Tompkins County Public Library

Friday, December 31, 2010

Patron Comments - November 2010

Comment: We noticed some negative reaction/vibe toward small children who may make unexpected loud noises and not quite understand a “library voice” yet. Could you please consider rethinking why the children’s section needs to be silent?
Response: We agree children should be able to enjoy youth services and not be completely silent. However continued loud noises are disruptive to other patrons. We are reviewing all our policies with all staff. Thank you for your comment.

Comment: Where’s the banned book display?
Response: Thank you for asking. We had a “Freedom to Read” display at the end of September during banned book week. We will continue to have displays on this very important topic.

Comment: Please have a periodic public orientation on how to use the website, download and other special services.
Response: The librarians at the reference desks are always willing to give you an orientation of our website and the services available. Thank you for the suggestion of a workshop and we would be interested in providing this program. Can you suggest a time when we would get the best response from the most people?

Comment: Many Thanks to the TCPL for co-sponsoring the 17th Annual Conference on Depression - "Stories of Our Transitions: Recovery Can be Learning to Tell a New Story." And thanks to TCPL's Sarah Glogowski for her terrific presentation, "A Book Talk: Stories of Recovery." It was a great day all around!
Response: Thank you! We were honored and proud to participate.

Comment: Can I return my books to Southworth or Lansing as well as TCPL?
Response: Thank you for writing to ask about book returns. We have good news--you can return your TCPL books to Southworth, Lansing or any library in Tompkins County or the Finger Lakes Library System. If you'd like more information, please If you'd like more information, please feel free to contact our Reference Department. You can also contact me directly at
Thank you,
Susan Currie, Library Director

Comment: I would like to be able to check out a book for a month - not every book, just an occasional very long one
Response: Thank you for asking about different loan periods. We do allow a book loan to be renewed as long as it has not been requested by another reader. That gives another 3 weeks and you can even renew online. While we are a little limited by our automated system in loan limits, we do review loan periods and try to set them as liberally as possible to meet demand. Please feel free to contact me directly to talk more. We love hearing from our patrons and thank you,
Susan Currie, Library Director

Comment: The video display next to the circulation desk does too fast. I always miss something and end up standing there waiting for it to come around again.
Response: We appreciate your observation and will inform the staff who monitor the slide show. This slide show also appears on the monitors at the reference desks. Librarians at the reference desk can provide additional information for you.

Comment: It is hard to express in one note how much I appreciate the library. It has always been a source of comfort to know you are here in this location and how it serves my needs as an aging adult. I find the service desk in the rear or the building is very helpful in many ways.
Response: Thank you for those kind words. We are very pleased to provide these services for you and hope that you will continue to enjoy using the library.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Patron Comments - September & October 2010

Comment: A poster of the top 100 books fiction and non-fiction
Response: We do appreciate your suggestion. There are many lists of the top 100 works of fiction and nonfiction. Our adult services librarians would be very happy to provide you with some of these lists.

Comment: Please stop charging for book holds.
Response: Thank you for your concern. Currently holds provide significant revenue and in a tough budget year this is difficult to remove the fee. That being said, we are reviewing the hold fee and looking at our options to see how we can eliminate this charge in the future.

Comment: Very nice exhibit of mobiles, but no sign telling us who the artist is.
Response: Thank you. Physics Professor Werner Sun is responsible for the wonderful mobiles.

Comment: Twice I have experience a wifi signal turned off 15-20 minutes before the library closes.
Response: The wifi signal is scheduled to turn off 10:00 pm. We have forwarded your comments to our computer technicians to check on the time table.

Comment: There are not enough internet computers in the teen section. My daughter waited nearly an hour by which time our one hour parting in the garage was nearly up. Perhaps you could combine the teen and adult sections.
Response: We are sorry that your daughter had to wait to use the internet computers. Reference librarians in youth services and adult reference are very willing to work with students to find the information they need and may have been able to direct your daughter to the database computers as well as the internet. Youth services have 4 internet terminals in addition to the 2 teen computers. Your daughter may use the adult internet computers if she is over 14.

Patron Comments - August 2010

Comment: Thank you for calling me about my headset. Very nice to know that people like that are still around.
Response: You’re welcome.

Comment: Thank you for the directions. We appreciate it.
Response: You’re welcome. We enjoy helping.

