Tompkins County Public Library

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Patron Comments - April 2008

Comment: Tibetan monk gave librarian a bead bracelet for helping him many times over the past few months.
Review: What a lovely gesture! Thank you!

Comment: Self Check wouldn’t work with FLLS bar code.
Review: We are aware of this problem.

Comment: CD’s don’t scan very well on the self check unit (bar codes too small? Too much plastic glare?
Review: We are aware of this problem and are working toward a solution.

Comment: Why have self checks out if it won’t check out a certain type of item?
Review: The self check should be capable of checking out every type of material that we own. However, there are limits to this type of technology. Our goal is to try to reduce all barriers to using the self check.

Comment: Study rooms shouldn’t be used for storage.
Review: We are temporarily using one study room as a staging area for new computer installations. It will be back in service as soon as we complete this job. Unfortunately there is no other space in the library for a job of this size to take place.

Comment: Love the geodesic dome
Review: Thanks!

Comment: Love the playaways!
Review: Thanks!

Comment: Automatic front doors are opening and closing when no one is near them. Very weird!
Review: Tompkins County Facilities has reported the problem and it will be corrected.

Comment: Renewal periods should take into account the length of the item.
Review: Ideally yes, but practically speaking, the software can only control the number of renewals and which items can be renewed.

Comment: Complaint received about the limited time for Internet access
Review: A one hour limit allows us to balance the supply of computers with the public demand for them. Users are limited to one hour per day for public Internet Access, which means that most people have a very short wait before a computer is available.

Comment: Patron happy about finding what they need in the Youth Services Department
Review: We are glad that you found what you wanted.

Comment: Patron thankful for good customer service in the Youth Services Department
Review: Thank you!