Tompkins County Public Library

Friday, July 29, 2005

Patron Comments - July 2005

Comment: Dislikes foam soap in public washrooms, wants a real bar of soap.
Response: Liquid soap is easier to maintain and restock, and is cost-effective. The county went to Dial because the JoGo soap that they were using went up in price and suppliers are not carrying it in stock. The Dial lasts longer—you don’t need more than one push on the dispenser to have enough to wash your hands.

Comment: Security guard Tony was very helpful to me.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: I’d like to be able to see my place in the holds queue.
Response: This feature was enabled on August 1.

Comment: I agreed with the editorial in the Ithaca Times which criticized the library’s contingency budget request.
Response: The library’s response was printed the following week. You may read it on our website under library news.

Comment: Please re-install the pre-overdue notices on your new computer system
Response: This feature is enabled. If you are not receiving pre-overdue notices, make sure your e-mail address is up to date.

Comment: Place the self check workstations in the lobby area so people can use them at closing time when the line is the longest
Response: The self check units are closed 5 – 10 minutes before closing as part of our normal procedures designed to move people out of the library. It is impractical to move them to a different location at this time. You may find that it is faster to check out at the circulation desk.

Comment: Men’s urinals are at the wrong height and weird angle
Response: We’ve known about this problem since the day we moved into the new library, and have asked County Facilities to fix. However, the project is not moving forward due to cost.

Comment: Still concerned about the lack of collar for a sprinkler head in the men’s washroom
Response: Facilities will fix this.

Comment: Librarian was very kind and helped her find a map.
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Beautiful Library!
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Harry Potter program was great.
Response: Thank you! We had fun doing it!

Comment: Summer Reading Program prize was great
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Would like a play room for young children
Response: As much as we would like to offer children a place to play, that’s not really what a library is all about.

Comment: Frustrated by Polaris catalog
Response: We hope you will ask us for help. There are several problems which we are fixing, so each day the software becomes easier to use.

Comment: Wants to be able to reserve the study rooms
Response: We do not have the staff to handle room reservations for these study rooms.

Comment: All of your staff have been wonderful to me
Response: Thank you for writing!