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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Patron Comments April and May 2017

Comment: Please procure a color copier for the digital lab.

Response: We’re delighted that you are looking forward to the opening of our 21st Century Digital Learning Lab and pleased to report that it will, indeed, have a color copier.

Comment: I love the library!

Response: We can’t think of a better message to receive than this one during national Library Lovers Month!  Thanks for sharing the love!

Comment: Could the surfaces of the tables in the youth section study rooms be cleaned on a regular basis? They are often gray with dirt.

Response: Thanks for sharing this important feedback. The tables in our Youth Services section are heavily used by our young readers and their families, and we will make sure that they are cleaned even more frequently than they already are to ensure that our patrons continue to enjoy  a clean space for individual and group study.

Comment: Can the library stay open on snow days if roads are open and fine.

Response: We recognize just how important access to the library is to our community, which is why making the decision to close for any reason is always difficult. Our primary concern during inclement weather is the safety of our staff and patrons. Since most of our staff members live outside of the downtown area, we have to take a broader look at the weather, which means that sometimes, even when the roads in Ithaca are passable, we have to remain closed.  During these rare closures, please know that many of our services can be accessed online, 24/7 by visiting

Comment: The library’s new arrangement is not well thought out, especially the relocation of the newspapers.

Response: We’re sorry for any inconvenience our renovation-related relocations have caused. If you can bear with us through this process, we are confident you will enjoy our improvements and additions.

Comment:  My compliments on the vast improvements to the men’s room, but the same wall-mounted, cantilevered toilet at another local business leaks due to the weight of some users causing the wall-seal to split. Install supports under the rim directly to the floor to prevent later damage.

Response: We’re glad you like the improvements to our public restrooms as much as we do and appreciate this terrific advice.  One of the best things about TCPL is that our patrons have incredible insight and expertise and are willing to share it with us for the good of our library!

Comment: Thank you for the following: the computers, the tables, the photocopier, the stapler table, the study carrels and for giving people space to read.

Response: The thanks belongs to patrons like you who recognize how important these things are and support our amazing library!

Comment: Love the free bookmarks.

Response: Making reading easier for our patrons is kind of our thing!  We’re glad the bookmarks help.

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