Tompkins County Public Library

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Patron Comments - August/September 2005

Comment: Increase the loan period to three weeks for all items, so that people will need to make fewer trips and thus reduce their gasoline consumption
Response: Due to the fact that we have so few new items, it is unlikely that we will be increasing the loan periods—this would result in fewer people being able to obtain an item.

Comment: Move the suggestion box so that people who are writing comments are not blocking the return slots
Response: This can sometimes be a problem. We hope that patrons are polite and understanding when this occasionally happens.

Comment: Remove the sign “Donation Box” so that people can see that it is a donation box
Response: Will consider, thanks.

Comment: Get another pamphlet rack
Response: We just added another one last month.

Comment: Extend the borrowing period for books to two months; I can’t read a book in only three weeks
Response: Due to the fact that we have so few new items, it is unlikely that we will be increasing the loan periods—this would result in fewer people being able to obtain an item.

Comment: Change your computer system back to the way it was—new system is terrible!
Response: The new computer system Polaris is here to stay—but we are continually working on fixing glitches and customizing it to meet your needs.

Comment: I do not like the reservation system (for public Internet access?)
Response: We believe that this software ensures that all users are treated fairly and equitably

Comment: If the two hour free parking is eliminated, my use of the library will decrease. The library should get involved with this issue—maybe the library could stamp parking tickets for free parking?
Response: We agree that the City of Ithaca parking regulations may affect our library users. We will be writing to them regarding your concerns.

Comment: Can Polaris generate a complete list of all your audio books?
Response: It would be very cumbersome to use Polaris to look at such a list. We will investigate producing a printed list.

Comment: Would like a stand-up 15 minutes Express station for Internet access
Response: Very possible that this service will be added shortly

Comment: Re-instate self-check for audio books and AV materials
Response: You can check out all items at the self check workstations.

Comment: Cell phones should not be used in the library ever!
Response: Cell phones are a problem when people talk too loud and too long—just like regular conversations. We do ask cell phone users to step outside if their conversation is lengthy

Comment: Please post the # of allowable music CDs that you may borrow; I asked a volunteer or staff and they didn’t know
Response: Will review our signage. The limit is 25 items per user, and all 25 could be music CDs.

Comment: Very excellent e-mail based renewals or early alert for items due, Thanks
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Side entrance from the parking lot
Response: The library will continue to have only one entrance and exit, due to the high cost of maintaining and staffing two exits.

Comment: You need a garbage can outside the library; people shouldn’t have to bring their garbage into the library to throw it out
Response: When we had garbage cans outside the library, people would use them for household trash. First we removed them altogether (not a good idea), and have compromised by placing them inside the front door.

Comment: A pen or pencil for the suggestion box
Response: We will try to keep this stocked daily

Comment: Who, exactly, can use the restrooms in youth services?
Response: Children or parents/guardians with children

Comment: Are you monitoring our use of the Internet, with the new reservation system?
Response: The PC Reservation Software monitors your time, not what you are doing on the computer.

Comment: Please empty the Green Street book drop more frequently. I have been charged for materials that I returned on time but which were not checked in promptly
Response: If there is any delay in emptying the book drops, we record that information as we are checking in; you should not be charged under these conditions and should ask to speak to a supervisor.

Comment: Why can’t I sleep in the library?
Response: People are welcome to use the library for library purposes. Sleeping is not one of them

Comment: Can’t you find some other system for handling people who are signing up for a library card? It really backs up the circulation line
Response: Will review with our circulation staff

Comment: Thanks to the public library and especially Joyce who helped me search for books from home
Response: You are welcome!

Comment: Try to keep the classical music in order
Response: Will do, thank you.

Comment: Why can’t I sit in the aisles and look at books?
Response: We will review the rules with our security services. As long as you are not blocking the aisle, you should be fine.

Comment: Roof drains onto the west side of the building and should be fixed
Response: This problem has been brought to the attention of County Facilities since the month that we opened the library in November of 2000.

Comment: We return books directly to the circulation clerks to make sure that they are checked in on time. But we are made to wait for no apparent reason
Response: Will review with the circulation staff

Comment: Why do you let recent issues of magazines circulate?
Response: The most recent issue of a magazine does not circulate. Not everyone can stay in the library to read a magazine, so we do circulate magazines. If you are looking for a specific article, you might find that we have the full text available on line. For example, you can read the most recent issues of the New Yorker by going to our website and using the General Reference Center database.

Comment: Need a better system to sign up for the Gates computers
Response: PC Reservation Software, now installed in the Adult Department, will be installed in Youth Services shortly

Comment: New computer system is great!
Response: Thank you!

Comment: Don’t like the keyboards with the trackballs.
Response: Because there is no room for a keyboard AND a mouse, we purchased these. However, we are investigating an alternative that would allow for the return of the mouse,

Comment: Complaint about books returned in April but not taken off her account
Response: This was referred to the circulation Coordinator for follow up and resolved

Comment: Would like to donate books in memory of my granddaughter
Response: What a wonderful idea! The TCPL Foundation will contact you with details about how to do this.

Comment: Complaint from a person booking the Borg Warner Room regarding publicity on our web site
Response: This was a valid comment and we will be revising our Borg Warner booking sheet.

Comment: You’re wonderful!
Response: Thanks!

Comment: Allow people to place holds on items which are checked in
Response: This feature is currently allowable under the new Polaris system

Comment: Likes Internet system—first come, first served (this received prior to PC Reservation)
Response: Thank you

Comment: Is it always this busy?
Response: Our library is one of the busiest places in Tompkins County!

Comment: Would like the library to restore its subscriptions to Barrons and Investors Business Daily
Response: Unfortunately, our acquisitions budget has been drastically reduced and we cannot afford these subscriptions. Please let our reference librarians show you how to access similar information on the Internet

Comment: Now that you have more space, you have removed all of its contents!
Response: We own 240,000 items; about 75% of these are on the shelf and available for loan. What we are lacking is a robust acquisitions budget for the purchasing of new items and items which need replacing.

Comment: FLLS holds takes too long to get here
Response: That is something over which we have little control.