Tompkins County Public Library

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Patron Comments August 2009

Comment: Do you know how wonderful you are? Thank you for putting aside the book I needed.
Response: You are welcome. We are happy to help.

Comment: Polaris not letting patron look at account information for reserves.
Response: The online catalog, Polaris, should allow you to see what you have on hold. If this is not the case, please notify the reference librarians so that this can be reported and corrected.

Comment: Poor copy quality on coping machines and copies and printing are cheaper at Kinko’s.
Response: New copy machines are planned for this year and the cost for copies will be reduced at that time.

Comment: Just travelled to Iceland with Cornell. Thanks so much for helping me find a National Geographic Magazine about Iceland.
Response: You are welcome.

Comment: Please get a scanner
Response: We will investigate.

Comment: Please subscribe to Nickelodeon.
Response: This request has been forwarded to Youth Services. Periodicals are ordered annually and this will be considered at that time.

Comment: I watched a clerk deal with a difficult overdue situation with patience and using excellent customer service skills.
Response: Thank you for the observation. Customer service is a priority for all the staff in the Library.

Comment: Please hire someone to keep the front of the library clean and sweep the sidewalks.
Response: The sidewalks are cleaned daily.

Comment:A second stall in the men’s room would be nice.
Response: We agree.

Comment: Front entryway (main entrance) looks stained and dingy. Needs a good scrub down. Not very inviting.
Response: It is very difficult to clean the sidewalks. They are cleaned daily and power washed several times a year.

Comment: Can we have a separate section for classic movies?
Response: The DVD area is primarily a browsing collection. Separating out classic films would be too time consuming.

Comment: Fiction area is impossible to navigate.
Response: Please ask the librarians at the reference desk for help. They are happy to assist you.

Comment: Thank you for the Manga in Japanese. It’s great for learning the language. Can you please buy more?
Response: You’re welcome.

Comment: Thank you to the Reference Librarian helping me on the computer.
Response: You’re welcome

Comment: “Art’ is something that is made, and claimed to be art by the maker. So, those 2 things in front of the library are art. However they are very BAD art i.e. they do not produce an aesthetic experience of any duration or intensity.
Response: These pieces are placed temporarily in front of the library by “Art in the Heart of the City” program by the Downtown Alliance. I have heard varied comments from staff and patrons running from praise to criticism.

Comment: It would be easier to use the catalog if it were possible to sort items by availability. So it was not necessary to look through many items not in the library. Also if call numbers were available for checked out books, so similar books could be looked for even if that particular title is checked out.
Response: I heartily agree that more sorting options would be beneficial. The next upgrade of Polaris will be in September. Hopefully additional sorting options will be included in the upgrade. However, it is possible at this time to find the call number by clicking on “Call number and availability”. It the item is not owned by us, selecting “click here to select items from other libraries” will give call numbers in other Finger Lakes Library System libraries and locations.

Comment: Visitor from Houston, TX – impressed with the size of department and the breadth of the collection.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: I received excellent help from the children’s librarian working at the youth services reference desk picking out early readers.
Response: Thank you.