of programs for young adult patrons, and our Campaign for a 21st Century Library is well on its way to helping us build a unique space for teens to enjoy books, explore technology and connect with friends through programs like this.  Please visit for a current list of library programs for teens.