Comment: I have gone to 2 libraries trying to get help downloading books. I was told that help is available Tuesday or Thursday evening. Please make this process less painful.
Response: Thank you for your comments. Librarians at our reference desk can help you in person with your questions all the hours we are open. At times downloading books can be problematic and we have informed the vendor of these problems. Nevertheless we are always willing to work with you to assist you with your questions. The reference desk has a direct line at 272-4556, come in person, email us from our website , or use our 24/7 chat reference.

Comment: I saw your security guard handle a very noisy woman with remarkable tact. She was screaming at him that she would get him fired. I and others around me felt he handled it very well.
Response: Thank you for those words of support. Our security guards work very hard to treat each situation with sensitivity while enforcing the library rules.

Comment: Fantastic ceramic display in the cases. By high schoolers? Very talented!
Response: Thank you. We live in a very creative and talented community.

Comment: I love the public library.
Response: Music to our ears!

Patron Comments - July 2010

Comment: I love going to the library!
Response: Thank you! We are so glad that you are enjoying the library!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Patron Comments - June 2010

Comment: I love going to the library!
Response: Thank you! We are so glad that you are enjoying the library!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Patron Comments - May 2010

Comment: It is great the library has spent all the money possible on great computers.  Why are the screens all dusty and covered in dirt and not kept clean?

Response: Thank you for bring this to our attention.  We are setting up a procedure for regular cleaning of the screens.  Keyboards and mice are already on a cleaning schedule.

Comment: Frustration with not being able to reach a real person in circulation to renew items.

Response: We are very sorry that this has been a frustration for you.  In addition to calling circulation, you may also call the adult reference desk at 272-4556 or 272-4557 extension 259.  The staff at the reference desk may be able to assist you.

Comment: Difficulty renewing items online – not clear for a beginner.

Response: Thank you for your question.  Please either stop at the reference desk or call the adult services reference desk at 272-4556 or 272-4557 extension 259.  The adult services staff can show you how to renew your items or walk you through the process on the phone.

Comment: Need more books and DVDs on computer animation and design and there is a lack of books on small engine and tractor repair.

Response: Thank you for this information.  The librarians, who purchase materials in these areas, have been informed of your observation.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Patron Comments - April 2010

Comment: Can you get a copy of the Edible Forest Gardens by Dave Jacke for this wonderful library? It’s an incredible permaculture resource!
Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We have given your request to the acquisition librarian.

Comment: I find it woefully inadequate for this library to have only 3 DVDs on childbirth for expectant mothers to watch to educate themselves about what they will soon be facing.
Response: We are very sorry that you were disappointed with our collection on childbirth materials. The library carries more than 90 titles dealing with this topic.

Comment: The front of the library looks grimy. Please clean more often.
Response: Thank you for your concern. We agree that the front of the library looks dirty. We have been waiting for the snow to disappear before we power wash the front of the library. The plan is to wash the sidewalk and front of the building this week. The papers and debris are picked up daily from around the library.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Patron Comments - March 2010

Comment: You have a beautiful library.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: My 9 year old daughter lost her library card. When we checked at the reference desk, they told me that they had thrown it away and charged me a $1 for a new card.
Response: We are very sorry you had this experience. Library procedure for found library cards is to take them to the circulation desk where the patron is called. Procedures are in place so that staff are aware of lost cards and can ensure the card is not used improperly by someone else.

Comment: I suggest that the library put a warning on a non-rated movie for children that it contained scary material. I was informed that the library would not put a warning on the movie. The blurb did not indicate that there were scary scenes and my young kids were taken by surprise and frightened.
Response: So sorry your children where unpleasantly surprised. We offer a variety of materials for various age groups. Determining what is scary can be very subjective. We invite you to consult with our staff on the selection of appropriate materials for your child.

Comment: Please allow 2 renewals on books if not “on hold.” It’s torture to not finish the last 100 pages of a good book.
Response: Our current procedure ensures that everyone has fair access to library materials. Many people do not or cannot afford to place holds and it is important that they have access to the materials as well. In addition all materials with exception of interlibrary loans have a two day grace period.

Comment: I was looking around this morning and saw all the wonderful reading material here. Just wonderful!
Response: Thank you so much. The library also has e-books, downloadable books and music, online resources, and a new website at .

