Tompkins County Public Library

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Patron Comments - June 2008

Comment: Patron upset that Glen Gould videos have been weeded
Review: Will review with the selector

Comment: There should not be a fee for holds and ILLs.
Review: The 50 cent fee only partially offsets the handling of these items.

Comment: Parents with young children would like Internet access in Youth Services
Review: Will review

Comment: Meeting room in the rear of the library is being used as cell phone booth.
Review: Will review with Security

Comment: Cell phone rules are not be enforced.
Review: Will review with Security

Comment: New entrance makes it difficult for people with strollers—have complained about this before
Review: This complaint has been forward to Tompkins County Facilities which owns and maintains the building and is working with the door contractor to adjust the railing.

Comment: Your front entrance needs to be cleaned up and spruced up—perhaps flowers?
Review: We agree and have forwarded this request to Tompkins County Facilities.

Comment: My poster on the community bulletin board has remained up for several days—a good thing!
Review: We’re happy, too!

Comment: Would like to be able to add more than $20 on my print card
Review: In our experience, many users either lose or leave print cards behind, with money encoded on them. It is an easy task to encode more money so we keep the amount that is to be encoded low to reduce the risk of loss.

Comment: Parents of an IC student here for graduation used microfilm of Ithaca Journal and saved to a flashdrive—very pleased!
Review: Good!

Comment: 93 year old made an appointment to learn how to e-mail and reports that she is really looking forward to learning how to do it!
Review: Great!

Comment: Wanted to check out but did not have my library card and was prevented from doing so. Isn’t there a way to look me up by name?
Review: Requiring a picture ID or a library card protects both you and the library from unauthorized use of your library account.

Comment: Where is the globe that I keep requesting?
Review: Globe is here.

Comment: The Circulation clerks should just check out people, they do not need to chat up patrons.
Review: Some people need special attention. We do try to balance your need for speedy check-out with our goal of delivering pleasant customer service.