Tompkins County Public Library

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Patron Comments - May 2008

Comment: Can you send a mass e-mail out to all patrons when there will be an unusual change, such as a change in hours etc?
Review: We are investigating ways to communicate public information via e-mail messages to those who want them.

Comment: TCPL is the best thing about Tompkins County.
Review: Thank you!

Comment: How well do you protect the personal information that you collect about us?
Review: Please see our Policy on Patron Privacy on our website .

Comment: The fliers that I posted on the community bulletin board have disappeared.
Review: Unfortunately there is no way to monitor or control our community bulletin board.

Comment: Beautiful library!
Review: Thank you!

Comment: We have a really great library.
Review: Thank you!

Comment: Thank you again, you made my life so much easier!
Review: Thank you!

Comment: It is always such a joy to come in here remembering this as Woolworths; now it is great place to be!
Review: Thank you!

Comment: Self check machine couldn’t read the FLLS barcode.
Review: We know that there was a shipment of bar codes which are too small to be read at the self-check; we may need to replace them.

Comment: Self check isn’t recognizing my library card.
Review: Our staff was able to give you a new card at no charge, which should work.

Comment: This library always has what I need!
Review: Thank you!

Comment: Good detective work—book was mishelved but you found it!
Review: We’re glad we could find it

Comment: Thank you for such helpfulness and good customer service.
Review: You are welcome!

Comment: The non-fiction shelves look great—very orderly.
Review: Our pages do a great job.

Comment: The new door configuration to come in the library are very difficult for my four wheel scooter and I will most likely stop using the library.
Review: We are working with Tompkins County Facilities to remedy this problem.

Comment: This is the best library I have ever had the pleasure of frequenting—keep up the good work!
Review: Thank you!

Comment: Dislike patrons who sit together at the computer.
Review: As long as patrons are quiet, we do allow them to sit together at a computer station.

Comment: Compliments for Cassie who did an outstanding job at helping a customer find what he wanted.
Review: Cassie will be pleased to know that you appreciated her service.

Comment: Compliments on website—well put together, especially for magazine databases.
Review: Thank you!

Comment: Librarian from Long Island said that our collection is really up to date.
Review: Thank you!