Tompkins County Public Library

Monday, February 7, 2005

Patron Comments - February 2005

Comment: Fix the CD section labels so that they stay in place
Response: Thanks, we’ll investigate

Comment: The CD separators keep popping out—can they be glued in?
Response: Will investigate, thanks

Comment: Upset over the lack of new books and a three week loan period for new books
Response: We are upset too, and are working to obtain supplemental funding so we can increase our acquisitions budget.

Comment: I dislike the computers in the kids area and think they should not be so “central” (from a mother of an 11 month old”
Response: Our computers are located where our staff can monitor their use and provide help when needed. Every parent needs to learn how to balance good books and reading with the natural attraction of media such as computer games, the Internet, etc. and we hope to be able to do more to help parents with this issue.

Comment: Loan period on DVDs which are multiples should be lengthened from one week –can’t possibly watch the whole thing in one week.
Response: Will investigate, thank you

Comment: Allow more time on the computers
Response: Unfortunately, the demand for computer time exceeds our supply of computers

Comment: I wasn’t allowed in the main section of the library at 4:55 p.m. even though the sign says that you are open until 5 p.m.
Response: The library begins to shut down operations 15 minutes before closing so that we can empty the building in an orderly and timely manner. Access to the library services at five minutes before closing is restricted to the circulation desk area (where you can return items, check out items or pick up items on hold)

Comment: No instructions on how to self check videos
Response: Will investigate

Comment: The exhibit which shows “ripped” books sends a bad message to children
Response: Art can be controversial—hoped that you had a good conversation with your child about why an artist would do this and what message was being conveyed.

Comment: So glad you are open on Sundays
Response: Thanks

Comment: Like the pre-overdue notices
Response: Thanks

Comment: Beautiful Library
Response: Thanks!

Comment: Like programs in Youth Services
Response: Thanks

Comment: Like Staff Service
Response: Thank you from all of us!

Comment: Tutor glad our GED collection is so broad
Response: Thanks

Comment: Loved our vendacard printing service
Response: Thanks

Comment: Concern over cleanliness of computer keyboards
Response: We do have volunteers who tackle this problem.

Comment: “many” records in catalog have no holdings attached
Response: There are two reasons for this:
If the last copy of title (holdings) is deleted, the information about that title may remain for up to thirty days, at which time an “automatic delete” is done for all of those empty records.
You may also see a title with no TCPL holdings; but other libraries do own the title. In this case, you need to get to a screen which shows the holdings of other libraries.
In either event, ask a librarian for help.

Comment: Would like back door
Response: Sorry.

Comment: Like collection
Response: Thanks

Comment: AV bookdrop chute sometimes jams, don’t feel comfortable leaving items there
Response: Yes, it does. You might try the bookdrops on the east side of the library which are less likely to jam.

Comment: From a TC 3 student—thanks for the help in getting books and articles for my report
Response: Thanks.

Comment: You’re the best!
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Self check stopped working mid=stream with strange message on it
Response: Sorry.

Comment: “It’s so nice dealing with you all.”
Response: Thanks.

Comment: Hard to do renewals online—no good directions
Response: If you call us, we can walk you through the process.

Comment: Thanks for providing free plastic bags
Response: You are welcome.

Comment: Thanks for the grace period
Response: You’re welcome.

Comment: More information about the library closing on staff development day, paper, radio
Response: We’ll try to do better next year.

Comment: Thanks for your recommendation of a ballet book
Response: You are welcome.