Tompkins County Public Library

Monday, June 16, 2014

Patron Comments June 2014

Comment:  Rather than placing the plexi-glass donation box in the entry lobby, perhaps we could get up a petition to our friends in the Common Council (across the street) to discontinue their security station and give the library the $80,000 annual savings.  They seriously don't need that rent-a-cop over there.
Response:  Thank you for recognizing the importance of public and private support for the library!  We work regularly with the Office of the Mayor and Common Council to discuss partnerships and funding opportunities.  The Library relies heavily on outsourced security services, so we fully appreciate the importance of public safety and hope that additional security at the Library and City Hall, help to make our community a safer, more comfortable place.

Comment:  Debbie was very helpful with finding and putting books on hold.
Response:  Thank you for sharing positive feedback about your library experience.  Debbie is a wonderful asset to TCPL.  She is an energetic, enthusiastic and always willing to go above-and-beyond to help patrons. 

Comment:  Movie request for "S.W.A.T. "The Firefight" by Beverly Jager.
Response:  Thank you for your request.  It has been forwarded to the ordering librarian.

Comment:  Noisy
Response:  We're sorry to hear that you found the library noisy during your recent visit. The library is a wonderful place for quiet enjoyment and lively programs and community conversations.  A wonderful place to enjoy calm at quiet at the Library is our Ezra Cornell Reading Room.  Please keep this space in mind during future visits when you are looking for a time for quiet reading or reflection.

Comment:  Book Request "No Place to Hide" by Glen Greenwald.
Reponse:  Thank you for your request. It has been forwarded to the appropriate library for ordering consideration.

Comment:  I am happy you have guards.  I feel safe.
Response:  We are delighted to hear that you feel safer as a result of our security guards.  Patron safety is a priority at TCPL!

Comment:  Put more bathrooms and drinking fountains at the front entrance.
Response:  Thank you for your suggestion.  We are constantly looking at ways to improve the function and accessibility of our building.  While lack of funding prohibits us from implementing many ideas for enhancements, we do have a wish-list of changes for future consideration.  We will add your suggestion to the list.

Comment:  Take the benches out in front of the library.  Then the people that hang around each day, smoking and selling drugs may lessen.  Thank you!  Have a Nice Day!
Response:  Thank you for suggesting the removal of the benches in front of the library building.  The benches are owned and maintained by Tompkins County.  While we have discussed their removal, we agree that they are important for the many community members awaiting TCAT transit services.  Instead we have increased our security presence and implemented a Zero-Tolerance Policy on illegal activity on library property. We are confident that this will help prevent future incidents.

Comment:  I'd like to request the book "The Unincorporated Woman" by Dan Kollin.  You have three other books in the series.  Thank you.
Response:  Thank you! We have notified the librarian responsible for ordering Science Fiction titles of your request.

Comment:  I've always wondered why TCPL closes on Sundays spring, summer, fall as though following the college calendar, focusing open hours around students.  These students have access to college and university libraries, whereas we in the community have only TCPL.  If one works during the week, Sunday is a primary visit day.  Seems curios.
Response:  Let us alleviate some of your curiosity!  TCPL is currently open 22 Sundays per year.  While we would love to be open on Sundays year-round, our funding is prohibitive.  When determining which Sundays to be open, we review door count figures from previous years and schedule our Sunday hours during times of highest attendance.  While our statistics may be higher when college students are in the area, we do not intentionally base our Sunday schedule on the college calendar.

Comment:  Please consider breaking DVDs and CDs into "children" and "young adult."  I think it is very important.  My 4-year-old is interested in Spider-Man.  We took home a DVD with no rating from the children's section.  I heard the words "what the hell."  We immediately returned it with a note, asking for it to be removed from the children's section.  It would be so helpful if all the DVDs on the children's shelf were appropriate for the under 8 crowd visiting the library.  This issue is making my visits to the library difficult and frustrating for both of us.
Response:  Thank you for sharing your concerns. They have been shared with our Youth Services librarians.  We appreciate how difficult it can be to select items for young audiences, especially with no visible rating.  As you can imagine, selecting materials for the Youth Services Department is challenging--it is difficult to choose items by age, because children develop and mature differently.  Our librarians can offer tremendous insight into the selection process, as can our catalog system.  Should you have any questions about titles for particular age groups, please ask one of our librarians.  Additionally, our online catalog often provides recommended age/rating information.