Comment: When recent acquisitions come in, please place them on a marked “for sorting” cart.
Response: New materials are placed on a priority cart as they are removed from the bookdrops. Once they are checked in they are placed in the new book area for shelving.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Patron Comments February 2010

Comment: Since you are eliminating videos in the children’s section, will DVDs be renewable, please?
Response: All of our DVDs circulate for one week with no renewals. The exception is for multiple disk sets, which may be renewed for an additional week as long as there are no holds on the title.

Comment: Please, please do not get rid of books on cassettes. Many reasons including: 1.) you can put it in your pocket as you do chores, 2.) you don’t have to worry about where it stops.
Response: Unfortunately new titles for books on cassettes are unavailable. We are discarding the books on cassette as they become worn or damaged.

Comment: More Johnny Russo live music.
Response: We are very grateful to Johnny Russo for his ongoing support and his many concerts in the library.

Comment: I would like to encourage the library to reconsider its renewal of its policy on DVD’s that contain 3-4 disks. It is the rare person, who has the time to complete viewing these in one week.
Response: An exception to our no-renewal policy for DVDs was made for multiple disk sets to allow one renewal as long as there is no one on the waiting list.

Comment: You have a beautiful library.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Love the art exhibit.
Response: Thank you. We are very fortunate to live in a community with so many talented and creative artists.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Patron Comments January 2010

Comment: More Computers
Response: We are looking at creative options for providing more access to computers.

Comment: The books on CD for Youth Services should have a label indicating award winning books.
Response: Thank you for this suggestion. We will definitely follow-up.

Comment: Please keep the public bathrooms clean
Response: The restrooms are cleaned every evening and refreshed in the middle of the day.

Comment: Recommend putting global MOJO web browser by Mozilla. This generates money for various causes (you pick) just by your normal internet use.
Response: Patrons are offered a choice between two popular internet browsers. This has proven to be sufficient and supportable by IT staff.

Comment: The plastic shield on DVD’s makes the disc too thick to play in some laptops especially those that do not use the slide-out tray. This one got stuck in the computer.
Response: Unfortunately, it is necessary for us to place property labels on the disc. Library DVDs are easily mixed up with patron’s personal DVDs and this is the best way for us to make sure the proper material is returned.

Comment: Bring books to jail.
Response: Books are circulated to the jails and prisons in the area through the Finger Lakes Library System.

Comment: It would be great if we could pay our overdue charges online through the library website.
Response: Thank you for this suggestion. We will investigate with the vendors of our online catalog and circulation system, Polaris.

Comment: I love the Cornell Reading Room. I spent all day reading there.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: You are wonderful (from a woman who needed help getting her airline receipt printed).
Response: Thank you. We are always willing to help.

Comment: Why don’t you have quick internet access for 15 visitors who do not want to wait to get a visitor’s card?
Response: The software that regulates time on the public computers requires a library card. This is necessary to provide equitable access to everyone. Also Wi-Fi is free in the library for visitors with laptops and handheld devices.

Comment: Wish pre-overdue email reminders were sent more than one day before the due date. This does not give enough time to return the items on time.
Response: There is a two day grace period to allow for additional time to return an item.

Comment: Do not like not being able to renew items online once for items that are overdue even by one day. This is not a good policy for helping patrons avoid overdue charges
Response: It is possible to renew overdue items. However some items are not renewable. This includes new books, items on hold for someone else, and interlibrary loans. Most items allow for one renewal for additional time and there is a two day grace period for all returned items.

Comment: Lovely holiday decorations.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Thanks for all your (plural) friendliness and efficiency
Response: Thank you

Comment: DVD aisle in youth services is barely wide enough for a wheel Chair.
Response: The distance between all shelving in the library is ADA compliant.
We will confirm this with facilities.

Comment: The time has come for an east entrance to the library so that patrons can go to the coffee shop with 10 mile hikes all the way around the library.
Response: We are sorry that you find the front entrance inconvenient. We are very happy to have a coffee shop down the street. Please remember that drinks with covers are allowed in the library.

Comment: Staff should be more proactive in dealing with patrons and their noisy children at the internet stations.
Response: We are looking at alternatives for parents to use the internet with their children in youth services.