Tompkins County Public Library

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

PATRON COMMENTS - August & September

Comment:  Please replace the bathroom doors.  Not everyone washes their hands (obviously).  Being forced to open a door with a door knob makes it pointless to wash my hands here!  Thank you. 
Response:  Thank you for your observation.  We will forward your comments to facilities for consideration.

Comment:  You need to hire a few people of color that are visible to make this library more inviting.
Response:  The Tompkins County Public Library values diversity in our workforce and we are taking measures wherever possible to increase the diversity.  Our hands are tied by civil service as we are required to hire from a list. Only applicants that are reachable on the list may be interviewed for positions.

Comment:  Get rid of the awful screens by check-out.  Offensive to have moving pictures and ads in our faces.  If you want to show the check-out info screen, fine, but keep it blank the rest of the time.  Just one more intrusion of technology into our lives.
Response:  Thank you for your suggestion.  We have an equal number of patrons who make positive comments about the information on the screens.  The self-checkout machines are an alternative to by-pass this technology and would by another option.  Please let us know if you would like instructions on using the self-checkouts.  We are happy to help.

Comment:  Could you please keep the Y/J/P shelving carts in the youth services section while they are waiting to be shelved?
Response:  Thank you for comment and suggestion.  Unfortunately this is not practical as the unsorted carts are available for patrons to browse.  The carts are then sorted, items put into the proper order, and prepared for shelving in the circulation office area.

Comment:  Please acquire film “Fire” from director Deppa Menta.  It’s part of a trilogy.  Note you have the other two.  “Earth” and “Water”  Thank you. 
Response:  Your request has been forward to the librarian selecting DVDs.

Comment:   Please consider purchasing DVDs for young people on ancient civilizations:  Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, Inca, Aztec, Maja.  5th and 6th grade social studies curriculum. 
Response:  Thank you for your suggestions, which have been forwarded to the youth services librarians.  We would also expect the school libraries to have these topics either in the school or through their BOCES.


Comment:  The “Not New but Worth a View” shelf - specifically science fiction/fantasy segment, has wonderful suggestions, but many of them are sequels or later books in trilogies.  Much as I would like to read them all, it would be a much greater service to people, who just want to pick up something quickly, if they are stand alone or first books in the series. Thanks  
Response:  Thank you for your observations and your comment. We are very pleased that this display has been valuable to you.  Your suggestion will be given to the selectors for this display.

Comment:  Impressive art work by the IHS students!  They should get personal credit on the cases, or at least a way to contact them for sales of art.
Response:  We agree that we have very talented students and grateful that they are willing to share their work for this exhibit.  We will pass on your comments to the Ithaca High School instructor, who curates the show.

Comment: The handicapped stall in the women’s bathroom is in horrible condition.  The stall door lock is defective, and door pops open whenever other stall doors are closed.  Also the toilet in the stall flushes so violently that it sprays water all over the stall.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Response: Thank you for your comments.  We will share them facilities to address these issues.

Comment:  I love you all!  This library ROCKS!
Response:  Thank you.

Comment:  The new search program is not easy to use.  The former version was much easier by far.  Searches come up that aren’t relevant in the least.
Response:  Thank you for this feedback.  Your comments will be shared with the computer services department responsible for the online catalog.

Comment: Get volume 9 of “Ken Burns Jazz” on DVD please.  Thanks! 
Response: Thank you for the purchase request.  Your request will be sent to the librarians, who select the materials. Forms to request titles are available at all the public services desks, in the online catalog at the bottom of the right hand bar, and on our website  under “Contact us” or “how do I….?

Comment:  When the community read is announced/ advertised it would be good to explain how/who/why the book was chosen.  Thanks! 
Response:  The community read book began  as a partnership with Cornell University10 years ago when the library was awarded  an American Library Association traveling exhibit on  Frankenstein the same year that title was chosen as the freshman read.  Cornell selects the title and provides 2,000 copies which are distributed by the public library to schools, other public libraries, organizations and book clubs.