Tompkins County Public Library

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Patron Comments - September 2008

Comment: Library needs more bike racks. Existing racks are often full, as well as the benches and the street sign posts.
Response: We are working with the City and the County to provide more bike racks in front of the library.

Comment: Love the art shows and exhibits here. Thanks for having them.
Response: You're welcome. We enjoy them too.

Comment: Please fix the daily lockers.
Response: The lockers have been removed. They have been a constant problem and not really useable.

Comment: An adult summer reading program would be wonderful. The whole family could be included in summer reading programs.
Response: Thank you for your comment. Your suggestion will be shared with the programming team.

Comment: No overdues, no fines, just like blockbuster video. How many books are people actually waiting to be returned so that they can read them.
Response: It is important to our patrons to find current and popular books on our shelves. It is necessary for those materials to be returned in a timely manner so the next person may check them out.

Comment: Put in a direct exhaust vent in the men’s room.
Response: We will contact facilities to make sure the fan is working properly.

Comment: Neil at the Reference Desk is the nicest most friendly guy in the library.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Thank you so much for taking the trouble to correct my miss-return of a Hollywood video.
Response: You're welcome.

Comment: Frustrated with DVDs that freeze up and make viewing impossible. This does not happen with videos.
Response: A gentle rinse with water and a pat dry will frequently correct the problem. Please put a note on those DVDs with problems so that we can do a thorough cleaning or replacement if too damaged.

Comment: Love the watercolor painting behind the circulation desk by Barbara Mink.
Response: Thank you. We like it too.

Comment: We love the library. Would like to suggest easier methods to return books now that parking is unavailable in front of the library.
Response: We have investigated numerous locations for the drive up bookdrops and all are problematic. The parking in front of the library should be reinstated very soon as the construction in that area is completed.

Comment: I am becoming a big fan of digital audio books and thank TCPL for offering this media and hope the collection will grow.
Response: This is a growing collection and we are pleased that you find this a useful format.

Comment: Stop closing the restrooms early.
Response: The restrooms in the adult area are closed for cleaning 10 minutes before closing. During this time Youth Services restrooms may be used.

Comment: What would we do without libraries? You’re terrific.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: The self check unit did not check out books, or CDs.
Response: Please consult with the circulation staff to identify the problem, so that we can correct the situation.

Comment: New patron asked for key tag with new library card.
Response: Library cards have been ordered for this year, but key tags are under consideration for future orders.

Comment: Do you have a scanner for public use?
Response: Will direct your request to Adult Services for consideration.

Comment: Thank you for telling me about the teen summer reading program because I won a prize.
Response: You’re welcome, and congratulations!

Comment: I like the little display of books by the fiction stacks.
Response: Thank you. We like it too.

Comment: Patron upset that videos will be eliminated
Response: The video collection is gradually being eliminated as the titles wear out and as they become available on DVD. All new titles are unavailable on video cassette.

Comment: Patron upset that old (2000) NY Times best seller title not on the shelves.
Response: Holds may be placed on titles that are currently checked out or the title may be requested from other libraries if unavailable within the Finger Lakes Library System. Patrons may also call the reference desk to see if an item has been returned. An item currently checked in may be placed on the pick up shelf behind the circulation desk for pick up the next day.

Patron Comments - August 2008

Comment: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for the globe.
Response: Your welcome!

Comment: I’m really glad to see those interactive kinetic games attached to the wall next to the circulation desk, they’re a boon to (those of us) with a couple of rambunctious kids.
Response: Thank you! We like them too.

Comment: 2 Bicyclists love the library! Or maybe it’s that library patrons like to bike. Either way the bike racks are always full and it makes me sad to have to chain my bike to a bench or sign. Any chance we can get more bike racks?
Response: The new TCAT building is slated to include additional bike racks. There are also bike racks located behind the TCAT bus shelter.

Comment: As one who has over the years, been overdue… At times I have been long overdue. If you want to get the many thousands of dollars owed to you, restrict internet access until fines are paid. Internet access at the public library is a privilege that is bestowed upon us. It is not an obligation owed to us.
Response: Thank you for your comments. Fines are directly associated with borrowing privileges and not related to other services provided in the library.

Comment: This is most unwelcoming library I have visited –met with unkindness – spoiled the visit to your community.
Response: Truly sorry you feel this way. I wish I had more information on your experience.

Comment: 2 patrons want key tags for library cards.
Response: This is under consideration for next year. Unfortunately we have just ordered library cards for this year.

Comment: The graphic novel, Stuck in the Middle, is a truly inappropriate book for any age especially young people.
Response: This title received a starred review in library literature and fits into our collection policy.

Comment: More large print books especially non-fiction
Response: Will refer your request to Adult Services

Comment: A simple machine to buff DVDs and extend their life and viewing pleasure. Often DVDs are so scratched that they will not play.
Response: Please place a note on DVDs that will not play or that skips. We do have a cleaning machine that will fix most of these problems.

Comment: Thank you for finding Ithaca Journal obit from 1904 in under 15 minutes.
Response: Thank you.

Comment: You’re wonderful (finding IJ article in a database)
Response: Thank you.

Comment: Need a color printer
Response: Under consideration